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  1. Mazda RX-8 or Honda CR-Z?

    HONDA always be a 1st choice in MALAYSIA.. vtec prannnnnnggggg...
  2. [WTS] Original Honda Integra Type-R DC5

    nice list mr ho..
  3. REDLINE Air Ram Pipe With Filter Kit For HONDA CIVIC FD2R.

    bro.. do you have air ram pipe with filter kit for proton savvy if u have PM me.. tq..
  4. WTS: Tokyo Auto Saloon Varis Impreza.

    pm me bro.. tq
  5. VW Roco 1.4TSI

    nice house nice ride.. gud luck for sell bro..
  6. Subaru ver10 sti

    this V10 tuned by mutiara motor M7..? how about the HP..?
  7. Gab adjustable ha series and ss series

    PM me GAB ADJUSTABLE HA for savvy.. tq bos..
  8. Honda Civic FD2 Type R Fully Loaded

    put some pic lh bro.. easy to impress the ZTH viewer..
  9. Random Shot: Aston Martin DBS Volante

  10. Nissan Skyline GTR34 VSpec II Nur -08

    02/08 Nissan Skyline GTR34 Vspec II Nur Limited Edition model very mint condition, very low mileage,c/w Jun Complete Engine 2.7L with HKS T04Z kit tuned by Jun,Japan,706hp and many other accessories included. The car c/w original Nur bodykit with Nismo side & rear skirt,Nismo 18"...
  11. EK9 Fully Loaded

    this 662 got lot's of story..
  12. AMS Agent Orange R35 GT-R Transformed...

    this monster are sick.. :biggrin:
  13. nissan skyline GTR 34 for sale

  14. HCOTD: One Loaded Toyota Altezza with a 1JZ Turbo VVTi

    '(00): This is one loaded Altezza. Packed with a parts list even Taniguchi would be proud to drift with. Firstly, based on a 1JZ conversion, it's then treated to a 2JZ block, and then fully balanced with parts like HKS 264 cams, HKS pulleys, HKS extractors, HKS 3040 Turbo, HKS plumbing, HKS...
  15. Toyota Altezza 1JZ Turbo VVTi -01

    Toyota Lexus Altezza 99/01 (1.5Jz) Engine: -convert to 1jz (jzx100) with bottom 2jz full balancing and port and polish, and refurbish engine bay -HKS Cam 264" -HKS Pully -HKS Extractor -HKS Turbo 3040 -HKS piping -HKS intercooler -HKS relocator oil filter -HKS oil cooler -HKS...
  16. WTS> Civic FD2 2.0 2007

    i think i saw this FD2 once at damansara perdana.. really nice sound from ur FD2..
  17. Nissan skyline gtr 34 2.8 tomei complete 2002

    * Nissan Skyline GTR 34 2.8 Tomei Complete * Import New From Japan * Owner Kept As 5th Car Only * Date Of Reg. Nov 02 * Bixenon Light * Fully Nismo Body Kits * Wide Body * Buckets Seat * Carbon Bonnet * Import New 2.8 Tomei Limited Edition Complete Eng * Custom Made Turbo Kits & ECU System * AP...
  18. HCOTD: 700bhp Tomei 2.8 powered BNR34 GTR

    '(00): A GTR only the elites could tame or own. Check out the engine bay showcasing the giant blower alongside the blue Tomei RB26 lump. This beast is for sale and includes a list of interesting mods. Not a whole store list, but a short concise list.
  19. VTEC Symphony - Type R Mega Meet 2011 Malaysia + Singapore

    i was there having dinner at sri buloh restaurant.. suddenly all the VTEC sound roaring.. such a nice event on the weekend at my place..
  20. Nissan Skyline GTR 34 Vspec - 07

    Price Nego | Call Me Teh : 016 338 5728
  21. BMW E46 325 CKD Double Vanos - 02

    Original facelift version from AB M3 Jerez Black Widebody with custom bodyworks Folding M3 side mirror 19" Staggered NKB Japan rims with all new Dunlop Direzza tyres Koni adjustable with Eibach springs Custom quad exhaust New front headlamp set with angel eye and HID Carbon fiber...
  22. BMW E46 converted to M3 CSL facelift - 00

    318.. 4 cylinder..
  23. BMW E46 converted to M3 CSL facelift - 00

  24. BMW E46 supercharged - 00

    E46 328i 6 speeds manual supercharger, Voltec supercharger, 6 speeds m3 e46 manual transmission, Custom wide body, 19" sport rims, Black leather interior, smg sport seat, White meter face with chrome ring, Dual muffler, Sport suspension and many more. RM 90K Nego..... Shukri : 012 288 8515
  25. Toyota Supra - 93

    Vvti Twin Turbo TipTronic Steering Shift Button Many other performance items
  26. EK9 Full Modified - 98

    EK9 Full Modified - Cars for sale Johore -
  27. EK9 Full Modified - 98

    WTS My Lovely EK2 1998/2003 Full modified See To Believe Ah Boon : 017 633 3010 (JB)
  28. Nissan Fairlady With RB26 Engine - 03

    the price is rm 185 000
  29. Nissan Skyline V35 - 04

    MODEL : NISSAN SKYLINE V 35 YEAR : 2004 ENGIN : 3500CC CONDITON: SHOWROOM CONDITION GEAR : 6 SPEED MANUAL HP : ORW 270 HP REMARKS :LIMITED UNIT, VERY RARE. UNIT NO. 481 TUNE BY NISMO JAPAN 100 % ACCIDENT FREE Accessories worth more than RM 100,000 1) complete nismo body kit US$5400 2)...
  30. Civic ek 2door 97

