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  1. Proton X70

    They might have special arrangement with the G where request for tax reliefs for importing one big lot with some terms and conditions, might be ckd in Malaysia is the conditions. Giant companies will have a lot of advantages in taxes as they can bargain with Miti
  2. Engine Oil from Tesco

    Hard to say man since i am not working in shell.. but this kind of big companies usually got a lot of plantation where the EU one might be blend at other countries than South East Asia where the cost is much more lower.. There is also special import tax for some companies if they able to import...
  3. What's the next car you'll buy?

    Bring car back kena above head chop, ask for jewelry.. easy ma.. said no more liao, all use to buy this car...:laugh: If bring new wife back?? down head kena chop and ask for jewelry ar?:marchmellow: When they buy things no need to ask but when we buy things need to ask and bla bla bla tell you...
  4. Need Opinion on Fun Hatchback to Drive

    you forget to add the king on the road... latest Myvi:rock: Another things.. Fiesta running on timing belt, changing that time will blown your pocket
  5. What's the next car you'll buy?

    no need approval one, just buy then bring back to home make don't know till she ask...:marchmellow: you are not bringing something illegal or a new wife home d.. just a car...:thrasher:
  6. Engine Oil from Tesco

    yup, Shell did got 5-30 semi syn that i like to use a lot and the price is cheaper than 5-40 fully syn from Giant. indeed there is borang D and E but there are AP that need to import in some special cargoes thus the each country internal tax are different. import Tax or AP or Sales Tax + local...
  7. Engine Oil from Tesco

    yes.. but the cost of sending it down to here are expensive compare to EU since EU is mostly an import countries not like US got both Ya.. but dont know when it will be last till some jokers go and complaint 1st of all, this is what I had heard dont know if is real or not about the letter...
  8. Engine Oil from Tesco

    Because the locals are complaining to HQ that they unable to achieve the given target due to too much same ori products offered more cheap at hyper market. Tesco also been given a warning letter if not mistaken for this EU oils The EU one very smart that there is no seal after the cap in order...
  9. Engine Oil from Tesco

    Indeed, this is what they are doing now since the freight and other cost from EU back to here is cheap..
  10. Crazy Evo video I saw on Facebook, in Malaysia?

    very familiar d.. sounds like me looks like me but its not me.. plate number indeed is mine but my car is at home that day:laugh::laugh:
  11. Engine Oil from Tesco

    not yet d, this weekend super busy, got friends coming down from Myanmar and also Indonesia. after that got new projects meeting... Maybe later will go any buy it after lunch..
  12. Engine Oil from Tesco

    Just like my friend always said:congrats::marchmellow:
  13. Engine Oil from Tesco

    Later go to buy...thank you for the info:adore::adore::adore:
  14. Project Kancil Moderno with EJ1000 TD04L

    share a bit of your ride man.. since mine also reaching time to refurbish internal and also external due to engine been trash by someone:banghead::banghead:.. plan to load cvt turbo L5 engine now for long destination run as golf cart :biggrin: but still calculating the budget since no time to...
  15. Thank you those of you who voted BN

    I love that one, go in and out from court... bail in millions every time come out.. like yam si che.. chinese offerings money My friend will bet with me this time come out how many million they will charge buy paying bottles:dancing2:
  16. VIVA Members

    with that body like milo tin better dont think man.. this one is like kenari with K3vet high body had sit in kelisa in K3vet manual.. feelings like sitting in a 400bhp onwheel wira..really put wings can fly liao...:adore::adore:
  17. Mods for non mivec 1.3 satria (Budget later we talk la)

    :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: challenge himself with pocket :laugh::laugh: ended :deal: burn pocket and engine internal nearly boiled:marchmellow:
  18. Mods for non mivec 1.3 satria (Budget later we talk la)

    Ya same as what i am thinking since engine oil become KFC oil after few time used, well for me i will try 1000km for safe side to prevent any :deal:
  19. Mods for non mivec 1.3 satria (Budget later we talk la)

    well he did not blame anyone just sad in heart and pocket...:deal: after dyno plus fast in highway.. bearing become fried chicken lo..:laugh:
  20. Mods for non mivec 1.3 satria (Budget later we talk la)

