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  1. Front Mount Intercooler Package for Airtrek Turbo

    Hi , is this offer still available?
  2. Honda Integra DA6 2 doors B20B + B18CR

    Hi Bro is ur ride still available? cheers
  3. Subaru Impreza GC -Track Car for sale

    Is it still available
  4. Mitsubishi lancer evolution 6 rs 2 cp9a ralliart edition 1999

    Nice car , owners extremely taking care of this baby. worth to buy.....
  5. Mitsubishi lancer evolution 6 rs 2 cp9a ralliart edition 1999

    wau nice car.. i wish i can have 1 .....
  6. JC Auto Performance Special Opening Promotion

    just to post up my review here 1) Professionalism = 9.5/10 2) Pricing = 9.5/10 3) Customer Service =10/10 4) Satisfaction = 9.9999/10 (coz joe still not set up a guest lounge yet)
  7. Toyota altezza 2.0(m) 6 speed 01/07

    tested tis car few days back. the condition of tis car is excellent. very neat and fine tune too. unfortunately cant affort to buy it. coz loan rejected ..... damn. good luck for ur sale KH . cheers
  8. Wts mitsubishi evo 7.5 gta

    thanks for ur reply , will call u up to set a meeting . cheers
  9. Wts mitsubishi evo 7.5 gta

    hi there, can u pm ur best price ? if possible let set a meeting to view ur car , how about end of this week.
  10. Toyota altezza 2.0(m) 6 speed 01/07

    Nice Ride , Bump for u bro.
  11. Selling : Subaru Impreza GDA

    Hi, nice ride . is it still available.
  12. Original Satria GTI with 4g63t

    bro, is ur car still available?
  13. toyota SUPRA 3.0 (M) TWIN TURBO for sale!

    Hi, i saw the previous post stated tat it can loan arround 70k ,how abot the interest rate & how much is the road tax cost per year? thkx , cheers
  14. Skyline R33 GTS-T(M) for sale

    bro , pls send the pic to thkx
  15. RX7 FD-3S (M) over RM3xk Modded - From RM75k

    bro please check ur PM. cheers
  16. Toyota Starlet GT for sale.

    Kitaro san Picture tells a thousand word.
  17. Wts Mitsubishi Original Evolution 4

    bro, am interested , how much u wiling to let go ? pls PM me. thks
  18. Do you want to buy cars cheap from Japan ?

    i agree , at least it teach him a lesson.
  19. Datsun 120y FR for sale!!

    Hey Fravier any photo please mail it to thkx
  20. Datsun 120y FR for sale!!

    yo dixon can i hav ur contact , will call u directly . thanks
  21. Datsun 120y FR for sale!!

    how much u wiling to let go, cheers
  22. 1997 Subaru Impreza WRX for sale

    pupylogyEG6 pls mail me the pix , how much u wiling to let go. pls mail to , thkx cheers
  23. Nissan Sunny For sale

    bro mail me ur price and the pix to thkx cheers
  24. Lancer for Sale

    Not so soon mayb end of this month, if someone manage to buy ur car before i do juz sell it to him, pls try to update me abot the loan status. cheers
  25. Lancer for Sale

    sorry bro i cant call u directly coz am in oversea rite now , i'm thinking to get a converted lancer too, so what is the max loan for ur car. will giv u a call once am back to Mal. cheers
  26. EJ9 fully convert to VIRS + Type-R for sell

    Nice ride free bump 4 u
  27. FS: Putra (M) 04/05 tip-top condition like new

    nice car , will giv u a call once am get back to malaysia.
  28. WTB [RX-7 FD3s]

    hey woaychee try to visit the RE-clud forum am sure u may can figure out the answer there. cheers
  29. WTB [RX-7 FD3s]

    try to find at saw few unit there
  30. Imported And Reconds

    Chetz Thanks Bro . good luck for ur sales
  31. Imported And Reconds

    bro chetz do u have any rx-7 fd3s with u preffer manual transmission, year 96 and above thanks
  32. Imported Sports Car & Used...With PIX!!!

    Bro do you have any RX7 FD3s with u
  33. Skyline GT-T, Mazda MPV, Toyota MPV FOR SALE

    thkx for ur reply david. will giv u a call b4 i pay a visit to ur s/r
  34. [wts]mitsubishii Evo 8 Mr (2004)700++hp

    guess shane83=maxchong83!BOOM! if this three car is real already become magazine show car and show in dreamcar asia motorshow! if this three car is real then the tuning shop of tuning this three car will become famous!! if this three car is real many people will know this three car! if this...
  35. Skyline GT-T, Mazda MPV, Toyota MPV FOR SALE

    yo david can i noe whr is ur s/r mayb i will drop by and hav a look for ER34, is there any evo GTA available Take Care
  36. Gti Turbo Stolen!!

    Dun worry i wil keep my eye on it
  37. Cheap Sale !!! BMW 318 CI , Estima , Subaru Impreza ...

    May i noe whr is ur s/r , coz i would like to drop by hav a look
  38. Good news for drifter or FR fan...

    wat do u mean by AP Valid
  39. 280ZX for sale

    Nice Ride , Free Bump 4 u
  40. looking for import and sports car?

    i'm looking for lancer convert evo 5 / 6, pls kindly pm me price and spec thanks 4 advance
  41. Toyota Celica VVTL-i For Sale

    nice car , good luck for ur sale, free bump 4 u
  42. PUTRA 2001 UK spec Evo3 engine for sale

    its a nice car i vouch for it coz i see this car b4, good luck for the sales K.K
  43. Honda integra DC2 (converted type r) for sale 70,000

    wah rm63k still can nego, btw its a nice car free bump for u bro.
  44. PUTRA 2001 UK spec Evo3 engine for sale

    its a nice car, is the owner work in KLCC??
  45. 1.8 Mivec Enjin

    bro pls pm me ur best price. thankz take care
  46. Convert To Mivec

    hey bro, do u accept trade in with my 4g93p head,wiring + comp box. if yes, how much i need to top up, pls reply me A.S.A.P , serious buyer here take care bro
  47. Evo 3 Engine....