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  1. Corolla SEG -(KL west till east side's club)-

    Jangan itu macam boss... tapi sini banyak sunyi lah.... apa pasal huh? TT ada lagi kah? Tapi kereta saya tak boleh start lah, battery tak ada power....
  2. Corolla SEG -(KL west till east side's club)-

    whatsapp all taiko here. been too long no login in zth. form a normal user of 20v 4throttle. hope can learn from you guys
  3. Blacktop clocking in at 180 000+km,rebuild soon?

    Im interested with this topic. Hi everyone. Long since i login zth.
  4. SEG Standard Absorber

    sir mh wong, can i try to sit inside your car that equipped with the 10kg spring rate? appreciate your help because it is a bit strange when yours using the same spring rate as mine, is not stiff. very confuse lah. where is your place? maybe we can meetup and share some experience.....
  5. Corolla SEG -(KL west till east side's club)-

    hi allllllllll, whatsapp.
  6. SEG 4AFE done bolt on TURBO

    oh. sorry, the quickshift for ae111 is for 6 speed. brand is trd. 4afe can be used, err if using 6 speed lah. hihihihihih
  7. Corolla SEG -(KL west till east side's club)-

    if tell everybody, its not secret anymore lah! hahahhahahha
  8. Corolla SEG -(KL west till east side's club)-

    what secret project? dont have lah!!!
  9. 20V Standalone or Piggy for Highcams?

    i want a standalone. what i need to buy? everyday drives my car. 20v. intended to run 1.2bar, low compression 440cc injector (dont know low impedence or high) methanol. original blacktop cams please advice sifu2 sekalian thanks
  10. Corolla SEG -(KL west till east side's club)-

    hi all. how are u all?
  11. Engine conversion for Premio

    i have 1nzfe turbo kit from HKS for sale. its comes with manual 5 speed with uprated clutch. but not sure the mounting same or not with the premio. but the turbo kit sure can one. no need upgrade cc. no need puspakom. no need hassle. you know who to pm.
  12. SEG 4AFE done bolt on TURBO

    since i got this message: "it appears that you have not posted on for several weeks, why not take a few moments to ask a question, help provide a solution or just engage in a conversation with another member in any one of our forums?" so i decide to say hi in this thread. but i...
  13. Calling D.A.W.S Taiko

    fuh, resign...
  14. Calling D.A.W.S Taiko

    missing during TT. i think i know who. hihihihihihih
  15. China's yaris racing

    hi, can you enlighten me regarding this engine of 1nzfe. isnt vios engine is same with yaris? 1zrfe is in the same line except 1nzfe = 1496cc, 1zrfe = 1598cc? thanks
  16. Corolla SEG -(KL west till east side's club)-

    testing2... admin told me to post something instead of just reading.
  17. Experience on 3SGE Beams on AE111

    thanks for the reply. how much is the difference? can u tell us more? cause for example extra load of 10% make big impact on the car characteristic & load on the suspension itself (for me, cheapskate buy 2nd hand absorbers, dont want to change it toooo many times in one year) and sometimes test...
  18. Experience on 3SGE Beams on AE111

    input from an owner of ae111 or even ae101 who did put 3sge or 3sgte is much appreciated. the topic is getting interesting now. issit true the weight distribution issue is still there or just a myth? veloc, some question: injector u using which one? clutch set? gear box? metal gasket issit...
  19. 4agze engine using c5X siries gearbox..

    i think the term that should be used: factory fitted, after market lsd, helical, mechanical c58 final drive ratio is 3.9 c52/c56 FD is 4.3 never used c58 tho. sorry cant tell you any pro / cons
  20. Will LSD affect fuel consumption

    now mystery solved. no kluk2 sound doesnt mean no lsd weiiii......
  21. performance filter

    wow, many opinion. try use no filter, and check your exhaust gas with wideband sensor. then compare the result with wideband when using original filter. will it be same? (normal ecu will maintain stoich) some more, higher air flow, such as velocity stack, you will feel the engine sluggish at...
  22. Will LSD affect fuel consumption

