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  1. SUPERPRO Polyurethane Bushes

    Hi mate.. looking for super pro bushings for Toyota SEG Ae101. wonder how much it is? for front and rear. thanks
  2. ideal cruising temperatures for 4age 20v?

    DZul, so may i know where did u get it part? can mention the spare shop shop location or else.:burnout:
  3. 195/50/15 vs 195/55/15 for vios... pros n cons?

    hi bro IZSO, wanna to tumpang a thread ya.. spec tires 205/50/15 is not a rare tire spec? how much u get this tires?as what i know, this is very rare spec and also pricely is it true? this is only my 2cent knowledge.
  4. Toyota Marketplace Links V2

    Ae101 TRD soft n Hard absorber front/rear set for sales!!!! link to :
  5. AE92 Ignition Key Ring Lamp

    Bro.where did u get it?can recommend to me where u buy it?
  6. DIY How to repair malfunction auto-flip side mirror

    Mekimi bro,so i want to used your method to solve my ae101 auto flip too. Thus may i know where did u get this brand expoy glue?have any photo to share?
  7. AE92 Silvertop swap

    Agreed with beyond statement..last gen svt is more stable than 1st gen...and some more last gen the cable pedal alsi similar like blacktop..the extractor 4-2 is also same with blacktop.coz curently i also using the last gen...not big issue so far...already used more than 3++ year..
  8. Help! Blacktop no power and thirsty like SR20

    And also try to change your fuel filter...have experience like u now before.
  9. ST jerking problem

    Try to diagnosis the error code see what code faulty
  10. Mitsubishi airtrek turbo 03 selling cheap urgent!!

    Pm me prices as well
  11. TRD bible for levin and trueno

    want to know these bible for ae101 or ae111 ?
  12. 20v Knocking Sound When Accelerate

    hi Mr me2kimi, may i know can this 4age 20v used this device Super ultra ELM327 Ultra edition super small fast - Car Accessories & Parts for sale Selangor - for diagnostic? i meant used this bluetooth obd2 adapter to connect to our smart phone device
  13. Side mirror (folding mirror)

    Normally this is insides side mirror which gear attach with the motor shaft problem.this is one of failure common occur at ae series.try to find out aftermarket or oem gear to replace the defeat gear.
  14. needed help...

    what brand of race chip is that? never saw before...
  15. silvertop timing belt kit complete set

    hi jimmy, for workshop, u may search thro the forum. because already a lot of ppl post. for blacktop auto, better used 2.25 inch as your piping setup. because more commercial and economy and suit for auto.
  16. Toyota RAV4 2001 D4 engine

    Very high fuel look abnormal already. Need to diagnosis ur car. See what problem.
  17. DIY door courtesy light on each door passenger

    in fact, 4age 20v manual didnt show any door switch diagram.that's y hard to diy. right now one of door passenger open, all 4 door passenger also on the light. i also dunno y...
  18. DIY Batteryless SmartTag

    hi bro, quick interested with this DIY matter, unluckly my lap top don't show any photo detail. wanna to know how to view it?:confused:
  19. [Toyota] Looking for parts ? - Post here !!!

    hi all, looking for handbrake cable for toyota corolla seg ae101. if only sell left hand sides please pm me as well. TQ
  20. Online Spare Parts Shop

    hi bro, do u have sell the seg rear handbrake cable?....i need it urgent
  21. Tom's Carbon Fibre Trumpet Intake

    how about the front view pic? coz can't see the logo tom...
  22. wat the function of 20v ISCV?

    yaya, agreed too with DR ZUl request, did this mod can be pass on puspakom? just wannaa to know...
  23. Zenden Alloy Strut Bar For Alot Of Car

    bro, pls pm me the front and rear lower 4 point for car ae101 ---------- Post added at 10:02 PM ---------- 6 hour anti-bump limit - Previous post was at 09:59 PM ---------- bro, i try to call u but ur phone no already not in to contact u
  24. wat the function of 20v ISCV?

    bro bera, just concerning y r using the ik22? is that suit for 4age 20v? normally i heard ppl said 4age 20v just suit for ik20. any different?:listen:
  25. Chassis crack

    better going to welding before extension length of crack...if not, ur car in future hard to doing any document puspakom inspection
  26. DIY door courtesy light on each door passenger

    any updated?
  27. list all of car one car halfcut (sparepart)

    bro, do u have levin corolla 2 door couple car? like ae101 or ae111
  28. perve spring or absorber same as inspira??

