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  1. Petron Blaze 100

    Anyone tried on your car (what car and spec/settings is you ride ?)
  2. Sony XM-604EQX Multi Channel Amplifier (Used)

    Wanna let go this powerful Sony used amp, Been in my storage box for a year (well keep) Reason selling : Current car doesn't require it anymore. No point taking up space Condition : 8 over 10 (As per image), all the connectors still shinning) Working : Yes Specification *...
  3. 4G63 (VR4) Oil Filter Housing

    Anyone know where to get this housing in klang valley area, its has extension to oil cooler. Doesn't matter new or used item as long its working.... Was told there is different between 1st and 2nd gen 4G63
  4. [WTB] Used automatic rear window sunshade

    I am looking for one which suit Sedan windscreen (around Wira screen size). Anyone know how much is it ? Something like that's Honda Accord using now.
  5. Sony XM-604EQX Multi Channel Amplifier

    Wanna let go this powerful Sony used amp, Been in my storage box for a year (well keep) Reason selling : Current car doesn't require it anymore. No point taking up space Condition : 8 over 10 (As per image), all the connectors still shinning) Working : Yes Specification *...
  6. 5 lug spare tire I am looking for this type of 5 lug spare tyre (together with the rim). Anyone know where i can find it ? What car (hallfcut) come with such spare tyre (thin version). Size is 17", PCD 114.3. Offset not...
  7. [WTS] Opti Coat 2.0 Coating

    Package includes: Optimum Opti-Coat 2.0 Syringe, Foam Applicator (NO Box) Price: SOLD (ONLY ONE) Warranty: None (Items are brand new) Dealing method: (COD or Free Postage) Location of seller: COD in KL Sentral during Office Hour, Night Time before 9pm Taman Melawati or Free Postage Contact...
  8. Bodykit rubber lining

    Anyone where can i get this rubber lining ? Am looking for silver, grey colour lining to do some project.. If anyone know any accessories shop around Setapak, Melawati or Ampang area that sell this thing pls let me know detail ya...
  9. Opti Coat Professional vs Opti Coat 2.0

    Anyone know whats the MAIN different between them ? What size does both product come with as well their price ?
  10. Wira Ultraracing Ultra Racing Lower Bar / Brace Set

    Am looking for a used set of Ultraracing bar. If you have a set of one of this piece to let go pls PM me your location and price My location is in KL. Item must be in good condition and genuine, no dented
  11. Civic ES (7th Generation)

    Am doing homework about this car and home sifu here can share some input. 1. I understand 7th gen have 1.7 (VTi-S) and 2.0 (ES) ? - Aside from Cc, Interior different, what else is different ? Can both share some of their body/engine part ? 2. Understand there is also a 2.0 RX2 model ? -...
  12. RSM G Sensor Harness

    i need help guys...Would appreciate someone can share with me a clear close up picture of the G sensor harness....i have got a broken i dunno which pin is which colour.....:( Alternatively, can i JUST buy the harness itself ?? Where about got sell and how much izzit ?
  13. White CN9A - WFP xx

    Is this one of MLOC member's ride ? White colour with custom body sticker. I just saw in Brickfield about 10 mins ago at traffic light, once light turn pickup and can hear the boost :biggrin:).....Its so poisonous for me since i am so mad about E4 :rolleyes: Please advice. I...
  14. [WTS] Samsung Phone - Lelong

    Everything SOLD
  15. [wts] Sony A350/a350x Twin Kit Set + alot freebie

    Have a set Sony A350/A350x twin kitset to let go Age : less than 6 months (Genuine set purchased from Sony Pavillion, purchased receipt will be given) What will be in the package :- DSLR-350x body & Twin lens kit (SAL1870 + SAL75300). FREE Original LCD Protective Case -...
  16. ABS became 'lembab'

    Hi guys, i need some advice/help here. Recently my friend's Evo kena accident till one of his wheel ABS sensor wiring broken. Than his mech 'solder' it back for him...after he collected his car... he tested out the ABS, what happened now is the ABS became very 'lembab' This is what...
  17. [WTB] Old Iswara 13" Sport Rim

    Am looking for this rim...anyone have pls PM or post the pic here. My budget is Rm200-300 depend on rim condition. My locatiom is Taman Melawati, Ampang area...
  18. [WTB] - Evo I to Evo III chasis kosong

    My friend is looking for need engine part or anything...just want the kosong shell... Anyone know where about got selling cheap cheap (since it will be useless after remove engine part and body part... Around KL would be great... * Only want from Evo 1 to Evo 3 (since...
  19. Apexi G Sensor Wiring