    ENGINE B18C Type R Flywheel Toda Gear Box lsd 4.7 NGK Cabel Plug RIMS TE37 CF Bonet Spoon CF spoiler & side mirror Ori EK9 Body part TEIN HA Adjustble Skunk2 Lower Am Spoon N1 exhaust Extractor 421 EK9 Front & Rear Seat, Meter, Dashboard & Door Trim Interior Complete EK9 Too...
  31. BMW 318 Ci E46 - 00

    2003/OO BMW 318 Ci E46 (Tiptronic) Excellent Condition Must View Careful Owner Electric Leather Seat ABS | CSL CF Trunk | AC Exhaust 18" Rims | M3 Bodykit | Very Low Mileage | Full Tinted | Sports Spring Clean Interior | Sunroof | HID Xenon | New Pearl Paint | CD Player Like New | 100%...
  32. Nissan Fairlady With RB26 Engine - 03

    T3T4 Turbo -ACT Racing Clutch -HKS Blow Off Valve (Racing Type) -Fully Fuel System -Folk Piston & Con Rod -264/272 Cam & Pully -ATI Super Damper -N1 Oil Pump -Stainless Steel Intercooler Paiping -HKS Meter -Trust Boost Controller Set -19" Sport Rim -DVD Audio System -500HP Engine -Nice 2 Digit...
  33. Honda civic 2 door ek 96

    Honda Civic Ek 2door - 96 B18cR engine LSD gearbox Mugen 4-1 extractor Ultra racing cable plug HKS mushroom air intake Type-r strut bar HID lights VERY CLEAN and TIDY EK9 interior RECARO EK9 front & rear seat EK9 steering EK9 meter cluster DC gearknob(RARE) Apexi timer Sparco...
  34. BMW 325i (A) - 06

    year 01/06 low mileage 100% good condition acc free RM82000 with CF bonet front & back RM95000 with accessories inclube (expensive sport rims,adjustable absorber) RM15000 (turbo controlment with engine) RM10000 very sport car urgent jackei : 019 283 0832 (KL) or visit...
  35. Nissan skyline gtr v-spec ii 07

    Price: RM190 000 Reg. year: 2007 Mileage: 15 000 - 19 999 Make: Nissan Model: Skyline Transmission: Manual Engine Capacity: 2600cc Very good condition Year=02/07 BHP 500++ NISMO 18' LM-GT4 Limited edition Power FC engine management High cam Injector 700cc HKS adjustable...
  36. Subaru imprezza sti V9 S204 for sale (Limited edition) VERY RARE

    i really liked the bucket.. have a nice sell on your car buddy..
  37. Honda EK B18C vtec turbo for sale

    my foreman also said don't play2 with VTEC TURBO..
  38. BMW 328i E46 -01

    tq bro..
  39. BMW 328i E46 -01

    318 its 1.8L.. 328 its 2.8L that's the different..
  40. BMW 328i E46 -01

    Price: RM 75 000 Reg. year: 2001 Mileage: 170 000 - 179 999 Model: E46 Transmission: Auto Engine Capacity: 2800 cc Accessories: Solar Film, CD Player, Leather seats, Airbag driver, Airbag passenger, ABS Brakes, Sport rims, Alarm, Central lock, Adjustable steering Tip top...
  41. Nissan skyline r34 gtr v-spec [weekend car]

    picture please.. no picture how to impress viewer at ZTH maa..
  42. Infinite Turbochargers

    how about E46 318.. recommended turbo n price.. tq..
  43. Toyota Supra 2jz 3.0 single turbo Auto

    bro how bout the engine only.. wanna sell it.. tq..
  44. Ek9 -97

    B18 Type R Mugen Air Filter.. JASMA Extrator.. ETC.. Bonnet, Trunk, Side Mirror, Spoiler, Skirting, Fender all in carbon fiber.. 7 Unit Defi Meter.. Ori Spoon Caliper.. SSR Type C Rims.. Toyo Tyres.. price is still in negotiable.. until sell.. tq Location: Kelantan call me: Abe...
  45. Customize Turbo kits for any type of vehicle 'new'

    how about bmw e46 318.. can u pm me the price..
  46. Bmw 328 ci sport e46 - 07

    Low mileage 1 owner Convert M3 accessories VIP Owner Registration No: B-- 966 Nice to view, see to believe. Location: Klang Call 017 6611003 for an appointment.
  47. Toyota Supra JZA80 Targa Top -94

    Details: 2JZ-GTE with Garett GT3450 single Turbo, 1.07 A/R ratio rear housing. Getrag V161 6 speed manual, 3.266 final gear. HALTECH E11 Engine Management. HKS 1.2mm metal gasket. HKS 60mm Wastegate. VOLK Racing CE28 with 245/40/18 9.5JJ & 285/35/18 10.5JJ Bridgestone RE050A. ENDLESS 6...
  48. BMW 318ci -00

    plz call direct owner.. that one would be nice.. tq..
  49. Honda civic ek9 2doors -99

    sori bro.. the owner only give one pic only.. any further info.. plz contact owner.. :biggrin: