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  1. Skyline R32 RB30det (Track Use)

    clean. Nice.
  2. BMW E34 1JZ-GTE Twin Turbo

    Great write up
  3. Honda Crx Del Sol

    isn't easier 2 'lose' the car n claim insurance?
  4. E36 325i Stroked to 3L Manual

    how much horsepower are talking about here?
  5. Defi Meters (Cheap)

    updated - check it out
  6. Toyota Altezza 1JZ Turbo VVTi -01

  7. Defi Meters (Cheap)

    cny sale
  8. Aerowiven GT Wing

    CNY Sale
  9. Yamaha Electric Guitar

    cny sale
  10. Defi Meters (Cheap)

    some of my PMs got deleted sms me for quick reply 0123730710 self collect Bandar Utama / Aman Suria
  11. 215/45/17 Accelera Alpha Performance Tyres

    price reduced
  12. Aerowiven GT Wing

    price reduced
  13. Yamaha Electric Guitar

    price reduced
  14. Defi Meters (Cheap)

    sorry, was out of town. replied your pm
  15. Defi Meters (Cheap)

    yup yup bump bump
  16. A fast subaru sti v9 for sale (time attack machine)

    proof that you dont need crazee hp figures to set a good lap time at sepang. thumbs up bro. awesome setup.
  17. Defi Meters (Cheap)

    Defi Meters (Cheap) (updated) 1 set of Defi bf series i.e. black face, white lite meters for sale Exhaust Temp Oil Temp Oil Press Complete with sensors, harnesses, cups & stands. if u drive an impreza, can swop the cups & stands for a 02-07 WRX / STI 3 meter hood. only very minor...
  18. Honda Civic FD-2 Type-R

    Does this strategy involve having numerous ppl PM u and ask 'for best price'? its not like you know them personally or anything so logically the best price should be applicable to anyone who is interested to buy. now if u apply that same logic to everyone - wouldn't it make sense to just put...
  19. R32 rb26 gtr 4wd

    buying this car will probably involve full cash payment. i think the rm200 for the runner is a pittance compared to the cash upfront needed for the purchase. free bump. good conversion. ---------- Post added at 11:35 PM ---------- 6 hour anti-bump limit - Previous post was at 11:35 PM...
  20. Yamaha Electric Guitar

    Yamaha Electric Guitar reason for sale: prefer to play with girls & cars instead 0123730710 self collect aman suria / bandar Utama weekends only
  21. 215/45/17 Accelera Alpha Performance Tyres

    Have the above for sale. Check out the tyre review at the following link Summer car tires Accelera - Alpha 100 each, selling a pair only reason for sale: changed rim, therefore needed a wider tyre good for those needing a quick cheap change of tyres for their 17s but dowan to spend an arm...
  22. Original HKS SSQV BOV

    I have a original HKS SSQV BOV Upgraded to Purple Fin (original) for that high pitch whistling sound. Good condition - tested till 1.7 bar without any issue (when my wastegate hose became loose/tercabut) - used it for about 2 weeks b4 i realised it :P kekek usually it only sees 1 bar on...
  23. Iphone 3GS

    6 month old Iphone 3GS White Colour, 16GB, never jail broken or hacked. Been sheltered in a Casing and Screen Protector since day 1 Fantastic condition Will give charger, earphones and Paul Frank Casing Not locked to any celular provider so can use with any network Will give a...
  24. Aerowiven GT Wing

    Aero Wivern GT Wing Aerowiven GT Wing Not a taiwan type wing which will flex under load. Full aluminium construction & weighs less than 4kgs (less than some branded carbon fibre GT wings) 1.2m in length, 0.2-0.25m high Angle Adjustable - up to 30 degrees Full black, complete with...
  25. Defi Oil press + oil temp + fuel press - RM700

    Re: Defi Oil press RM280 bump bump
  26. Nissan Fairlady With RB26 Engine - 03

  27. EVO 1-3 / GSR 4G93T Exedy Japan clutch plate & cover(used)

    deepa bump ---------- Post added at 05:01 PM ---------- 6 hour anti-bump limit - Previous post was at 04:59 PM ---------- only organic disc & cover left.
  28. porsche brembo 4 pot calipers

    deepa bump
  29. 6 pot brakes - VTTR racing (cheap)

    best price 1400. workshop removed the caliper but scratched it slightly :( give 200 discount cos some ppl may wanna respray it. not selling disc, bracket, caliper or pads separately. need min 16 inch to clear with offset 35 for 17 inch need offset 42 min
  30. Defi Oil press + oil temp + fuel press - RM700

    deepa weekend bump
  31. Volk Racing 17 inch CE28N Taiwan rims

    deepa weekend bump
  32. 6 pot brakes - VTTR racing (cheap)

    deepa weekend bump
  33. porsche brembo 4 pot calipers

    deepa weekend bump
  34. Defi Oil press + oil temp + fuel press - RM700

    Only left Defi Oil Press for sale Black Face, White Light no sensor but harness to sensor complete Self Collect Bandar Utama / Aman Suria 0123730710 ---------- Post added 10-31-2010 at 12:00 AM ---------- 6 hour anti-bump limit - Previous post was 10-30-2010 at 11:59 PM ---------- Only...
  35. 6 pot brakes - VTTR racing (cheap)

    Fastlearner: You can match it with any sized rotor but your bracket has to be customized according to your rotor as well. but why a 286mm rotor when u can have a 300mm? :)
  36. Volk Racing 17 inch CE28N Taiwan rims

    price reduced
  37. wrx sti wide body

    2 thumbs up for an awesome looking car. bro - how bout more pics ? engine bay? interior?
  38. Volk Racing 17 inch CE28N Taiwan rims

    yup yup. condition c 2 belip. 1100
  39. Volk Racing 17 inch CE28N Taiwan rims

    Bronze set of 4 CE28N taiwan rims & tyres for sale. Very minor scratches but no kerb rash and almost new condition. specs are: 17 inch x 7 Dual PCD(5x114.3/5x100) Offset 42 Will give 4 Advan Nuova AD07 tyres - left 30% with the rims (not the tyres in the pics) Suitable for most japanese...
  40. 18'' KONIG Afterburner rims - cheap (RM1100)

    nope, didn't weight them.
  41. 18'' KONIG Afterburner rims - cheap (RM1100)

    sold sold
  42. porsche brembo 4 pot calipers

    weekend bump ---------- Post added at 02:47 PM ---------- 6 hour anti-bump limit - Previous post was at 02:12 PM ---------- Guys, PMs answered. Everyone is asking the same questions. Yes, these brake calipers were used on a MK5 with the stock rims. actual pics uploaded
  43. porsche brembo 4 pot calipers

    up up up
  44. porsche brembo 4 pot calipers