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  1. 1990 BNR32 check in...

    What's the restriction on these classic AP??
  2. Nissan 180SX/Silvia Marketplace Links - Parts & Others

    Hi All, looking for S15 non hid headlights. Please pm me if anyone interest to sell. Thanks.
  3. [WTS] Silvia S15 [ Factory Parts ]

    Hi, Do you have the S15 Headlight for sale as well?? Please PM me. Thanks.
  4. looking for parts? post it here...

    Hi Guys, anyone know of contacts/place that can mix or bring in R34 Midnight Purple 2 (LV4) paints?? just needed small amounts for my Front Bumper and bonnet. Thanks in advance! Please PM me.
  5. looking for parts? post it here...

    Hi All, Looking for Tomei Typr R Cam & Power FC for BNR34. Please PM if anyone is selling. TQ.
  6. looking for parts? post it here...

    yes. saw that but they didn't stated the price. will find out then. Thanks ALL!!
  7. looking for parts? post it here...

    HI all, looking for 18inch Wheels for GTR34?? Prefer either TE37 or LMGT4. DO PM me if got these available for sale! Thanks.
  8. Still possible to find blue color STOCK Skyline GT-R 34 in Malaysia???

    Hi Guys, are the two White and Blue GTR that mentioned is for sales??
  9. Skyline Marketplace Links - Parts & Others

    Re: skyline bnr34 v spec for sale RM178k!!! is the car still available?? or if there is anyone else selling their R34 GTR???
  10. Nissan skyline 2.6 (m) gtr

    haha yeah..been loooking for one for a while. just no luck for a good bargain!! how's life bro?
  11. Nissan skyline 2.6 (m) gtr

    Hi Guys, some question here. Since this is Sabah/Sarawak Registered vehicle. Do we have any problem with getting the Loan, renew Road-Tax/Insurance or even when selling in the future??
  12. nissan skyline gtr 34 vspec 2 for sale

    Hello there, can PM me your asking price?? also where is the location to view??
  13. Buy & Sell your RX-7 and RX-8 here.

    Hello to all Rotorian, i'm in the market looking for a Good condition FC3S (has to be in running condition). Kindly PM me if got any information or recommendation. my location is in JB but will consider other location as well. Thank you in advance.
  14. SR20DE and SR20DET

    Hi Bro MAx, I'm driving the SR20DE S15. POwer wise it is quite good for daily drive but dun fight with those cracy EVO Putra or Satria cos sure kena tapao one haha... Good thing is the Fuel consumption is quite economy, i got to drive 600++ on full tank. SO far haven't got any problem yet cos...