    then just feel doubt, y need to changes preve spring to inspira? is that ori spring very soft? not good for cornering?
  29. New tuners for preve ?

    wah.. so what is the optimum hp power? can't see properly ler..
  30. DIY door courtesy light on each door passenger

    hi to every one bro, currently i tried to diy the Door Courtesy light Switch on my beloved ae101 at each 4 side door passenger. but after finish lay the wire to lamp and power supply 12vdc. what happening is when i open of the sides passenger door, another 3 pcs light also will be on. therefore...
  31. [Toyota] Looking for parts ? - Post here !!!

    looking for door courtesy switch like attachment 4pcs.. pls pm me for those have .tq
  32. levin rear disc brake pad shoe

    bro dayline668, u meant old camry like the camry at the attachment?
  33. levin rear disc brake pad shoe

    hi all, as per subjected, wanna to get information for those sifoo, because last saturday, i tries to sourcing the rear brake pad shoe, a lot of spare part boss told me can give the sample to see 1st. but my concern, is it rear brake pad shoe levin type disc brake pad shoe ae101 silvertop one...
  34. silvertop timing belt kit complete set

    bro, new updated, today i tries to survey regard the timing belt kit which include the oil seal, tensional pulley, they quote me the price rm170. but the boss spare part shop told me that silvertop engine have 2 version. 1st version yrs make silvertop before end of yrs 93 consider used 111 pcs...
  35. UK Mintex brake pad

    hi bro, pls quote me the price for ae101 corolla front and rear disc brake pad. all is levin brake disc.tq
  36. 4AF-E swap 4AF

    bro, better u source full set complete half cut and transplant into ur engine chassis. not more headache ...
  37. silvertop users pls come in

    levin bro, sorry late reply, since very busy within coming day. so when we have a meet? regarding be a white rat for u
  38. silvertop users pls come in

    Bro levin, i can b ur white rat. Can we make a deal. If blacktop o2 can work in svt system without any failure. Then i buy blacktop o2 money to how about tis deal :smokin: hehe
  39. 4AGE 20 Valve Silvertop tuning help

    u should put ur thread at the toyota forum there, because u r driving levin ae101. this is under toyota series. at this forum, u can found a lot of expertise or master level sifoo will consult ur question or ur requirement need.
  40. 4AGE 20 Valve Silvertop tuning help

    bro, this is market-link, a lot of seller will be post the toyota spare part through this market-link. it's easy our job to search the spare part. u may try to refer it.
  41. silvertop users pls come in

    hi to silvertop master, currently i had check the o2 sensor, it look like my silvertop o2 sensor already reach the life time. just wanna to know have any lubang or way to get a new o2 sensor? i have trying look around, it found that very rare and hard to get this item. have anyone silvertop...
  42. 4AGE 20 Valve Silvertop tuning help

    oh ya...mayb got technical issue here. how about this
  43. 4AGE 20 Valve Silvertop tuning help

    bro, for the Tom intake plenum, u may refer to guys. because this already upload long time already for this part. until now not sell yet. try to contact him.
  44. 4age20v ISCV CAI trick

    agree what master zul saying:wavey:
  45. electronic cigarette

    so what is the feature is it ? perform as lighter burnt out the real cigrarettle?
  46. 4age20v ISCV CAI trick

    mekimi bro, wanna to know what type of spark plug cable r u using. based on picture attached, without show any spark plug connect to distribute. just wanna to know how r u can start up the car without spark plug cable?:hmmmm:
  47. Levin AE111 O2 sensor

    Oic,thanks for reply.then is that aftermarket have any brand similar with o2 sensor for silvertop?
  48. Levin AE111 O2 sensor

    Then, if let said b ur white rats. Then what is the worst case will b happen on my silvertop system? Is that ecu will faulty?
  49. 4AGE 20valve Black Top Oil Controlled Valve (OCV)

    Bro,silvertop can b used tis ocv?
  50. I'm JAPANESE!! from JAPAN

    brother, did u have manage to ship recon car to oversea country? like ship and sell to malaysia? because currently i'm looking for corolla trueno ae111,blacktop six gear transmission, 2 door version.