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  1. WTA : Recomendations

    thats all de people cna help me =.=???..wat la ..i newbie come here for seek help lo from siifu sifu !
  2. WTA : Recomendations

    LOL.....Nissan GTR RB26 How much is the cost and any workshop for me to go to ??...just naming the engine probably wont help me here ahhaha xD
  3. WTA : Recomendations

    Please people help me in this >.<.....esspecially on the engine part......asking for advice whether shuld keep n use the stock engine n pimp it or replace a new engine
  4. WTA : Recomendations

    My car pics
  5. BMW Breyton KII 20 Inch with Falken 452

    still available ?? much ?
  6. WTS RX7 FD3s with veilside fortune kit

    gilaaa...damn cun woooooo!!!> dream car de..always watch the movie for this car ahaha xD?....only hope i can buy it de..haizzzzz...
  7. Monster Garage

    Hey bro i wana ask how much would it cost just to do a conversion of the front bumper is the sample design i did with photoshop ahaha..very noob car is the bmw....i like bomex camaro face ahaha..damn agresive
  8. WTA : Recomendations

    Yes bro....2 door...tomorrow i will upload the picture of the car ......2 door 4 seater car...
  9. WTA : Recomendations

    Hey guys..I would like to ask some advice from the pros about my new car that was passed on to me by my dad.. Car Details = Bmw 320 E21 Its the classic one..I thought of remodeling the car into vip style..but i have no idea or contact to start with it..currently the car have some stering...
  10. Monster Garage

    hey man....i just wana ask u do customs for Bmw 320 Classic ... the old dad owns it ..but then he wanna jual it la..but then i dun let him jual de... so i thought i can convince him to mod it la instead giving it as scrap to proton n waste a BMW lol... and i wanted to ask...