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  1. Malaysia ... A motor sports nation?

    corruption nation...
  2. am i weird to do this? anyone else does this?

    for me no coz i always park at jockey hehehahah
  3. voltex gt wing carbon fiber

  4. voltex gt wing carbon fiber

    Hi there selling off my gt wing voltex carbon fiber wide 1700mm..pls mgs for price thankz
  5. Evo 123 609 Air Flow Sensor

    look familiar la this air flow with the sticker...??
  6. need help bout cam.....

    emm no problem at all..
  7. Fully loaded Nissan Silvia Year 2002/2007

    wow nice...wonder where to buy carbon dashboard..???
  8. need help bout cam.....

    hey slide thankz for the info.....just drop in 260 poncam....respond damm fast.....!!!
  9. need help bout cam.....

    Brand: Tomei Part: Camshafts, (1) Intake (1) Exhaust Duration Intake: 260 Duration Exhaust: 260 Lift Intake: 11.20mm Lift Exhaust: 11.20mm Part #: 143042 Engine: NISSAN SR20DE S14,S15 hello to all sife...would like to ask wherther can use this tomei cam shaft on my stock...
  10. PS13/RPS13/S14/S15 owners

    87.philip s15 ---------- Post added at 12:08 PM ---------- 6 hour anti-bump limit - Previous post was at 12:07 PM ---------- hey guys do la a gathering .....see really got this much member ma......betul tak..??
  11. WTSwap : Honda Civic EK3 DohcVTEC swap with any 2 doors car

    hey bro swap with s15 but have to tup la ....haha
  12. Scooby sti version 8

    haha tea time la....
  13. Kido Racing ( Brake Kits & OEM replacement)

    s15 6 pot how much???
  14. XYZ Big Brake Kit For Sale!!!!

    hello there how much for s15 330mm ..??thankz
  15. Nissan 200SX S15 Silvia carbon parts new for sale.

    hey bro is the part carbon radio paner arrive d..???
  16. Skyline,Silvia RB SR Performance Parts

    hey bro how much is the a/con filter for s15../?thankz
  17. Apexi DECS Tachometer 120mm

    selling how much ..??thankz
  18. PDRM EVO X Crashed!

    haha all wrong the driver last time drive kereta lembu at padi field so suddenly drive evo sure la masuk longkang
  19. nissan project u 4 pot caliper

    bro where is ur shop..??
  20. Looking for Silvia S15 head lamp

    new one from japan ori 7000k
  21. tomei sr20 oil pan and extrator

    hey bro how much is the ex manifold..??
  22. WTS: Splitfire Ignition Coil for S15 (SR20DET)

    hello bro where is ur shop ..??thankz
  23. Os giken clutch for sr20det

    bro for 5 speed or 6 speed.??
  24. Mine's Racing ECU for SR20DET

    hello bro is it for s15..??n wat is the spec for this ecu..??rich fuel.>??rev cut.???etc...thankz
  25. PTT Twin Plate Racing Clutch for EVO1-3

    hey bro for s15 6 speed got a..??
  26. Petrol Price hike 1st May 2010 - RON95 is RM2.10 >2000 c.c.‏

    wat stupid rules it that ....if im using volvo 240 car worth 2k then died la have to pay more money ...dah la miskin pasal minyak lagik miskin
  27. [wts] OS Giken Clutch

    hello bro for s15 6 speed got a..??
  28. rim blitz selling cheap......!!

    sold yesterday thankz.....
  29. Nissan Silvia S15 to Canada

    hey bro mine selling .....pls call for pic i send to u 0125599661
  30. rim blitz selling cheap......!!

    now with tyre front dunlop 215 17 45 rear toyo t1r 255 17 45...60-70% ---------- Post added at 09:11 AM ---------- 6 hour anti-bump limit - Previous post was at 08:52 AM ---------- calll 0125599661.............................
  31. rim blitz selling cheap......!!

    now with tyre front dunlop 215 17 45 rear toyo t1r 255 17 45...60-70%
  32. Clear Stock

    bro still got a Pivot Illumi Push Starter Button>>??
  33. Super 90 Throttle Body 70mm

    bro for sr20 got a how much
  34. 2009 Toyota Wish

    same here too
  35. rim blitz selling cheap......!!

    negoooo til sell
  36. rim blitz selling cheap......!!

  37. Perak Section

    hey anyone intrested..??come join us for tt every friday night n sat at lumut silvia club...not only silvia any sport car also can .....
  38. rim blitz selling cheap......!!

    pls call me i send the pic to u 0125599661 rim 17 INCH FRONT 7 1/2 REAR 8 1/2 OFFSET I DONNO....5 HOLES 114.3 FIT FOR SILVIA SKYLINE MORE
  39. Original Volk Racing CV-Pro 18" Staggered for sale

    hey bro where loc.....can still nego..?
  40. Nissan S15 front diffuser

    hey bro 1k la..??
  41. Apexi rpm

    bro how much..
  42. Customize Turbo kits for any type of vehicle 'new'

    bro how much is the aluminium oil sump for sr20 thankz..
  43. s15 wise square wide rear fender +50mm

    bro how much u wanna sell..??
  44. SR20DET loud ass engine

    change to standard ekzos la...hahah
  45. original rims made in japan

    hey bout the advan rim when will reach..??or must i pay for it then u send .???thankz
  46. Nissan 350Z Turbo 4xxhp , 6xxnm

    wa sure bo fasters in town..???nice car bro
  47. Racing Clutch Plate

    bro got clutch single or twin for s15 6 speed....../?thankz