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  1. Tire Price list Zth

    quote=es2611;1064676400]michelin PS4 205-50-16 thai made RM395+GST michelin PS3 205-50-16 thai made RM370+GST michelin PS3 205-45-16 france made RM450+GST sourced from glenmarie Bro, What about 17" Thanks.
  2. 4G93 DOHC Clutch Paddle Squeaking Noise

    Hi Vr2turbo, Thanks a lot for your recommended workshop. It's the best for now. Change the break pump and he took the pump a part and found out the rubber seal worn out and the cast iron body already out of shape. The managed to service my throttle body and now it's idling is back to normal. A...
  3. 4G93 DOHC Clutch Paddle Squeaking Noise

    Hi Guys, Thanks for the respond, maybe I'll let you know the repairs I've done. 1. When sound was detected, Mech 1 put grease and oil after 5 min of driving sound came back. 2. When to Mech 1, again, he took out the whole paddle and grease and oil again, same thing happen.:banghead: 3. When to...
  4. 4G93 DOHC Clutch Paddle Squeaking Noise

    Hi Guys, Can one can help. I need a specialist for this problem. If you step on the paddle without engaging the gear, there no sound. During traffic jam, when you engage the gear and slowly lift my foot of the paddle, that's where the squeaking problem start. I've been to 3 workshop now and...
  5. Lowering Ride height. (Need advice)

    Any good suggestion for lowered springs for kia forte ? TQ
  6. Lowering Ride height. (Need advice)

    Guys, I would like to know if you are using the ori absorbers and use a lower spring, will that damage yr absorbers. The amount of lowering is around 1 or 2 finger only. I'm referring to Forte coz I've put up the question and have not got any answer for about 1 week. Any good reasonable priced...
  7. WTS: Enkei ES Tarmac Competition 16'

    What time of car can these rims fit ? Wira , iswara ? Tq
  8. V-design Wira Front Bumper and Bonnet...

    Bro, Do you accept trade in for the original bumper ? Maybe RM 200 ? I'm oso looking at the promote bumper. Do you have the pu version ? How much ? How much does the paint work cost - metallic paint ?
  9. V-design Wira Front Bumper and Bonnet...

    Would like to know if we just change the front bonnet without changing the ori bumper ? Just changed my new bumper. Tks
  10. rear fog lamp 4 wira (UK spec)

    the price is for 1 pc or 1 pair ? Where is yr location ? How to deal ? COD?
  11. Time to replace clutch?

    having difficulty in engaging yr gear not necessary that yr clutch is due for change. Try changing gear oil. I had similar problems like yours but was solved when gear oil was changed.
  12. Proton Putra MMC For Sale!!!!!!!

    pls e-mail me yr pic Tks.
  13. FOCAL and ZAPCO Sales !!

    can you pm me the price of Alpine 9887. Tks.
  14. PROTON ISWARA jerking when it's cold

    Bro, Thanks for all the info, I've just got the autochoke changed and the mechanic told me he have to modify a bit coz if not if karat then problem. Tested this morning ok. No more jerking and no more long warmup. Tks.
  15. PROTON ISWARA jerking when it's cold

    Labulabi, Is this a common problem with iswara ? Where did you get yr autochoke replace, want to try. Sometime i pity my wife have to warmup so long before can get going. Do anyone know where to convert to power steering for iswara ? Tks.
  16. PROTON ISWARA jerking when it's cold

    josephlauby, What did you do ? I mean the normal service ?? skywalker, Is it expensive to get the carburetor autochoke replaced ?? Tks for the responds
  17. Aftermarket Suspension Experience

    Bro, Where did u buy it and how much ?? I'm oso using a wira but it's 1.8. Tks.
  18. Hi Guys...Need some ADVISE-Bucket Seats

    Go try both and see which is more comfortable. This also depends on yr size coz recaro has a very slim cut so if you are big size then it might not be so suitable for you.
  19. car jerking/timing drop during cornering

    To all the sifu, My wife's car is facing the same problem but it only happens during the morning. Have to warm up about 5 min if not the car like no power, tekan minyak oso the car like no feel. I've already changed the plugs, plug cable and oso still like tat. Any suggestion ? Tks. Ps. it's a...
  20. PROTON ISWARA jerking when it's cold

    Hi Guys, I would like to check if anyone driving an iswara 1.3 aeroback. The problem is it's jerking when cold start. I've changed the sparkplug, cables but still the problem is there. When it's cold I rev the car and it's takes about 4 to 5 sec for the rpm to go up. When driving, it feels like...
  21. Looking Some brand of Engine Oil in Penang State.

    When I wanted to change my luboil and looking around Prai and BM area for Eneos, most of the workshop told me that Eneos are not distributed anymore in the northern region. Not sure why but I gave up after looking for it and change to another brand of japanese imported lub oil. It's fantastic...
  22. Aircon Not Cold.

