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  1. Loose Parts For Sale...chop shop item...

    Bro do you got piston sr20det for s14@s15??
  2. TO4B with banana and 38mm wastegate

    pm me the wastegate only...thanks
  3. SHADOW RACING Racing 60mm Gauge/Meter Boost/Oil Water Temp/Oil Fuel Press/EGT temp

    Re: SHADOW RACING Racing 60mm Gauge/Meter Boost/Oil Water Temp/Oil Fuel Press/EGT tem pm me egt temp meter complete with sensor
  4. M7 racing meter smd 60mm

    bro, please PM me best price for EXHAUST TEMP meter v sensor!!! thanks..
  5. Chop Shop Item..

    pm me mazda miata 1.6 distributor with coil..
  6. Selling AP and imported car ( cash n loan )

    pm me toyota mark II jzx90
  7. Works Engineering Fuel Pressure Reg. & Fuel Rails

    pm me price for oil meter gauge and adapter for mazda...
  8. 17" work cr kai

    can swap with my enkei bortex rpmII 17x7 off 45..
  9. Help you import SPORT RIMs from Japan ! me this price
  10. Works engineering pro clutch

    pm me best price for b8 9' plate.....
  11. [WTS]MAZDA Parts(Just arrive frm JAPAN)

    3)Spoiler MS A-sPeC for lantis - 2 sets is it for lantis sedan?
  12. MUSC DRAG CHALLENGE Cyberjaya FINAL - 13 Dec 09

    same as me also..can't viewed it...
  13. Seat Driver EVO 1,2,3

    1st seat at the left side is evo 1 is it?pm me the best price
  14. Super PRO Polyurethane Bushes

    pm me the best price for mazda lantis sedan..i need now is the front parts
  15. [After12] WORKS Engineering Pro Clutch

    pm me the best price for mazda b8
  16. Mazda Lantis 1.8 Auto to Manual.....

    let say,if i change the gbox to manual tranny,i must change wiring n ecu to manual also?recently i just change my auto to manual...pickup kureng...hahahaha...but fc so far ok la,50++ can get 350km if i drive costant 110-125kmj on highway..
  17. Help you import SPORT RIMs from Japan !

    pm me this rim ?79?WORK?????? XD9?DEEP 7.5Jx17 5H [??????] - ??????TIRE PRODUCE ??????????????????? - Yahoo!??????
  18. Help you import SPORT RIMs from Japan !

    pm me this rim
  19. Evo Regamaster 17" pcd 5x114

    pm me best price....
  20. Evo Regamaster 17" pcd 5x114

    can trade in with linea 2 pc weld?siza 17' 5x114
  21. mazda/ford parts to let go

    bro,hp no not provided?i want throtle body la...sms me at this no 0197214439
  22. GAB Suspension Products (Authorized Dealer)

    BRO,pm me the best price for gab hilo softhard mazda more question,what the diffeernt between SS and HA?
  23. WTB : gbox for my b8 engine

    ok la..nowadays b6t gbox quite hard to find...i also have one...but for spare only:driver::driver::driver:
  24. Adjustable Campulley For B8

    also the same question..can this cam put on stock me the best price
  25. Adjustable Absorber

    dy,how about the rim..hehe..poji
  26. FinalSpeed 16" with Falken Azenis Semi Slick

    bro kulip,how about we make a take the tyres and take the rims?anyway,bump for nice rims:biggrin:
  27. Mazdaspeed Seats for sale

    can make easy instalment ke?..heheeh bump for nice seat
  28. mazda lantis 1.6(A) 1997
  29. Mazdaspeed Seats for sale

    whoaa....nice seats u got there.... bumppo for nice seat :)
  30. Must click me!!more racing stuff sell cheapest in market

    Re: Must click me!!more racing stuff sell cheapest in market(tak tengok rugi) bro.ik20 or ik22 got or not?
  31. A lot of parts for sale...

    bro,pm me the best price 4 timer..
  32. Japan P License. . .Super Cheap

    bro,pm me ur phone no asap..
  33. Cusco original front and rear strutbar for wira/satria/putra

    Re: ORIGINAL MAZDASPEED front strutbar for FC3S bleh,ko lay lubang tu kasi besar ckit..
  34. WTS: 60 mm Boost meter Apexi & HKS

    pm me the price and the pic
  35. b13 for sale

    TU it from sabak bernam..
  36. 92 Mazda Familiar b8 turbo with peformance parts

    i seen this car at RnR USJ on friday nite last 3 week
  37. B8 ---sepang Drag Battle 2007

    oo...i think i know this maskulin b8
  38. WTS: 16' Lightweight WORK VSX 2006 WHEELS

    aiyo...only replica..
  39. WIRA LE 1.8/Mazda Lantis Sedan 1.6 for lantis photo
  40. WIRA LE 1.8/Mazda Lantis Sedan 1.6

    ataro san,looking for lantis huh?
  41. gearbox

    i'm using BPT engine,so i want to know u all out there about gearbox that can used since i'm a newbie...can i fixed in lantis 1.8 gb into BG chasis?
  42. Halfcut For Sale!!

    do you got lantis 1.8 gearbox,mazda 626 gearbox and sampan gearbox.. pm me the price if u got..
  43. Mazda B8 210 halfcut for sale!!

    it's belong to ucop..
  44. halfcut B8 210 for sale

    how much can nego?
  45. wanted mazda 323

    bro,wat model?is it BG or BF? send me the picca at this mail
  46. WTS: Japo Goodies...

    bro,how much hks ssqv?
  47. [wts] ford tx3 b8180

    nice car..hehehe leh belanja asam pedas.. bump bro...