    My friend is looking for Apexi G Sensor Wiring coz his one kena bite by mouse when he kept in the store room. Cannot get it solder back :( Anyone have PM me your location as well price. ** Don't want get whole set of sensor (wiring + sensor)
  20. [WTS] Nokia 5300 XpressMusic

    Item(s): Nokia 5300 XpressMusic Package includes: Phone, 512MB MicroSD and 2 original batteries (The extra one i give FREE) Price: SOLD !! Warranty: None but i give 3 days personal warranty Dealing method: COD Location of seller: KLCC during Office Hour, Taman Melawati area after...
  21. Evo IV dream is back

    After dream so many years and saving +- so many years..i hope i 'can' affort to buy this car ? Wondering HOW MANY Evo IV is in malaysia agak-agak or how many MLOC member is driving a Evo IV I think this car right now worth around Rm50-60K ? Am looking for a Original 90-95% stock...
  22. [WTS] Used ICE stuff

    Since Chinese New Year is coming...just wanna get more space for my store room.. All item were use by myself lasttime...i was using 12v converter connected to my mini-compo... All item were well take are and still in good condition. 1. Blaupunkt player taken out from Wira ( Produce very...
  23. [WTS] Tenda Wireless Router

    Item(s): Tenda W541R Wireless Router Package includes: Full Package Price: SOLD !! Warranty: N/A Dealing method: COD, if postage buyer bear the cost Location of seller: KLCC during office hours, Taman Melawati area after office hours Contact method/details: Post here or PM...
  24. SITC & SAFC - Self tuning ?

    Can we DIY ? If not where about good place to do tuning ? Of course price dun la so cut throat..
  25. Merdeka SALES - KIT PRODUCT

    Lelong - KIT PRODUCT Another round of lelong :D . Don't want product, just want $$ only All FLAT PRICE !! Each RM10 SOLD ! Dealing Method :- KLCC - Office Hours Wangsa Maju, Taman Melawati, Zoo Negara nearby area - After Office Hour If outstation, buyer bear the postage
  26. [WTS] Wangsa Maju house for sale

    Location : Wangsa Maju Section 2 Five-stories flat (Block A area) Parking : Open car park but don't worry about it since supply more than demand Level : Ground floor with balcony extended Nearby : - Less than 5 mins drive to Carrefour Wangsa Maju and Jusco Wangsa Maju - Less than 5 mins...
  27. [WTS] Nokia 6280

    Item(s): Nokia 6280 Zitron Set Package includes: Phone, Battery, Charger, 64MB Mini SD. No headset and cable since lost. If want box i need to ask her Price: Rm700 Nego Warranty: No Dealing method: COD Location of seller: KL/Puchong/Cyberjaya Contact method/details: PM me Age of item...
  28. 4G92 DOHC Rojak Need Help

    All sifu here, pls kindly give some light here ....i am kinda out of idea My friend is driving a 4G15 carby Wira converted to - 4G92P SOHC block - GSR Intake Manifold and VR-4 TB - 4G93P head, 4G93's 455 MAF with 210cc injectors - 4G91 ECU + Wiring - 4G15 carby cable gearbox This...
  29. What so good about 400D ?

    It's been almost 1 year++ i've been keep poisoning by DSLR kaki surrounding me ( from my friend la)....and so far couple of them all using 350D, some with kit lens and some upgraded lens. When i almost decide to buy 350D lasttime then Canon lauch 400D :confused_smile: ( was told average 15...
  30. Kancil/Kelisa Replacement

    What is your guess ? Is this true ? 660cc, 850cc, 1000cc Kancil/Kelisa Replacement Model to be unveiled mid-2007 Kancil Replacement Rumours have been going around that the Kancil would be retained as an ultra-low end model, with the new car replacing only the Kelisa, but Perodua...
  31. [WTS] HKS 60mm Boost Meter

    100% made in japan. Bought in japan also. Reason selling : helping friend to sell it since he no longer use Turbo car now. Condition : 100% new. Offer me a price.
  32. 4G9x Engine rev cut

    Anybody know what's the standard rev cut for all 4G9x engine ? Is there different between JDM ECU and local Proton ecu rev cut ?? Reason i ask is yesterday i test my friend rojak :D Wira that running on 4G92 SOHC block, 93 DOHC head & 4G91 wiring + 4G15 carb gearbox. 2nd gear rev till 6500...
  33. Government sets new Euro II standard for fuel

    We might see another fuel hike soon, or we might not, but whatever happens, ultimately we are going to get better quality fuel in this country. The government has amended regulations with fuel, and by the end of March 2007, sulphur content in diesel will go down from 0.3 percent to 0.05 percent...
  34. GSR Mivec ?

