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  1. Link G4 Management system

    i hear that before this about G4 from RK and im already use similar management like G4 in jetski,,its not bad management,,,
  2. MSD Ignition, Coil, Cable etc.

    can buy only one 2 tower???
  3. Terengganu Drag Event 2010

    emmm,,first,, im not organizer commite thats nite,, only want help,, safety yup,, zero,,track without pagar and road without line,,, but organizer dont have a choice coz main track blackout and about time,, race start at morning but wheather is bad,, ujan2 sokmo,,,, fatbusterd,,,for organizer...
  4. MSD Ignition, Coil, Cable etc.

    can i get only one twin tower??
  5. Terengganu Drag Event 2010

    whaaa,,, long time not log in zth looo,,,slamat berpuasa to all member erkkk,,, hahahaha
  6. sepang drag battle round 1 class G avantech

    hahaha,, dont kecoh2 la,,, im tell what i know about situation thats night,,,,im only want to explain im not main tipu jew,, coz organizer know about g10 car an dhe give a blue light for race,, if they said cannot we all tak main,, senang jew,,, im only confius about story come from penang and...
  7. sepang drag battle round 1 class G avantech

    are u confirm they said come from penang?? u dont know her kew?? or u reka2 crita???.. u orgniser,,, kalau dah tak ikut rules,, jangan bagi masuk,,, bukan nya u tak perasan semua tu,,?? ---------- Post added at 11:25 PM ---------- 6 hour anti-bump limit - Previous post was at 11:16 PM...
  8. 4g93 satri gti wanna used 4throttle from 4age

    motorsport spirit,,,,,:smokin::smokin:
  9. 4g93 satri gti wanna used 4throttle from 4age

    oikss,, jo da open the secret recepi,, hahahaha:listen::listen:
  10. EMS Dyno Results

    aggre with u jo,,, slamat ari rayaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa:wavey:
  11. VR4/EVO Stroker Tech

    6bolt 100mm crank?? u mean 4g64 with 6bolt crank??:rolleyes::rolleyes::thefinger:
  12. 3rd GearPerformance HALTECH Pro series

    how much for iq3 display dash only??:itsme:
  13. Terengganu Drag Challenge 2009

    my fren follow the car from petronas merang after get sms from me, then bilik gerakan call my fren to know location the car,, at tembila only one police car tunggu and try tu block and kejar kereta tu but missing at trafic light kampung raja,, u all imagging la only one car stanby for kejar kete...
  14. EMS Dyno Results

    :hmmmm::hmmmm:what i heard have mazda b8 get 5++bhp at N1 dyno,,:listen::listen:
  15. Terengganu Drag Challenge 2009

    last skali tw8990 dikesan at pasir putih kelantan,, very hot at police la,, 2 time want block but terlepas jugak,,huhuhuhu:confused::confused::stupid::stupid::banghead:
  16. EMS Dyno Results

    1st biggest hp for b8 turbo??:listen:,, are u confirm??:proud::proud:
  17. tw6990 stollen at mydin k trg,,

    wira 1.8 convert to evo bodypart tw6990 silver colour, stollen at mydin k trg, 10.30 am 12.6.2009 last found at pasirr puteh, kota bharu 2 hour after stollen call me 012 9087353 if have a info ,,,,,,
  18. 500hp 4G93 Turbo

    4g93 short block??:hmmmm::hmmmm: maybe g92 or g91 block kot,,,:thefinger::thefinger:
  19. year end sale for haltech ecu

    e8 ada stock lg kew??:biggrin::biggrin:
  20. Terengganu Drag Challenge 2009

    4.1 juta??:hmmmm::hmmmm:
  21. Fully utilise Haltech E6X

    monster at sdb only using e6k maa,, hehehe:listen:
  22. Terengganu Drag Challenge 2009

    isk isk isk:confused::confused::confused:apasal comat and selli name berkait plak nih???? their all tak pernah masuk or read pon forum nih,,u all semua stop la put their all name here, tak best la dengar,, if about motorsport ok jugak,, ni pasal bab lain yg takde kena mengena...
  23. repair: innovate wideband unit

    i have a same prob,, usb not reconize,,huhuhu and buy other lm2,,:banghead::banghead:
  24. LSD Inserts , Phantom Grip , SBR , Powerzone , etc

    im use this lsd,,, matspeed brand in evo lock to 2wd gearbox for drag use,, only 3 0r 4 times launch my diff broken:bawling::bawling:
  25. Kemaman Drag Car

    i don know,,, maybe info not come to me la,,,:listen::listen:
  26. Kemaman Drag Car

    9 mei ???:hmmmm::hmmmm:
  27. LSD & Full Lock?

    what about different full lock? semi lock, 1 way, 1.5.and 2way lsd????
  28. SDB 2009 Event Date, RnR, FAQ etc..

    i heard sdb round 1 2 may ni cansel erk,, anyone can confirm ??:listen: Bump: i heard sdb round 1 2 may ni cansel erk,, anyone can confirm ??:listen:
  29. Afr too rich

    after this ur car have catylic converter or not??
  30. How: Build 4g93 n/a full race

    4g93 n/a full race,, what type of race?? drag..time attack,endurance or track race??:proud::thefinger:
  31. Kota Bharu Drag Scenes...

    evo v ?? silver colour ke?? hihihihi
  32. EMS Dyno Results

    u can get new ori fse bro???:biggrin:
  33. Apexi S-AFC2
  34. gearbox auto matrik 1.6 2004

    anyone know were i can get this gearbox,, and how much?? my gearbox have a serpihan roller bearing when i want tukar filter gearbox,, huhuhuhu:rolleyes:
  35. MSD Ignition controller DIS-2

    pic and loc bro,,
  36. R3 4-1 Extractor for 4G93

    pm me best price and loc bro,, serius buyer here,,,,
  37. Innovate wideband

    pm me best price bro
  38. Mmc ori racing cluth plate

    price boo??
  39. BRAND NEW : Emanage Blue

    best price with ignition harness,, want put at 4g91 n/a
  40. Terengganu Drag Challenge 2009

    haha,, syok ape autokhana time attack,, low budget,not spent more time, low register, and price kira ok la compare ngan budget tu,, hope more participant on next event,, :proud::proud::smokin:
  41. Best tuner

    emmm,, nasim car,,use motec ems, tune by mail klang or famliar mail selenia if not mistake la,,
  42. ZTH MINI Club!

    anyone can help me?? want get semi or slick tire for mini, where i can buy??, want play time attack laa,,:confused::proud::proud: Bump: anyone can help me?? want get semi or slick tire for mini, where i can buy??, want play time attack laa,,:confused::proud::proud:
  43. New Mivec stuffs(gasket,valves,t/belt,plugs,etc)

    u can get piston mivec oversize,, pm me thr price bro??
  44. perfomance tires for mini

    where i can get slick or semi slick tire for mini?? 12 or 13 rim??:hmmmm:
  45. KE70 Drift Spec

    best price broo
  46. Top 10 the best piggyback ECU

    afc 5 button,,,, hahahaha:rofl:
  47. haltech+innovate Lm2 afr

    anyone know how to datalog lm2 afr at haltech e8?? i mean setup for afr read at haltech same with at lm2 monitor??:hmmmm::hmmmm::stupid::adore:
  48. Walbro Fuel Pump GSS342 100% Original Brand New CHEAP!!!

    pm me price for external walbro iff u have a stock,,
  49. Single Fin Vs. Twin Fin Turbo

    emmm,,what about 5 blade, 6 blade and 7 blade,,??:hmmmm::hmmmm: