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    Hello Everyone, If you have an Evo 7 steering for sale, please watsapp me at 016-2868119 Thank you

    Hello All, If you have one in good condition and want to let go, please PM me. Thank you Regards, Satria81
  3. Wtb evolution 7 original turbo

    Hi All Anyone has a original Evo 7 turbo with original actuator for sale ? Please PM if you have .
  4. Wheel alignment issue - w211

    Hi All I had sent my car for wheel alignment and it turned out to be worse than how it was. The thing is, the steering wheel is not at center position and it is pulling badly to the left side. Please, Could someone recommend a good place to have alignment done for W211 at around klang...
  5. Looking for evo 7 original turbo actuator

    Hello As mentioned above, am looking to buy a original evo 7 turbo actuator. If available, please PM me. Thank you & Regards.
  6. I knocked my car this morning

    Hi All, I knocked my car this morning and in need to fix the damage on the front part of my car. Please suggest a good workshop that can do good ketuk body and painting job anywhere around klang valley. thanks upfront for your help drive safe, satria 81
  7. Caster

    Hi all, I am in need to have my satria's caster adjusted. please suggest a shop that can perform caster adjustments.. my front two wheels aren't straight when steering is at centre position thanks upfront
  8. Air flow sensor - 1.8 4g93 n/a

    Hi All, Please can I know on which would be the best air flow sensor code to be used for 1.8 4g93 NA. I am wanting to have strong air suction sound during acceleration.. Thanks upfront for sharing
  9. Mod plan - 4g93 na

    Hi all, I have a satria 1.8 – 4G93 DOHC presently running on a Japanese eternal ECU with code of 6123. I am unhappy with the performance thus planning to mod in order to achieve approx. 170bhp +/- I was told I can overwrite the 6123 ECU by fixing an EMANAGE, please advise if it would re...
  10. Emanage - stock evo 7

    Hi all, My car is at 100% stock condition but I recently noticed that an EMANAGE was installed by previous owner. What difference would it make if I were to remove the EMANAGE. Would it reduce the performance or. . ? Kindly share your thoughts. Note: I have no plan to mod my car, I...
  11. Steel braided brake hose ..

    HI everyone, could you please share thoughts on replacing stock brake hoses to steel braided hoses would there be any immediate difference of better braking ?
  12. Evo 7 differs after change of radiator coolant

    Hi All, My car was running perfectly fine until I changed my radiator coolant 2 days ago. I drained the entire coolant and replaced with 04 litres of Mitsubishi coolant and now the issue is as below: my temperature gauge is showing only 1/4 temperature ( so low ) when driving & when on...
  13. In need of tender loving care - Proton Satria

    Dear Car Lovers, I had noticed very recently that my 17 year proton satria is in need of some care. It had served me a lot. Thus, I have decided to send it for a complete spray painting job. Could you please freely share some choices for good colors to be chosen and what lacquer should...
  14. Evo 7 turbo issue

    Dear All, Recently, i noticed that my engine oil level is decreasing . Thus, i had the issue checked and found out that the shaft on the turbine ; near / on the fins are " shaking ". Is it a norm for the shaft on the turbine to be shaky...? Please share your thoughts on how i may...
  15. Driving / race courses

    Hello all, anyone knows where i could enrol for race classes or something equalavent.. thanks
  16. Workshop for evo

    Dear All, Could you recommend a good workshop for a Evo. The workshop should be well versed with Evo's. Location is not of an issue
  17. Michael schumacher - accident

    Dear All, I heard that 7times world champ - Schumacher has met with an accident during skiing...anyone with more info, please share hope he gets well real soon .
  18. Latest proton perdana

    Dear All, Does anyone know the engine specifications of the latest Proton Perdana. Please share..thanks !
  19. Mitsubishi spare part shop

    Dear All, Can i know details ( tel num ) of a shop to buy Mitsubishi Evolution spare parts in Selangor. Thanks upfront. Regards, Satria81
  20. Car rental business

    Dear All, I have been having a plan on mind to purchase a Wira 1.5 for the sole reason to rent it out and make some profit from it. Please share your thoughts on this matter. All thoughts would be highly appreciated. Regards, Satria81
  21. Mitsubishi EVO - INSURANCE Issue