    Where are u from ? If from KL I recommend you a aircond shop along jalan kepong. Do you know where the famous fish & tackle shop along jalan kepong ? It's just a few doors away from that or just opposite the shell station next to the masjid. Just got my wife's car aircond fixed there.
  23. Anyone interested in Advanced Driving Course

    I highly agree coz the more the merrier. Then we can meet with other forumers. Cheers. :driver:
  24. Anyone interested in Advanced Driving Course

    Bro, The date looks ok for me now. If it's confirm then I can block off this date on my calendar. Tks.
  25. Anyone interested in Advanced Driving Course

    Guys, Where is it going to be ? Just curious !!
  26. Anyone interested in Advanced Driving Course

    Hi Guys, I'm wondering you if need 1 more person. I'm only driving a wira. If can joint, I don't mind. Call or sms me if it's end of May coz have exams on 24th May. Thank. 016-2186037:listen:
  27. HWL Adjustable Coilovers for various cars

    if it's not inclusive of installation, how much is it ? for wira 1.8 LE model. Tks.
  28. HWL Adjustable Coilovers for various cars

    Is your price inclusive of installation ? What if we find that the suspension is too hard, can change to softer spring ? tks
  29. Hot bits adjustable

    fariz, Are these product new ? What is the warranty like ? How much is installation ? tks
  30. GAB Adjustable Hi Lo (used) for Wira,satria,Gen2,Waja

    I would like to know what car are you using this absorber for and what price you paid for when new. I'm interested and not asking for fun. Tks.
  31. Volkswagen and Proton talks fail, finally

    as long rakyat go money don't scare Proton won't go down. How can any of the foreign car maker want to take over a company where not only build cars but feed cronies. Getting overseas funds to feed cronies even further ?? They can only give excuses and more excuses why no foreign car makers...
  32. WTB - 4G93 Timing Belt - Twin Cam

    No one can give some suggestion ??? :(
  33. WTB - 4G93 Timing Belt - Twin Cam

    It's time for me to change my belt, any recommendation ? At the present it's ori or should i replace with the original one again. Please give me the estimated price oso. Tks.
  34. [WTS] Mugen type spoiler for putra

    can fit wira ?
  35. Is Putra originaly design from M'sia or like Wira, buying from Mitsu?

    Proton colaborated with Mitu back then was suppose to be a techno transfer and then we Malaysians can do our own but somehow after more than 20 yrs they realised Malaysian Tak Boleh so buy Lotus UK ask the guys there do all the design and say "The Pride of Malaysia". I would say Gen2 is a...
  36. Change Clutch for 4G93P

  37. Change Clutch for 4G93P

    Any other sifu can help !!! pls.
  38. Engine oil overfilled..aduh...

    Firstly, 1. Take a picture of the dipstick with the excess oil as a prove. 2. Drive slowly back to the workshop and ask them to drain the excess oil. If anything wrong, can make a claim with prove that pic and bill. If they don't do anything go to the press and make a big hoo har. Sure...
  39. 3" aluminium flexible cold air intake

    Bro, Post the pic before the tread goes into 10 pages and most of them are asking for pic instead of wanting to buy from you. Pls make sure those who puchase from you put their feedback coz that will definately help in your sales.
  40. The Brand of Petrol Might Help a Little..

    kenshins, How old is your car & what's the mileage ? I'm driving a same engine as yr and I've done 120k. Just done decorbonized. The engine gives me better respond and saves a bit on FC as compare to me changing sparkplugs (Iridium). What about your luboil ? If you are on mineral , I would...
  41. Change Clutch for 4G93P

    I've been to Eneos in Metro Prima and enquired and the quy told me that Exedy don't manufacture clutch for 1.5 & 1.8(Heavy Duty one selling RM380 for Gen 2 - Clutch plate, cover & bearing). Gary, Question 1.There is only one sports clutch plate only RM380 with bearing. Will sports clutch...
  42. Change Clutch for 4G93P

    Bro, Is the Exedy daikin a performance clutch ? Is it going to be heavier than OEM ? Sometimes I kena stuck in jam for like 1 hr, matilah if heavy. Anyone got good connections or purchase anything from the sparepart shop in Paramount garden and can check for me. I've call a few times to...
  43. Change Clutch for 4G93P

    Bros, I would like to check your advice to veryfy info given by 2 different foreman :- Foreman 1. Change a: Clutch Plate b: Oil Seals Don't need to change Clutch Cover coz still good condition. Use back existing gear oil coz just change less than 2 mth. Brand of Parts used...
  44. AsK for advices

    I've driven a car with and without ABS. After owning a car with ABS, you won't want to drive a car without one. Since you don't have one on your car, I think you should leave it until your warranty period is over coz doing mod now will void your warranty.
  45. Car Perfomance Dropping Badly

    I would suggest you get all the basic maintenance done and the only check again. That will help narrow down the possiblities. Basic Maintenance :- 1. Oil Flush 2. Oil Change 3. Oil Filter Change 4. Spark Plug Check 5. Spark Plug Cable Visual Check. Have fun...
  46. beware of jln mahameru

    There is another one famous block is the turn off from the Seremban Highway to Old Klang Road. The same turn off if you turn left at the traffic light you go to Mid Valley. They will say that you are speeding on a 80 kph road. They are there in the afternoon and evenings. I got caught at...
  47. Car seat Squeeking

    Stupidbumb, How long it took you to get this done ?? Alex, thanks for your feedback, I'll try when I sent it in for the next service.
  48. when to change rubber bushes?

    Guys, If you have the problem, I would suggest you get it checked out and change it. Most likely it's the bearing and if there is excessive wear, it might get stuck and you can't turn your steering. Not sure about iswara coz my wife's car don't have that problem yet. As for the price, if...
  49. when to change rubber bushes?

    skywalker what car are you driving ? The last time when my steering squeek, sent to check and it's the bearing on the steering column is out due to wear and tear. If you are driving a wira like me, it's going to cost you about 400+ to change that part. The squeek is most iritating when...
  50. Proton launches Quality Campaign at factories

    Proton management should ask themself what is the underlining problem with their cars ??? It's Quality, Quality, Quality, Quality, Quality, Quality. It's the suppliers & Cronies. They are the once that supply sub standard parts with a super high price tag. It's something the proton top...