    The final drive is the same 4.312, no matter Original LSD, aftermarket LSD if the original owner didn't change it. what most japanese do is (in case of aftermarket LSD): open a C52 or C56 stock from factory, open the 8 bolts, take out the open-differential, replace it with LSD, put back 8 bolts...
  23. Will LSD affect fuel consumption

    original helical toyota lsd Final Drive ring is connected to the lsd with 8 bolts.
  24. Corolla SEG -(KL west till east side's club)-

    wei, i want to change to mcp. so my SS system will be for sale. anybody interested with my TRD super strut soft hard hi low front and rear. with tein pillow ball (front only), internal shaft is only maximum 20,000km mileage (because the previous owner bought NEW the internal shaft), will give...
  25. Driving the 20v

    sepang? anybody mentioned the magic words?
  26. Corolla SEG -(KL west till east side's club)-

    bring up this post super strut is good.
  27. Nology

    ai like this thread. but boode's pic look familiar... where eh? hihihi
  28. Corolla SEG -(KL west till east side's club)-

    Gong Xi Fa Cai all. safe journey and happy holiday also
  29. Corolla SEG -(KL west till east side's club)-

    pistons ok. piston rings tak ok. money donation first lah!!!!!
  30. Corolla SEG -(KL west till east side's club)-

    who wants to help me regarding building up a Group A engine on 20v? money comes first ya!
  31. regamaster 15x7 offset 35 limited edition with toyo t1r tyres

    sorry for not updating this thread. SOLD!
  32. Corolla SEG -(KL west till east side's club)-

    sudah tukar ka?
  33. changes silvertop (AFM sensor) to blacktop (MAP sensor)

    ai like this thread
  34. Corolla SEG -(KL west till east side's club)-

    testing2. one two over.... can u hear me over
  35. spirit of TT in cheras

    no pics of me kah? sad....
  36. AE111 Japan one make race

    Thanks for sharing... Here, I would like to hail all toyota owners, especially 20v that using and been modding their cars. (for what ever reason i.e race haram during night time, show off in youtube or even just to appear in magazine). And also for those with...
  37. Reduce RPM during highway cruising

    dude, FD is totally different with gears 1 until 5
  38. Reduce RPM during highway cruising

    changing FD will make u suffer at hill/slope climbs. last time using 3.5, very suffer to take ramps (specifically in dayabumi, short cut masjid negara to central market) couple of times engine stalled, just because i dont want to high rev.... why not just change the 5th gear. hahhahah p/s...
  39. 4AFE Turbo vs 4AGE Blacktop

    samuel was 4afte right? unfinished business and now happily with 20v 4age. no more turbo. but i also got a friend who owns a 20v 4agte, not finished also. p/s: my friend's BOT kit for blacktop is with me now, summore for sale hehehhehehhe. pm me for price.
  40. 4AFE Turbo vs 4AGE Blacktop

    takpe, asal dari 'jauh bunyi bunyik berdentum-dentum' translate: nevermind, as long the sound 'dentum-dentum' can be heard from far awayyyyyyyy
  41. 4AFE Turbo vs 4AGE Blacktop

    rasa dulu, baru cakap boss
  42. 4AFE Turbo vs 4AGE Blacktop

    thread discussing BOT weh!!!! balance of high comp system with turbo and characteristic is also different.
  43. 4AFE Turbo vs 4AGE Blacktop

    20v factory dyno'ed at 165. and i believe in controlled environment, ron more than ron97 that we have here and at flywheel, not at wheel. we did couple of dyno session, with engine stage 1 modification, the result should be 110-ish to 130-ish. with dyno dynamics machine. 20v user here. 0.57...
  44. 4age 20v TRD 1 way LSD gearbox for sale.

    its 5 speed and the price is for whole gearbox with what ever inside it. of course also included the TRD 1 way LSD.
  45. Corolla SEG -(KL west till east side's club)-

    what ever you all say, wont effect me one. if i know the road/route, ill go by myself. dont worry.
  46. Corolla SEG -(KL west till east side's club)-

    reed1, no need far2. which one is the best to test overall condition of a car? i was thinking of entering the auto-cross organized by alvin, but havent test the performance of the BOT. so cannot simply2 enter. with 4000rpm baru full boost, very curious la how it will be.
  47. Corolla SEG -(KL west till east side's club)-

    ae111 gt kah? Last time we met at old man's place DAWS?
  48. Toyota Marketplace Links V2

    brand new TRD quick shift for 6 speed 20v (in box): rm 750 20v 4age gearbox with 1 way TRD LSD for sale:
  49. 4age 20v TRD 1 way LSD gearbox for sale.

    suitable for street use. fresh from halfcut. 1 way TRD helical LSD 'no need shim adjustments and other maintenance required' 'it reduces torque steer during corner acceleration for improved steering' if you afraid of the kluk kluk sound that can come from a full lock (100% all the time...
  50. 4agze head tuned by ukiya shokai with HKS cams n campully

    bump. now in URGENT sale. pm me for price.