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  1. A Tale of Recovering a Honda Civic FD2R

    RedBat, made in Japan. Correct me if I'm wrong. Bro, my Alphard recond from Japan. It's keyless entry and no cobra logo but correct me if I'm wrong again. I believe it's Toyota oem alarm.
  2. A Tale of Recovering a Honda Civic FD2R

    My apologies for the late reply bro. Been busy with work. I remember it was within the range of RM300 including installation and it doesn't obstruct my legs. ---------- Post added at 05:41 PM ---------- 6 hour anti-bump limit - Previous post was at 05:28 PM ---------- I have read it...
  3. A Tale of Recovering a Honda Civic FD2R

    I'm using the same brake lock for my Alphard. Brand name locktech from Thailand. So far so good.
  4. Preve Hatch Launching this Saturday Yoo!

    Last weekend I went with my wife to giant to do some household shopping and proton showroom was just beside it, so what the heck. Just went it to see the new launch car. To my opinion, the interior dash sucks to the max and the backside of the car is just pure ugly... The price tag is just...
  5. NISSAN GTR R35 tyre problem :'(

  6. airtrek turbo or forester??

    If it's for me, it is forester. With exhaust done, it rumbles and parts are cheaper than mitsu... :driver:
  7. Idiot Drivers

    We drive on the road everyday, sharing the same road, path and most of us spend our time rushing back and forth from work thus we are faced with many idiot drivers... be it in big or small cars. No point challenging them coz we all know how small minded they are but we still move on... Chill...
  8. Original 1991 R32 GTR with many tuning parts

    Price is really tempting but does it cost much to get it fix?
  9. Nissan Cefiro A31 1991

    Nice car bro :adore: But price wise, way out of my budget. Anyway free bump for ya!
  10. Satria 1.3 can convert to what engine?

    Both engine are suitable for your Satria but it depends on your preferences, turbo or na?
  11. Reputable Honda Workshop

    OMG, eric haven't close shop yet ke? I just don't understand how a person like him can still survive in this business? he is best in opening a whore house... I'll share with everyone here on one bad experience, not me but another customer. A guy (new customer) came in to so called v-tiak...
  12. looking for r33

    Alrite noted...
  13. looking for r33

    Another one here Nissan Skyline GT R33 - Cars for sale Kuala Lumpur -
  14. looking for r33

    Bro, try this Nissan Skyline R33 (M) 96 - Cars for sale Kedah - Good luck!
  15. Guess it ...

    It was also advertise here not too long ago • View topic - Nissan 180sx 1991 For SALE
  16. wts your skyline? post it here

    Must be some conman in mudah...
  17. 17 Hurt in Drag Crash at Million Youth Rally 2012

    Anak dato' macam tu lah bro... :banghead::banghead::banghead:
  18. 17 Hurt in Drag Crash at Million Youth Rally 2012

    Not to mention this guy is pretty racist... Check out: Ezzat Dato Mohd Tahir - wahhh Rudy Lu Pun Nak Jadi Bangsat Jugak Ke, Jap Ehhh, Aku Ada Meeting Ni, Kau Ngan Aku Memang Tak Habis La, Kau Start Balik Engine Warm Up Nampak, Ok Kau Tunggu Jap K Bangsat, Tunggu Aku Cari Kau K...Kau Nak...
  19. Can 2 pot caliper cause disc bent?

    I have been using 4 pot caliper for 2 year now... no issue with the disc. Perhaps your break pads. Try using Japan made pad like endless... Cheers!
  20. 17 Hurt in Drag Crash at Million Youth Rally 2012

    This guy has an ego issue... Come on, accident happen already. Just admit the mistake, learn from it and move on so that he can organize a much safer event but instead putting the blame on everyone and making threat... like I have said before 3rd world mentality or even worst. Macam ni...
  21. 17 Hurt in Drag Crash at Million Youth Rally 2012

    Interesting read: Mobile - Side Views - Drag racing ?monkeys? ? Qiu Yaofeng @ Wed May 30 2012 And I like the quote 'I think we know who the "monkey" is here'
  22. 17 Hurt in Drag Crash at Million Youth Rally 2012

    Why with all the vulgar words from the organizer? Ini macam punya PR publicity to defend your event ka? This is what you call – third world mentality…
  23. Drunk Driver Crashes into Taxi at Rochor Ferrari Crash Site

