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  1. How long have you owned your Altezza.. Survey

    1) 2008 = 4 Years : Ae11_Seg 2) 2005 = 7 Years : TopSecret 3) 2007 = 5+Years : Greytezza 4) 2004 = 8+Years: BlackTezza 5) 2005 = 7 Years: Z_Edition
  2. Spare keys

    I like the ending..."Fuck You!!!" Hahaha!!!
  3. changing meter cluster to 01' facelift meter cluster

    the dimmer switch is an option for the 'Tezza...
  4. 2009 MME Challenger : Altezza from Wing Hin\Trial Tunning.

    I agree with you, bro...:adore: I pray that I can go and see for next year...:driver:
  5. seriously looking for altezza

    she'll probably answer "Aiyoh, I don't like to "gargle"...I only swallow..." :rofl:
  6. 2009 MME Challenger : Altezza from Wing Hin\Trial Tunning.

    Thanks, bro...anyways, good try for William and the gang!!! For me, you guys rock!!!! Hope that you guys try again for next year...
  7. seriously looking for altezza

    I agree...I'm gonna say Lexus as well...less headache...and "Mazda cars are rubbish"...???...aiyoh...really don't know anything about cars...
  8. End of the my hunt, some questions....

    kena small dosage of poison from Mr Green...:listen: my wallet open, bro...but not enough...:banghead:
  9. End of the my hunt, some questions....

    but, if with poison, with open wallet as well...:burnout:
  10. Altezza is the Best ?

    that's like how many times around the world? :burnout:
  11. End of the my hunt, some questions....

    ouch...and only after he receives the poison...:rofl:
  12. RSM for altezza 5at

    wah...nice avatar, mr hulkv6tt...hit by the limited top speed, I see...
  13. End of the my hunt, some questions....

    bro, here's proof that you can reset/change the mileage...
  14. Looking for SXE10's Gasket

    dunno, bro but you can check out AE111_SEG's discovery of the online catalog, you can get a rough idea on how much, or just call William Trial or Shaiful Dori Dori for a quotation, or better still, go see them for a...
  15. End of the my hunt, some questions....

    congrats, bro...I think firstly get the car refueled...:wink:
  16. Power loss

    no probs...:driver:
  17. Power loss

    i heard that CRC 02016 contact cleaners may not be good for long term... this is the new's the old more familiar one... dunno how true, but get...
  18. RSM for altezza 5at

    Bloody fast, man...thanks anyways...
  19. RSM for altezza 5at

    I want! I want! :wavey:
  20. Me and my Tezza at Sepang last weekend

    nice, bro...but where are the 4 20 year olds? Hehehe!!! Just kidding...nice one!!! yo, bro aycy...4 more times for you to share your luv...:love::love::love::love:
  21. Power loss

    yup...had the same problem...starting wasn't smooth, can't accelerate, fuel consumption was sky it replace...whoar!!! like brand new!!!!
  22. Power loss

    what about the MAF Sensor?
  23. Me and my Tezza at Sepang last weekend

    hahaha...not love at first before first sight...or is it love at first sound...:listen:
  24. Me and my Tezza at Sepang last weekend

    wah, luv already?...hehehe...:evil:
  25. Altezza Splitters/ lips

    hi, bro and welcome...previously this forum had all the pics of all the bodykits available to the Altezza...but seems to be lost after ZTH crashed...maybe Mr. cash1212 can waive his magic again...
  26. New paint job and bumper

    Thanks, bro for the just need to know where for a new paint job...:confused:
  27. Congrats to Silverboy.......

    I kinda like the cheap mamak ones...:biggrin:
  28. Congrats to Silverboy.......

    congrats, bro...lucky, baby...:biggrin:
  29. New paint job and bumper

    hahaha...:nurse: but, this is goooood poison...:biggrin: Bump: bro, if want to paint insideout, how much and how long? i want to maintain 8N8 Dark Blue Mica colour...
  30. GPS monitor

  31. New paint job and bumper

    is it this one? if yes, definitely interested, bro!!! How much?
  32. New paint job and bumper

    Brand new or used parts, I don't mind, bro...
  33. Club Altezza/is In The Dominican Republic

    WOW!!! That's a lot of Tezzas there!!! Cool! Thanks for the share...keep it coming...:adore:
  34. Altezza is the Best ?

    tengah pikirlah ni...:adore:
  35. GPS monitor

    ok...where can i get it?
  36. Online Altezza Parts Catalog

    You da online IPC...
  37. GPS monitor

    how deep must our pockets be to get it?
  38. Altezza is the Best ?

    My bad...I have a Toyota s2000 and don't even know it...:driver:
  39. New paint job and bumper

    thanks, you have bumper/lips for the altezza?
  40. New paint job and bumper

    ok, thanks...calling mr Bl@ckTezz@...:itsme:
  41. Altezza spotted!!!

    Saw 2 Altezzas at Vision Bandar Sunway during lunch time...:adore:
  42. Altezza is the Best ?

    one downside of owning an Altezza... "What car you driving? Altezza? What car is that? Never heard before? From Toyota? I thought Honda..." :hmmmm::confused:
  43. New paint job and bumper

    Hi, guys...need help...need to restore my baby...damaged my front bumper lips and really need a new paint job...any recommendations and prices?
  44. Rim Clearance

    bloody hell...truly I AM NOT WORTHY....:adore::adore::adore::adore::adore::adore:
  45. Buzzing Sound - Under Dashboard

    bro, where is the workshop located?
  46. [After12] Toyota Altezza bodykit station

    Looking for this, bro...
  47. Buzzing Sound - Under Dashboard

    it's ok,'s around that range...thanks, bro...
  48. Buzzing Sound - Under Dashboard

    bro, how much did you pay for it?