    Hmmm....this just come into my mind biut i just can't figure out how. Question : How can i make GSR Mivec ?? I understand if you have a 4G93 you can just Turbo it but adding on Turbo kit (with complete GSR ECU, Hardness, Injector all....then it will become GSR or 4G93T Also if wanna upgrade...
  35. DSLR Camera shop recommedation

    Alot ppl say Sg. Wang Bo-ieng give the best price around in KL. Is that true ? Am looking for either Nikon D80 or Canon 400D
  36. SITC and SAFC

    If i have SITC, is it a MUST to have SAFC ? If i have SAFC, is it a MUST to have SITC ? SAFC I or SAFC II better ? Price for new and 2nd hand unit ? SITC only one version right ?? Price for new and 2nd hand unit ? Or go straight to SAFC Neo ? Target vehicle : 4G93 NA
  37. Gen 2 Sedan SpyShot

    Rumours ? Real or Photoshop ? Bit look like Ford to me :tongwink:
  38. Bad Luck R3 <!--emo&<_<-->If caught them sure break their hand !! :baring_teeth:
  39. CONFIRMED !! No more Evo engine for Proton

    Finally here're the Black and White document from JPJ It's apply to ALL RANGE of Proton aside Perdana
  40. Altis Vs. Sentra

    Altis 1.6E A/T - RM100.500.000 vs Sentra 1.6SG-L A/T - RM 95,009.08 OR Altis 1.8G A/T - RM111.400.000 vs Sentra 1.8XG-L A/T - RM 100,504.10 Which one would you prefer ?? :) Nissan QG(Quality and Green) Engine The use of a one-stage silent chain and microfinishing of the crankshaft and...
  41. [WTS] Genuine Windows XP Pro

    :_: Still from my friend closing soon cybercafe. Genuine Windows XP Pro CD. Single user license. Quantity : 25 copies unopen package Price : RM300 nett EACH Buy more copy, price nego. (will update later min how many then got discount)
  42. Putra been robbed !, parang thief !

    Putra been robbed !, parang theif ! ADL 2843 Black Putra Happened in front of my house about 20-30 mins ago (around 12:30am). Location Wangsa Maju section 2. According to my neighbour, my brother's friend (Putra owner) was chatting with my brother at the car park area about his Putra with...
  43. Recaro fabric cleaning

    What spray and solution suppose to use to clean Recaro fabric ? After long time's like very "dusty" since it's black colour....vacumn seem couldn't really restore it.
  44. Engine oil have expiry date ?

    I was doing housing keeping just now and guess what, i Found this in my cupboard man... Most properly was left by my dad in the cupboard...for at least 3-5 years or maybe even longer :P. I asked him just now he also can't recall :blink: Looking at the package i can't really tell the...
  45. [WTS] Nokia 6680 3G Phone

    Selling on behalf of my friend. Just the phone, battery and standard 64MB Memory Card (Charger and headset my friend wanna use for his other phone) AP Set. Over 1 year but less then 15 months. Condition : 95% scratchless. Still got original screen protector SOLD !! COD in KLCC...
  46. Evo VIII User Manual

    Got to know from Ben that MLOC have alot Evo 7 and 8 member. Not sure all these sifu have these documents or not. Anyway i just come across while would like to share with everyone lor :regular_smile: Evo VIII Technical Manual...
  47. Evo 6 Tme vs Evo 9

    Which one will win ?? Fifth Gear Review Download Review 13MB Lady driver doing the test drive ^_^ ** too torque-ky not so good ??
  48. Sony Alfa 100

    Anyone using it ? Need some feedback/comment about this product...izzit overprice ?
  49. Hi/Low or Soft/Hard better ?

    I knew some of you would say " if you have budget, go for Hi/Low/Soft/Hard 4 in 1 absorber. :Not_Impressed: My question is which one is better ? Hi/Low or Soft/Hard ? Why certain ppl choose Hi/Low why certain ppl choose Soft/Hard ? Hi/Low need to find "suitable" rate spring ? Soft/Hard NO...
  50. Service KYB adjustable suspension

    Any idea where can i service KYB adjustable (soft/hard) suspension ? I called KYB in Klang and stupid staff seem to be know nothing and directing me here and there and end up ask me to call their distributor. Call their distributor, talk mandarin wan...said they only sell don't so servicing...