    It's more like a trend now in Singapore for this rich buggers to hit red light... should ban them from driving for life.
  24. Singapore: Ferrari 599 GTO Crashes into Taxi and Bike. Claims 3 Lives

    Bro, it not being racial and we are not saying all prc are like that but most of the rich one are really character wasted...
  25. Singapore: Ferrari 599 GTO Crashes into Taxi and Bike. Claims 3 Lives

    These PRC people are heartless... how can you put the blame on the taxi driver when this stupid fellow hit the read light and not to mention being drunk... :banghead::banghead::banghead: pity the family of the taxi driver, RIP. ---------- Post added at 02:26 PM ---------- 6 hour anti-bump...
  26. Proud owner of HCR32

    Saw this car in Mudah quite a while back. Anyway nice ride!
  27. Honda Integra DC2 type Si (fully loaded)

    Fuh, CRZ with K20... good choice...
  28. Honda Integra DC2 type Si (fully loaded)

    wah, selling your car already ah? so what's your next car?
  29. Idiot Drivers

    there are a lot of 3 world mentality drivers on the road nowadays... :banghead::banghead::banghead: just have to be extra careful on the road.
  30. GSR Digital Climate Control (Dimmed Screen)

    Try calling this chopshop: LSD Auto Parts Trading 8, Lorong Perusahaan 3, Kimpal Industrial Park, 68100 Batu Caves, Selangor. Siwat 016 369 0958 Faizal 016 277 8947
  31. SG Scrap Car

    Please pm me for Skyline GTT 34 and JZX100. Thanks!
  32. [DIY] Polishing B.Caliper & R.Cover

    Spraying won't last even using high temp spray paint. If you want the paint long lasting, powder coat is the way.
  33. Engine unstable after general overhaul

    have you check if there is leak from the valve?
  34. looking for parts? post it here...

    Hi guys, I'm looking for Nismo clutch slave cylinder used or brand new for R32 gtst / RB20det. Thanks and cheers!
  35. wts your skyline? post it here

    Should be since it stated there 3.2 litre engine...
  36. honda eg brakes problem

    Hi EvolusiDriftKL, We are not creating trouble here but just sharing from our 2 cents experiences with eric. If his supporters are not happy, well it's up to them.
  37. What suspension recommended for a er34 gtt?

    has anyone here tried titan from richard?
  38. honda eg brakes problem

    Well if it happens to you then you will say it differently. The main problem is not the problem of my car but his attitude. I have given him a lot of chances to rectify it and of course as a customer, I'll be pissed if you just walk away from the problem without telling me you can't do it. If...
  39. honda eg brakes problem

    Yes, bro... had him converted engine for 2 of my car before. He is an old friend of mine and used to be good in what he do but since he open up his own workshop, workmanship is like :thefinger: Imagine a one way valve for the brake servo also he doen't know the exact direction to position...
  40. honda eg brakes problem

    Hi tmslawz, You better think a million times before sending your car to eric aka botak. I know one guy who is in shah alam, ah siong who really a specialise in v-tec. fei lo v-tec king student before... From my experiences, I know this guy, eric tan aka botak for more than 10 years...
  41. wts your skyline? post it here

    There is a GTR 33 for sale: Nissan Skyline R33 GT-R - Cars for sale Kuala Lumpur -
  42. gtt r34

    Nice car, free bump for you bro!
  43. Another Bull Bites the Dust. Gallardo totals at Guthrie Highway

    haiyo... why la? :banghead::banghead::banghead:
  44. wts your skyline? post it here

    It's not a v spec II, look at the add properly. it says 2.5k cc... gtt converted gtr outlook...
  45. any good mechanic for rb to recommend?

    Hi guys, I have a mercedes 190e converted to rb20det... my current workshop did not do a good job. I'll moving to puchong soon and would like to pay a visit to ums... any address or contact number? Thanks!
  46. [Car Stolen] Gold Corolla AE101

    sorry for the lost... which part of puchong? will look out for you...
  47. Preview of HIN + Widebody SL AMG Black Series - Honda Hot Import Nights Malaysia 2011

    Re: Preview of HIN + Widebody SL AMG Black Series - Honda Hot Import Nights Malaysia Was there today but nothing much... a big disapointment! For dyno war, the dyno machine was there but no cars on it... it's like wtf!
  48. How much would be a R34 GTT auto or manual?

    Try searching in I have seen some manual and auto between 85k to 130k depending on year manufactured. Some comes with GTR body conversion. Good luck on your findings!