    Greetings, Here I am with another concern :) Last week, I walked into Kurnia Insurance headquarters at Sunway with the intention of renewing my insurance policy. To my surprise, the agent at the counter mentioned that Kurnia is not keen in accepting Evo's due to its high risk...
  22. Evo 7 - clutch set

    Dear All, I am confident that i need to replace my clutch set. Please advise on which type i should go for. I have no plans to mod my car and it is currently 100% stock. Thanks upfront, Satria81
  23. Mitsubishi evolution 7

    Dear Sifu's, I require some information: Would it cause any sort of problems if I jump-start my EVO7 ? Will it effect the ECU or any components of the car. Please feel free to share thoughts in this regard. Thanks upfront.
  24. Good paint job

    Hello , Would appreciate if I could get some recommendations for a good shop that does good paint job around Klang Valley. Please share Thanks.
  25. Honda - tenaga setia resources jalan 222 petaling jaya

    Dear All, Recently, i sent in my Honda City SE for 25,000 kms SERVICE. The service advisor ( a freshy who knows next to nothing, kinda just grad and sitting on the desk as service advisor ) as usual gave me craps, and all i said was, do all, YES DO ALL, that is required to be done at...
  26. 4g93

    Dear All, What would be the difference after fitting in racing valve springs and retainer to a stock 4G93 engine. Please advice. Rgds, Satria81
  27. Suggestions

    Hi All, It has been sometime that i have been wanting to set up a business. Anyone here care to suggest on types of business - please feel free. Thanks
  28. Vehicle registration card issue - honda

    Dear All, We purchased a brand new Honda City SE 1.5 on the 17th Day of November 2011 and 3 weeks ago the car was involved in an accident along the LDP. Now the issue is, when the appointed repairers submitted the insurance claim, the insurers claimed that the vehicle was registered as...
  29. Roll Cage and its consequences...

    Hye ppl, I have been having this urge to fix roll cage on my satria. My doubt is, is it illegal and would the authrority pinalize me for this. Would my insurance be still valid just incase of a accident. Please share your thought's and exp. Thanks and happy motoring.
  30. Satria 4g93 n/a (putra 97 manual complete eng) vs citroen zx 1.9 manual

    Guys...... Kindly share your sincere review on this, as per topic... Which would lead, both sprint and top end... Just wanting to know. Thanks....
  31. 1 Storey Factory Shop Lot For Rent At Bdr Sri Damansara-SD5/3c

    Description:Factory Lot/Shop - 1 Storey -Available Immediately -10 mins away from 1 Utama(if traffic is smooth),easy access to Ldp,Sg Buloh,Kepong and Batu Caves -Just painted recently after last tenant left -Can be used as Car Workshop,Store,Car Spray painting shop,medium/small sized...
  32. 9 Inch Flywheel on a Satria 1.6-Gearbox,is it possible...Pls Share Comments

    Hello Ppl, Im currently using a satria 1.6(4g92p-sohc)gearbox on my 1.8 4g93p engine.Problem is,the power is so not there,due to the fact its a 8 inch flywheel and to make things worse,its already skimmed(quiet a lot),which causes me to loose torque very badly,i suffered driving up genting...
  33. [WTB] Proton Putra Speedometer

    Hye Ppl, Im looking for a original Proton Putra Speedometer(manual), first model preffered....if u have one to be let go-ed,pls sms/call me at 012 270 7671(anytime),thnx! -I want to buy,Im not selling-
  34. 4g93 N/A Parts Needed

    Im looking for stuffs as listed below.If u have,and wanting to sell kindly sms me at 012 - 270 7671 due to the fact that im rather seldom online. 1)Putra Speedometer(first model, preferred) 2)8.5 inches flywheel (unskim-ed,preferred) Thnx Location:Klang Valley
  35. Urgently Need Some Parts From GTi/Putra