    :laugh: he is a foreman actually, he said all internal are new that he also feel wired how come like that.. he ask his friend to drive for dyno and that fellow had elephant leg.. maybe his elephant leg fried off the bearing cant imagine from sunway to botanic klang less 15 minutes at afternoon...
  21. Mods for non mivec 1.3 satria (Budget later we talk la)

    really dont know d.. maybe he thought all new internal is ok to go for dyno? before send to dyno he already thinking is there any problem since engine just running 300km and he also scared that engine will blown is didn't got for dyno..
  22. Mods for non mivec 1.3 satria (Budget later we talk la)

    maybe since ask him he said the engine not yet smooth after refurbish the internal to new parts. piston ring also nearly boiled
  23. Mods for non mivec 1.3 satria (Budget later we talk la)

    what I know is my friend use ACL new bearing nearly all burn off after back from dyno:biggrin: Dont know why also
  24. Mods for non mivec 1.3 satria (Budget later we talk la)

    1.8 GTI with Mivec head and wiring proper setup and produce 150++ bhp on wheel only using Emanage if no air filter can go till 165 on wheel bhp but internal rod bearing need to touch a bit if not engine kaput
  25. Crazy Evo video I saw on Facebook, in Malaysia?

    it is genting.. they got a few clips touge genting in youtube, search then you can see a lot of their video especially there is AMG45 race with Evo9 black
  26. Crazy Evo video I saw on Facebook, in Malaysia?

    Ya, especially there Batu Caves to halfway genting but night time very scary road and day time weekend a lot of cars only able to play at Sunday morning :emoji_cry: Sad.. no nice cars and pretty girls
  27. Crazy Evo video I saw on Facebook, in Malaysia?

    I miss Japan GT... Genting road last time better compare to now d... less car, less bump and the best, it is not single way! Now like a race track with bump.. very boring.. last time I always there every Sat with my blue Kancil till Taxi driver and callman aim my car number:biggrin: now old...
  28. Mods for non mivec 1.3 satria (Budget later we talk la)

    This one really dont know how to answer you since I am not expert (Not working in car industries nor insurance claim companies or they call tukang ketuk mud guard). If not mistaken 1.3, 1.5 and 1.6 suspension also different where you used 1.6 into 1.3 you will feel a bit bumpy but ori 1.6 unable...
  29. Mods for non mivec 1.3 satria (Budget later we talk la)

    Actually we cant see the difference by our eyes, there might be something that they will add on in order to get the approval from the government to sell it at market.. example Satria 1.3 vs GTI, try original ya, dont mode anything, you will feels the difference. I just know it when I brought my...
  30. Mods for non mivec 1.3 satria (Budget later we talk la)

    Not very heavy mod just 1bar boost only, since he always park his car outside did not well take care of the body, that is why crack.. Actually fully agreed with you, companies spend billion of dollars hiring a bunch of R&D guys just to invent a car and they are really doing the job not...
  31. Mods for non mivec 1.3 satria (Budget later we talk la)

    wonders need to sacrifice by putting effort d..:biggrin: at the end it is depends how you take care I did saw an Otai driving a Wiravo till today nicely care off like new car and if not mistaken more than 10 years already under his hand since he is my friends neighbour and he sold his Wiravo...
  32. Mods for non mivec 1.3 satria (Budget later we talk la)

    Actually is the suspension issues, rear suspension does matter Not just Iswara, even Wira 1.3 and 1.5 body also unable to withstand the G-force of a high torque engine and also the hard suspension My friend 1.6 Satria body open up near door when he changed to vr4 boost to 1.2 bar with big turbo...
  33. Mods for non mivec 1.3 satria (Budget later we talk la)

    It will be more worst since body like a piece of paper, like Ali Baba carpet and drive it when drunk like prepare :rock: no tomorrow 4G63T in Iswara, tried 2 time, 1 sedan and 1 aeroback like roller coaster, worst one the aeroback.. the 2 Iswara ended is junk yard, body torn...:biggrin:
  34. Perotiga

    if not like that how to maintain the TONGKAT ALI for their cronies, no TONGKAT ALI later all eat sand d since they already get use to been spoon feed like babies, no food shout and cry babies...
  35. Satria evo or vtec???

