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  1. WTS-Honda Jazz / Fit 1.5 Vtec CBU Japan

    Honda Fit 1.5 VTEC Imported CBU Japan Tiptronic Paddle Shift Year Made 2002 Year Registered 2007 Location Putrajaya Prefer CASH buyer RM38k (NEGOTIABLE) COME TO VIEW WITHOUT ANY HASSLE/TEST DRIVE AVAILABLE *Nice plate number *Direct Owner *1 Careful Owner *Tip Top Condition...
  2. Toyota Altezza Marketplace Links - Parts & Others

    Air Filter KIT - Volcano RAM CHAMBER made by GLAD JAPAN
  3. Toyota Altezza Marketplace Links - Parts & Others

    Tein super street for altezza Good condition....wanna upgrade harder suspensiom.. Interested please sms or call me 012-5181301 Rm1900
  4. ECU repair? How much?

    bro levin...i need ur assistance to check my altezza tom's ecu....also to contact u...tq
  5. [WTS] TEIN Super Street (Offer) me the price for toyota altezza SXE-10...tq
  6. New Tires For Sale.(offer)

    bro...plz pm me ur best price for 225/45/17 Prefer toyo proxes T1R or Yokohama S-drive/Bridgestone Re-001, Goodyear Eagle F1/ Eagle RS tq
  7. New Tires For Sale.(offer) me the best price for 215/45/17...any brand...prefer eagle f1,michelin pp2 tq:wavey: Bump: me the best price for 215/45/17...any brand...prefer eagle f1,michelin pp2 tq:wavey:
  8. [WTS] Cheap 17" 18" 19" tyres

    bro pm me best price for 215/45/17 tq Bump: bro pm me best price for 215/45/17 tq
  9. Michelin new tire: Selling cheap (last offer)

    bro pm me the michelin PP2 best price for 215/45/17
  10. Toyota Altezza Marketplace Links - Parts & Others

    Altezza brand new spring to sell Tanabe Sustec NF210 let go cheap cheap
  11. Afternoon sickness

    any possible of fuel pump failure?...i suspect fuel pump or regulator didnt work properly...but not sure..need to try n error...
  12. Afternoon sickness

    nothing...everything normal...crank sound also normal..did diagnose at trial before...everything ok with the system...i suspect mechanical part such as fuel pump or maf sensor...when engine get started...idling rpm stable.....maybe u guys had a same problem
  13. Afternoon sickness

    Hi guys, Good day, i am a new members here. i had problem with my tezza...very difficult and sometime cannot start engine on afternoon...the engine can crank but cannot run...battery and plug still in good cond. this problem didnt happen on morning and night...Hope u guys can give advices...
  14. Selling TEIN HA for Altezza

    Martin...the HA still available it too hard and not suite for street? me your best price
  15. RAYS TRD T3 18" rims FOR SALE!

    ryonan, still in tptop huh.. pls pm me ur best price...tq
  16. GIALLA Bodykit

    you want to sell 1 set ke...only side skirt can or cannot? pm me