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  1. Import JDM from Japan

    without forking out more $$$$.... every country has its own regulations. Buying a very cheap car and paying tax are two different problems.
  2. Import JDM from Japan

    I'm from France. I would like to know more about your country regulations. How about it?
  3. Hungry ghost month - ghost stories & true experience

    I guess I will not wake up and go to WC at the midnight after read it
  4. Import JDM from Japan

    Importing a car is not a challenge as people thought, there are many clearance agencies who will help us or we can do it by ourselves. I have no experience with these above sites but I had the great experience in buying and importing Japanese used cars at...
  5. What is converted green card?

    Maybe it is changing your engine become more friendly with environment. I have no idea about it.
  6. The meaning of your nickname?

    Can you believe in that, they call me Did :confused: and sometimes it sounds Dud. I hate that :banghead:
  7. Honda Jazz Hybrid or i-Vtec?

    I picked Hybrid, i-Vtec is very strange with me