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  1. Perak Time Attack Challenge


    thread closed
  3. Civic generation tshirt for sale!

    thread closed..
  4. I love my civic shirt for sale!

    PRICE :RM 26 per shirt All T-shirt is 100% cotton Tshirt will be completed by nex friday(22th August 2008). You will receive your shirt after 2-3 working days. All goods purchased are not refundable. SIZE in Inch (Height x Width)(Tinggi x Lebar) S : 26" x 36" M : 27" x 38" L : 28" x 40"...
  5. Bosusoko Car Parade // Media » Bosusoku Parade MADDNESS....checkout their pipings and front lips...
  6. Honda Collector's Item Key for SALE!!

    Honda Collector's Item Key for sale Honda's 30th Anniversary in Malaysia 1967-1997 edition key. It has a built in watch that is Honda's trademark anti-clockwise style ..all u need to do is install a watch battery to make it work...jz like any normal watch..and u can also go to any key maker to...
  7. Mugen Gearbox

    anyone heard of mugen gearbox wif full lock LSD and 4.8 final drive???
  8. 16" Racing Hart Concepts Rims with tyres

    [WTS] 16" Racing Hart Concepts Rims with tyres..CHEAP! I got 1 set of 16" Racing Hart Concepts rims for sale with tyres Front tyres are Sime Astar Prestige left around 20% Rear tyres are Falken Ziex 326 left around 20% also 205/55/16 PCD 100 (civic,wira,and most other cars) 16 X 7JJ 6.90Kg...
  9. Civic Camber Kit

    Does anyone knows how much is the price of a camber kit for eg6?? and wher can i get dem?? thnx
  10. Civic bushing

    Anyone here knows how much it cost for the front driveshaft bushing?? for eg....i dunno wut u call it but its one of the bushing for the front shaft...anyone??both left and right koyak dy..need to know the price huhuhuh.. thnx
  11. Tire pressure for AutoX

    Wuts the best psi for front and rear tires for AutoX??
  12. Falken Azenis RT-615

    Its the new falken azenis RT615....anyone tried it before?? the tyre man told me its far better den the ST115....and for 1 piece 205/50R15 costs around 600+!!!!!!!!!!!:shocked::shocked::shocked: anyone using it pls giv some feedback....
  13. civic eg coupe

    anyone here selling dizz rare eg coupe?? very interested ler
  14. Civic coupe

    anyone here selling honda civic coupe??...i mean eg coupe???..anyone??
  15. MGB GT 1969 engine

    anyone knows wut other engine can i use on a MGB GT 1969?....wanna rebuilt da whole car hasnt use it for years and da engine kaput dy...anyone know which other engine can fit??...pls help
  16. New civic concept damn nice :o :o :o