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  1. Proton Satria 1.3 Door Panel

    Hi all I am looking for a pair of proton satria 1.3 door panel - left and right - with door handle - preferably with window handle If any available, kindly pm me your offer and contact detail. I am at Petaling Jaya. Any offers within Klang Valley is fine. Regards Faizal
  2. Haltech Platinum Series

    zarique, if you still in doubt, buy the lt10, and learn learn learn and keep on learning... and you will understand. if you don't bother, just contemplate over the p1000
  3. Better air fuel ratio for torque?

    petrol fuel 12.0 plus minus at full load
  4. Swift Sport Performance Haltech P1000

    with p1000, it improves flexibility. don't have to restrict ourselves to fill up higher octane rating fuel. plus, is it feasible to tune the p1000 running with q16 (or equivalent) and use it on daily basis ? its rm30/liter. or maybe he has other plans as well. 95 map for normal usage and...
  5. What is importance between torque and horsepower?

    horsepower is the amount of torque produced per unit time. therefore its incomparable. the torque curve is the most important aspect in engine performance.
  6. 4g93T gsr engine rebuild, need advice

    amel666, hows the outcome of the rebuild? all good ?
  7. EMS Dyno Results

    sounds more like cooking gas
  8. If using standalone, can stick to stock engine parts first ?

    yes, a gain of 15-20 hp on stock boost level
  9. If using standalone, can stick to stock engine parts first ?

    my engine is still stock, and im using standalone.
  10. Standard e3 engine @ 2bar with 450whp?

    i will make this as a benchmark
  11. EMS Dyno Results

    all on. no off off
  12. 4g93T gsr engine rebuild, need advice

    an assembly lubricant might help
  13. Haltech Platinum Series

    i don't think there will be any carbon build up due to temporarily rich condition. at least it assist cooling though
  14. Haltech Platinum Series

    yeup correct. why there is different...hmm sorry couldn't figure out. maybe to compensate the injectors delay. will do research on it
  15. engine balancing and lightening engine

    cams and standalone
  16. Haltech Platinum Series

    mt 270degree, haltech 720 - 270 = 450 degree with respect to BTDC mt 90degree, haltech 720 - 90 = 630 degree w.r.t BTDC
  17. Haltech Platinum Series

    still no pro yet
  18. Haltech Platinum Series

    according to the help support, 455 degrees is referred to BTDC. therefore 720-455 = 265 degree of crank angle.
  19. Wat's the max boost for a stock 4g93t terbalik?

    stock engine (no management, fueling, or other supporting mods), max boost is stock boost = safe
  20. Mazda 1.8 Turbo RWD engine

    happy chinese new year!
  21. Mazda 1.8 Turbo RWD engine

    "up boost dulu"
  22. Turbo Specifications.

    short power band is where the peaks happens only at a short range across the engine speed
  23. ideal turbo for GSR 1.8

    Fp 3065/52 dsm
  24. EMS Dyno Results

    still learning and keep on teaching :biggrin:
  25. EMS Dyno Results

    wah, its been awhile. now got marimutu gb..walbru eau de toilette super power spec kampung pisang hahaha
  26. Fully utilise Haltech E6X

    finding clones in forums won't utilize haltech e6x. first thing to do to utilize e6x = find clones
  27. 3rd GearPerformance HALTECH Pro series

    have been missing lotsa things. damn !
  28. Toyota 4age 600whp

    bbq? the makan machine is coming hahaha
  29. Best tuner

    we shouldn't be discussing who is the best tuner. we should discuss more on how to get the engine tuned. such as target afr's at various load points, finding MBT, base timing curve, cold starts, dwell time, fuel and timing, diagnose faults, using LSUs, phormula...theoretical and practice..etc...
  30. 3rd GearPerformance HALTECH Pro series

    anything external that is initiated with the engine beside fueling and ignition control
  31. 14bar!

    apeng, your static compression pressure is on the high side for forced induction. usually stock motors have compression pressure around 8 to 10 bars and boost at merely 0.5 to 0.7 bars. however if you tuned it right..say really retarding the timing under boost and have strong internals plus...
  32. What is the max boost for stock Evo 4 ecu?

    max boost for stock ecu = stock boost
  33. Best tuner

    3rd gear's tuning is similar as what i read in many tuning books and journals. Therefore, that guy is not magic tuner, just that he has a good foundation.
  34. Toyota 4age 600whp

    tonyrigoli, what v8 engine that has the same head studs size with the 4ag ?
  35. EMS Dyno Results

    haltechaud, can you help me calibrate the 75psi map sensor? some fella over the forum mentioned that it is the same with the AEM map sensor 30-2130-75. can the calibration be done according to that specification ? thanks
  36. planning to let go my original evolution 6

    upgrade to gtr
  37. Perodua Eco-Challenge - USM as Winner!

    if im not mistaken, these people has cyllinder deactivation on their car. on behalf of uitm, congrats!
  38. EMS Dyno Results

    try the new ecu manager software. easier to calibrate
  39. Mitsubishi Lancer Marketplace Links - Parts & Others

    evo 8 stock cams
  40. How much boost can b8 bpt/bpd stand before explode?

    i've seen 180 engine with 210 turbo producing 300+ hp. to me, its not the boost that we should concern, it is knock that destroy the engine
  41. Race fuel and Methanol

    "alcohol fuels (especially methanol) have the edge there because their laminar flame front speeds are higher than gasoline." quote from Klaus Allmendinger from Innovate Motorsports btw i like this
  42. EMS Dyno Results

    EMS dyno result. the low hp edition. mazda b8 180. stock engine, stock vj20 turbo what can tuning do to your stock motor ? the red line from the first chart is my stock dyno result, 183 hp, about 22 kgm the green line from the first chart also is same setup, just installed...
  43. EMS Dyno Results

    and boost 86psi:adore:
  44. Race fuel and Methanol

    vteckiller, crx now at subang... convert to crv ?
  45. PS Powersport tuning products

    go karaoke find song "PS i love you"
  46. Microtech

    fuhhh, brent rau now can boost higher than 86psi
  47. Race fuel and Methanol

    sepang ? subang enough la... haha. if gegar sepang, scared the whole sepang bergegar, spoil event :biggrin:
  48. Race fuel and Methanol

    audi r8 ke r10 ??hehe use the navara to participate mme :biggrin: this year le mans audi peugeotsss
  49. Race fuel and Methanol

    ... i love hitachi :biggrin: