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  1. RX 8 Manual Turbo

    Bro, Izit the same car?
  2. Wira evo 7

  3. Looking For : SSCUS Second Hand Seat

  4. Looking For : SSCUS Second Hand Seat

    Hi All, I'm looking pair of SSCUS second hand seat for Proton Wira. Anyone if want sell pls pm me wif the pic and price. Thank You.
  5. nissan rps13 200sx for sale

    Brunei car??? I'm Mirian~!
  6. Mitsubishi Airtrek Turbo

    how much u spend on this car?
  7. Japan's Recond Car For Sale 30% Less Than Market Value-Come And View

    Please let us know the terms of the purchase - cash? fully road legal? Unregistered? etc? thanks
  8. Mazda rx8 turbo -6 speed manual 06

    Bro,tis car still available? Can you pm me the best price? And how much can loan?
  9. L.E.D Side Sill Plates

    Bro,do you got for Honda Stream RSZ 2009 year?
  10. mitsubishi evo-3 part for sell

    if 1 kali take all need berapa bro?
  11. various unregistered imported cars for sale !!

    Evo7,8,9 Fairlady Z33, S15. Please pm me the price of the car above. Thank You.
  12. 2001 evo7 for sale

    Bro, can pm me more detail and more pic??
  13. Mini Cooper 1275 GT

    bro,can send me the interior pic??
  14. Fully loaded Mitsubishi evo 8 for sale with NOS

    Bro,pls email me your's car pic. Thanks~!
  15. WTS RX7 FD3s with veilside fortune kit

    Bro,everything in good condition?? Must cash buy?
  16. Subaru Imprezza Sti Version 7

    Nice car,free bump~!
  17. list all of car one car halfcut (sparepart)

    cut head then sambung back can?
  18. Lancer Evo 9 converted.

    Evo 8 to Evo 9????? Pls pm me for more info.
  19. WTS: Tokyo Auto Saloon Varis Impreza.

    Wow.. Nice car,what is the best price?
  20. Honda Stream RSZ unveiled

    My Stream RSZ add a Modulo Spoiler oledi,price RM1380.
  21. evo 7 ready for track or sparepart

    izit this car cannot on the road one?
  22. Airtrek Turbo

    Bro,the car sold out oledi? i had ask the bank for loan,they need ur IC copy. then will have runner to help me transfer name from u. i really intrest but u never reply my sms or answer my call.
  23. (WTS) supra 2jz (track car)

    So sayang cannot on the road.
  24. Airtrek Turbo

    Bro,i'm the guys call u tis evening. What i wan to know is,how much can loan? And when u will going to UK? Coz i'm from Sarawak,and i really interest on ur car. Bump: and bro,can u pm me ur engine part pic?
  25. mitsubishi evolution 3 for sale

    Are u kidding??? EVO3 75k? i better go buy EVO6. Wake up lo bro~! haha
  26. Mitsubishi Airtrek for sell

    location bro~
  27. WTS : Subaru Impreza V7

    Location?? pls pm me the pic,thanks.
  28. Looking For : Mitsubishi Airtrek Turbo

    bro,ur fren din answer my call.
  29. caldina gt4 for sale

    Location ?
  30. Wts:airtrek turbo cbu 2003

    Bro,pm me the best price. can let me know this car horse power after modify?
  31. Looking For : Mitsubishi Airtrek Turbo

    bro,pm me more detail of the car. thanks.
  32. Looking For : Mitsubishi Airtrek Turbo

    Hi Guys, I'm looking for Mitsubishi Airtrek Turbo year 03. Location Miri,Sarawak. Please pm me if you have road to get it. :biggrin: Thanks.
  33. Honda civic 2.2 with many modifications-94

    nice car~ but the price.. ARGGGG......
  34. WTS::Toyota Caldina GT4 2.0 Turbo

    Nice car bro~ free bump for u.
  35. WTS:Mitsubishi EVO III

    rm 63k???? Wow,price a bit high bro. Wish u can sell the car~!
  36. Evo 7 for sale

    Re: E7 for sale more detail of car pls..
  37. Place to look for the car you want!

    1) Honda Civic FD 2) 2006-2008 3) Auto 4) 1.8cc - 2.0cc 5) 80k Below
  38. Mitsubishi Evo 9 Limited Edition ( Jackie Chan )

    wut is Donnie Yen's edition? anyone have the photo?
  39. Mitsubishi Evo 9 Limited Edition ( Jackie Chan )

    price?? do u have engine pic??
  40. Subaru Impreza WRX STi Ver8 for sale. Year 03/03

    Bro,i'm not really know wut means of 6 speed manual with LSD but without the DCCD manual switch. So,tis car are 4wd rite? sorry for asking stupid question.
  41. FS: MISTUBISHI EVO 7 500bhp

    bro,wut the best price?
  42. Rx7 For Sale

    Personal loan? not safety la bro.. and whr the location?
  43. [WTS] Mitsubishi Evo 8 MR (Track Car)

    Har? dun have original interior? too bad.. wut the best price can give? and the location?
  44. [WTS] Mitsubishi Evo 8 MR (Track Car)

    Bro,i wan ask is.. RM110k is include the car price?? means on the road only wan pay more 10k? and,tis car original interior have with car not? Bump: and roll cage can take out not? Bump: and roll cage can take out not? Bump: and roll cage can take out not?
  45. Rx7 For Sale

    Nice car bro. still can loan?
  46. [WTS] Mitsubishi Evo 8 MR (Track Car)

    got ap but y cant loan? then can make it on the road not?
  47. Honda integra db8 for sell

    cilaka.. got online din on msn..
  48. Honda integra db8 for sell

    then u keep it,when i go back if dun have car use i drive ur car up. deal~!