    As per topic, Im urgently looking for some parts from GTi/Putra.If u have it n wanna sell,pls do sms/call me at 012-2707671.As below,Thank You. 1)Proton Putra Meter(prefer the first model type....) 2)Twin Core Radiator 3)8.5 inches Flywheel,unskimmed
  36. Looking For Satria/Wira 1.6 Original POwer Steering Pump...Urgent

    Pls gimme a sms/call at 012-2707671,will self collect item
  37. Personal Loan From A Premier Bank-Hassle Free&Fast

    Dear All, This is a great oppurtunity to get extra cash in hand for a handfull of brilliant reasons in a demanding and super competitive world that we live in, or as stated below:- 1)To pay off high credit card outstandings which is been charged at 18% p.a interest(compunding),or to...
  38. Lastnite,My Car met with a bad but complicated ACCIDENT at Kelana Jaya early today!

    Dear PPl, Last nite,at around 1.25 am as i was on the highway along the kelana jaya lrt station towards sunway...i lost control of my car at the corner(in front of the st ignatius church,this spot has accidents oftenly) while approaching it.My car then hit the left divider n then got thrown...
  39. Putra Meter Panel(Manual)

    im looking for a putra meter in proper working cond. -milage is not a issue if u have one to let go pls sms/call/pm me.... 012-2707671 thnx a lot!
  40. The Brand of Petrol Might Help a Little..

    Dear Ppl, Of late,ive been experiencing my pocket getting lighter just bcos of my petrol bills,yes PETROL BILLS PPL!!!.Driving during peak or even off peak hrs is like really similar to killing !...Guys, i was thinking maybe i shud try a diff brand of petrol to actually gain a little or more...
  41. Room For Rent At Mahkota Condo,K Jaya

    Im helping my fren to find a tenant to her condo at kelana jaya ss,7.Its a duplex and the middle room is up for rental at RM450 ono. -Unfurnished -Swimming Pool,Jacuzzi,Gym,Hair Saloon,Laundry,Tennis courts,Grocery shop,24 hrs security guards and with nearby access to putra line bus to lrt...
  42. GTi/Putra Flywheel-OEM

    im looking for a flywheel for 4g93 n/a....pls do sms/call me at 0122707671 thnx
  43. Original GTi Meter Parts To Let Go

    Dear All, I have these parts from gti meter for sale....this could be use for those who has putra,wira LE meter or other's who has the fake ones from likes brother's n wants a diff or original look.The included stuff is as below:- 1xSpeed Meter Face 1xRpm Meter Face 1xTempreture n Fuel...
  44. Twin Core Radiator For 4g92p(auto)

    im looking for a twin core denso radiator in good cond...pls sms/call me at 0122707671 thnx additional info ----------------- putra,gti,wira le,1.6wira/satria auto uses the same type...
  45. Modding A 4g93 N/A Engine...Give ur comments pls ppl

    Dear All, Im in the mid's of tuning up my 4g93p engine.Doin this truly n really cos i dun feel the power of it .As a few ppl have told me its a worthy engine to be modded.Id like to get some ideas from all u ppl here.Below are the modifications ive planned.Anything better?....u think? pls do...

    As per topic,im looking for a ori gti rear bumper...anybody has one to let go...pls sms/call me at 012-2707671 thnx...urgent la
  47. K&N Drop In Air Filter Issue-4g93p

    Dear All, I need some advice n comments,will it be a good idea for me to install a k&n drop in air filter into my stock standard 4g93p?What are the advantages and the disadvantages?....kindly help,all replies are highly appreciated,thanks!
  48. Putra 1997 ECU 5537 For Sale

    Dear All, As per topic,i have a putra 97 ecu which code is (5537)...for sale.Its goin cheap at RM280 Nego.....its cheap not because item is spoilt or what so ever...its just that im not using it n i wanna get back a lil of my money...if int pls sms/call me at 012-2707671 thnx...
  49. New GreenBie....Confused Needs Help

    Dear All, As per topic,im a newbie in the car modding section.Im totally confused on the proton 1.8 DOHC engine series as in to the performance.Ive spoken to a few ppl(including mechanics) n they all claim that the 1997 manufactured ones are more powerful,no matter putra or wira c99 than the...
  50. Kancil 850cc Alternator

    got it,tks.