    26k sure for you to nego d.. if you dont nego then the owner will be super duper happy with you o.. make sure bring foreman there to have a look.. the last one got sifu explain to you already.. hehehe
  36. Satria evo or vtec???

    if you feel ok on the body then go ahead since parts still can find outside on the ware and tare parts. I really like Satria, even i regret to sold off my Satria vr4 engine. let me tell you the pro and cons pro if you dont have elephant legs, the FC is superb for long and short distance parts...
  37. Exhaust modification

    change back to ori setup with bigger inch pipe not more than 2.5 inch, it will be smooth and nice sound like feel nothing..:biggrin:
  38. What's the next car you'll buy?

    remind me a manga "Golden Boy" 18++ ya..
  39. What's the next car you'll buy?

    haha.. for me power is not the most important issues since I only like compact small with a powerful engine.. Camry for travel is very nice but hard to get parking when you travel to town areas especially roadside food where i like the most:biggrin: i like to park my car beside me or as near as...
  40. What's the next car you'll buy?

    Working / Normal day drive a hybrid cars like Camry Get a Myvi with K3vet travel here and there like my old days for weekend.. Still miss the old days, go Penang just to eat Char Koey Tiaw, Ipoh eat Chicken Rice, Cameron buy vegetable, Melaka eat satay culup..:driver::thrasher:
  41. wers all d old zth kakis? all fart tart d...or dont like forums d? lol

    holiday kat kampung.. selamat berpuasa to all:rock:
  42. weekend car for ladies

    well, I dont own one but I know one guy is expert in repairing copen since he is expert in k-car. His shop got 3 inside when visit him 1 time and he is the one whom told me that parts are easy to find and share with other Daihatsu k-cars except the body, even the 3 copen in his shop gone after 2...
  43. weekend car for ladies

    Dont get what you mean.. sorry d..:biggrin: Copen.. using L5 JBJL spare parts on engine even some using storia x4 engine of coz easier to main than GTR d.. roadtax also cheap d only things is small size like Honda s660 one more thing.. me not boss, me just a kuli like Kenny in southpark...:burnout:
  44. weekend car for ladies

    Daihatsu Copen or GTR! but I like Copen more:driver:
  45. Mods for non mivec 1.3 satria (Budget later we talk la)

    Satria still better than Iswara d.. Iswara will be like you are inside a speed boat:laugh: dont know you will end at where since the tyre not touching land when launching time:driver:
  46. Twin turbo a 4cylinder engine (1big and 1 small turbine)

    :adore: gave you a like.... intercooler inside d.. real sleepers... Saw this S2000 also.. another scary bhp :deal: Wondering what is inside the block:biggrin:
  47. Twin turbo a 4cylinder engine (1big and 1 small turbine)

    Wah.. so fast found the answer d... lol:adore: Where got finish.. what is the advantage and disadvantage d...:hello: K3VETT... planing to do R&D more to come out with one d..:laugh: finding something different to discuss d... trying to pull the engine juicy higher without lag :marchmellow:
  48. Twin turbo a 4cylinder engine (1big and 1 small turbine)

    Hi all, Nothing to do try to do some research online but seem a bit blur here. Let say if we have K3VETT with 1 ori IHI RHF4 turbine for pickup and another with bigger size for end power, what will be the advantage and disadvantages ya.. or we change to one IHI RHF3 and another one bigger...
  49. Mods for non mivec 1.3 satria (Budget later we talk la)

    For me.. Change to Mivec, increase to 1.8 then turbo it.. very juicy one d on the BHP.. this one you really need a good clutch not ori 1.3.. Titanium all internal and find a nice sifu to pull the RPM to 10k by changing standalone.. after that put wings ya.. can fly liao d after that make sure...
  50. ZTH klang valley TT 28th April 2018

    Wah got TT so good... but me need to take care my kids at weekend.. enjoy.. drive carefully.. if plan to speed, dont forget to comb your hair ya..:biggrin: