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  1. Toyota MR2 SW20 N/A (M)

    Item: 1991 Toyota MR2 SW20 N/A Manual Price: RM 39,500 Dealing method: Cash Location of seller: Kinrara, Puchong Contact method/details: Call/SMS/Whatsapp (Number deleted - Requested by TS) Toyota MR2 SW20 N/A manual (original not convert) Targa top Owned it for 5 years, but rarely driven...
  2. Everything about Teh Tarik Session - Post Here!

    LED conversions for small light?
  3. Subaru Forester SF5 MANUAL 99/03

    wah... this kereta damn cantik! Free bump!
  4. 4G91 Gang..

    happy chinese new year to all! Long time haven't post... again... lolz
  5. MR2 SW 20 owners discussion thread

    Suspensions is one of those things you will have to try to know the answer. Everyone's balance of performance and comfort is different, and is very difficult to describe verbally. Something that's hard for you might not be hard to others. Kinda like if I asked you to describe, how tall is tall...
  6. Preview of HIN + Widebody SL AMG Black Series - Honda Hot Import Nights Malaysia 2011

    Re: Preview of HIN + Widebody SL AMG Black Series - Honda Hot Import Nights Malaysia Lucky I didn't waste money to go there. LoLz... Btw... Were there Proton and Perodua cars there as well? Seems like it from the photos. The organizers must have neglected to check the dictionary for the...
  7. Everything about Teh Tarik Session - Post Here!

    Oh man... again... while I'm away? =( Do next week ler... lolz
  8. 4G91 Gang..

    wuish... so long never login here... hahahaha. The other day I met up with another fellow 4g91, Mitec-i. A lot of catching up... since so long haven't met up with any fellow 4G91ers. =D
  9. thermostat

    both? how do u run both?
  10. Anyone got workshop contacts to do Toyota 3S engine transplant ?

    I believe there are many. I can recommend you a place in Cheras if you're interested, and if it's close to you... he's a 'so-called' Toyota specialist. He's had many experience doing up Toyotas... and he also plays Toyotas himself.
  11. OZ Crono HT Sport Rim for sale.

    do PM me price and width and offset available for 17" and is it possible to get staggered sets?
  12. Everything about Teh Tarik Session - Post Here!

    Hey guys... anyone up for TT tonight? I'm meeting up a couple other ZTH members at Aman Suria... 10pm onwards. Exact venue to be confirmed... buzz me at 012-2322996 if u are able to joinz =D
  13. 4G91 Gang..

    wowz... still active 4G91... =D Old members all still here ar?
  14. Everything about Teh Tarik Session - Post Here!

    crap... tomorrow i'm outta town... saturday night laaaaaa...
  15. Everything about Teh Tarik Session - Post Here!

    lol... we make another TT session when the time comes lu.
  16. Everything about Teh Tarik Session - Post Here!

    car was in the workshop so I didn't make it... aircond kaputs, leaking compressor and the workshop i sent to can't find a replacement one =(
  17. Everything about Teh Tarik Session - Post Here!

    will try to make it... not sure if I can
  18. MR2/MR-S Drive Clinic + Challenge

    =D hopefully I'm around for the next one !
  19. MR2/MR-S Drive Clinic + Challenge

    Yet again... I'm stuck overseas for work... only heading back towards the end of the month... would love to join this event if otherwise =(
  20. Genting for breakfast tomorrow.

    so... nobody went?
  21. Japan GT - sport car gathering

    Wasn't in the list of makes... guess everyone too lazy to email them and ask if SW qualifies. lolz
  22. Everything about Teh Tarik Session - Post Here!

    LuLz... if i own the company i would la... but i kuli oni got no say ler...
  23. Everything about Teh Tarik Session - Post Here!

    damn tak jadi lah our TT... lolz... i just bek from overseas, but flying off again on Monday to another project site... lulz
  24. Everything about Teh Tarik Session - Post Here!

    -___-" I'm overseas =(
  25. Cyberjaya Gymkhana Challenge 24/04

    I left my house to wash car... then after wash car to go down Cyberjaya. After finish wash car... just left the area heading down to cyberjaya... it HUJAN. -__-" Coz' my GF was with me... and no umbrella in the car... decided to u-turn balik rumah instead. But anyway, how did it go MRMIC? You...
  26. Cyberjaya Gymkhana Challenge 24/04

    Refer to the FB link for details. Date is 24/04 (Sunday) all day event at Cyberjaya Sports Arena I most probably will be going there to spectate. Haven't really learned how to drive properly to join yet. Anyone else free to go, perhaps...
  27. MR Jom pandu session 8th May

    OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG ! I'll be in Australia only coming back on the 9th... missed by ONE day ! WTFFFFFFFFFFF....
  28. Everything about Teh Tarik Session - Post Here!

    yeah me is bek... lolz... can TT anytime while I'm in Malaysia... free most of the times
  29. E36 325i Stroked to 3L Manual

    swap with my SW20 lar... lolz I wanna feel 3-liter torque !
  30. [WTS] Proton Putra EVO 3 1997

    monster on sale... free bump!
  31. 4G91 Gang..

    JPJ can pass for sure ler 4G91 in saga/iswara... there's many around already, even GSR also got. The question is... whether you sendiri drive in will pass or not? lolz... you might need runner for this, in case JPJ thirsty need to drink some kopi.
  32. E36 325i Stroked to 3L Manual

    lolz... wanna exchange car for a week? LOLz
  33. Everything about Teh Tarik Session - Post Here!

    just bek from overseas... so when are we meeting up? lolz
  34. 4G91 Gang..

    azago, ram, I think first thing's first... take your car to a mechanic and get it checked for all it's issues. You guys facing more than 1 issue at the same time, and also the description is too general for us to give u an answer as to exactly what is wrong... because there are just too many...
  35. 4G91 Gang..

    acq, As far as I know, D2 is memang made in Taiwan. You can google their website, and look under 'contact us'... and you will see their address is in Taiwan. However they're usually purple... so i got no idea where u get red colour from. hahaha
  36. 4G91 Gang..

    ACQ, How much are the D2? I thought they were purple? lolz
  37. 4G91 Gang..

    ram, When you bought ur car, did to take it for an oil change straight away? joe, Hahaha... can help sure help ma right? Glad to know i've made an impact on other ppl =) May your mivec take u further into the automotive knowledge. =) hehehe... I almost went for 1.8 mivec also last time... but...
  38. E36 325i Stroked to 3L Manual

    ooOOOOooooooo...... does this mean u're getting an SW20 next? lol
  39. 4G91 Gang..

    Jeo's car damn nice... now got power heart to go with the killer looks ! =) awesome stuff! aee1717, Double check everything related to ignition and fueling.
  40. beware of seller

    Not forgetting... sometimes it can also be just sheer bad luck... being in the wrong hands at the wrong time. I've had a friend sell his car to another friend. Promised tip top condition. Tested everything ok. Inspection ok. Name change ok. Payment ok. One week later... the car overheated...
  41. beware of seller

    Buying 2nd hand items has always been a matter of trusting the other party... be it the seller OR the buyer. Risk is always on 2 sides. Buyers can be cheaters too... just to point out (not calling anyone a cheater here of course!) When buying a 2nd hand item... I always ask myself if the...
  42. Spotting MR2/MRS

    yn_hell driving the matte black MR2? I just saw u parking around Taman Bahagia last night =p Border kit but wingless matte black MR2.
  43. beware of seller

    That's the problem with dealing online... quite a fair bit of dishonest sellers out there. I always arrange to deal COD... whereby items are only paid for upon inspection by you.
  44. 4G91 Gang..

    aza, Just go to any accessory shop to do wiring. They should know how to. aircond trouble? None what so ever... what kinda aircond trouble u facing? Stock absorbers are the most comfortable =p
  45. Everything about Teh Tarik Session - Post Here!

    count me in for the meet up
  46. 4G91 Gang..

    Wuish... niceeeeeeeeeeeee... pic kinda reminds me of my own engine also =) I kinda lost all my pics though =( See if got time i try salvage my HDD and see if i can dig out my old pics post here
  47. 4G91 Gang..

    LoLz... come join anytimez =) PM me your number yo
  48. 4G91 Gang..

    mediocre, Anytime lah... wanna yumcha just call. I'm out yumcha most nights... lolz
  49. 4G91 Gang..

    Gong Xi Fa Chai to all chinese 4G91 kakis !
  50. 4G91 Gang..

    damn... was missing for a bit from this forum... =)