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  1. MR2\MRS Stuff to exchange\sale

    Hey Alvin I will take these 2 please : 1. Cusco Brake stopper 2. TOMS rear RCA I will call you tomorrow. Thanks.
  2. MR2\MRS Stuff to exchange\sale

    Soff, pm replied.
  3. MR2\MRS Stuff to exchange\sale

    Hi guys Anybody want anythng (MR2 related) from over here in Oz? I'm from Melb. Anything small/light I can carry is fine. I will be back in KL in a couple of weeks. Let me know. Cheers, T. BTW Happy Lunar New Year to all my Chinese bros :) May this be another great year of MR2ing.
  4. MR2\MRS Stuff to exchange\sale

    Hey Al, you've got pm.
  5. MRS GT300 kit Work in progress pics

    Nice work Mic!! Cant wait to see it in person! GL!
  6. WTB: SW20 3SGTE GearBox

    hey guys.. looking for a g/box too ..prefer with lsd. in no rush but g/box on way out. just let me know. thanks guys.
  7. Mr2 vs M3

    haha..ok celaka ;) well..then can test drag with my very powerful 145kw automatic beemer ;) hehe winner gets TT :P
  8. Mr2 vs M3

    lol..hey fren.. i wouldnt say 'faster than' by itself .. cos Supras are bloody fast once they wind up! The times here are only for the quarter mile..and we know that Supras are damn difficult to launch bcos of traction probs.. more so here where temp is cooler and road surface not as harsh...
  9. 1mz-fe & 3vz Fe

    huh? I was mainly referring to SW20s .. not as familiar bout the ZZ's. Although one of our close friend here has a ZZ30 and installed a GT28 turbo on it. Goes pretty well without being too peaky. I must admit though, the thought of swapping the SW for a ZZ has crossed my mind lol .. oh well...
  10. Mr2 vs M3

    hey Mic, wat mods has yours got? (the show/street car)
  11. MR2\MRS Stuff to exchange\sale

    hey Al did u get my PM?
  12. 1mz-fe & 3vz Fe

    Nice! :) A bit closer to home .. one of our MR2 gurus.. in Perth Think he had the fastest (1/4 mile drag) 'street' MR2 in Oz with a 11.3 sec. Think he was still trying to break into the 10s. Here's his site: WTF Auto - Now has put a V6 into one of the other MR2 We get a...
  13. Mr2 vs M3

    Hey all, I know u guys settled already..but just my 2cents.. from being a drag slut here :p I dont think a stock/std SW20 turbo can pull away from a E46 M3 that easily if they both giving it a good go. However with some mods ie. ECU, exhaust and more boost (say about 13psi), it will. I tried...
  14. MR2\MRS Stuff to exchange\sale

    Thanks Tom Interested in the CT20 turbo. What condition is it in? If good, I will take it. Where abouts are you located? Maybe can pick up? May also be interested in the intake and throttle body. oops..realised you're in Subang?
  15. MR2\MRS Stuff to exchange\sale

    Hey Tom the that off a SW20 or a ST205? Other stuff I am looking for is (sorry if this is not the place to post this) : 1. TRD Front strut brace 2. TRD quickshift kit Thanks guys.
  16. What Toyota RWD turbo to get??

    Thanks Kanazai mang! :) What have you got? Who are the good mod workshops around KL for Toyotas?
  17. FYI - Oz Toyota TRD Aurion

    been informed by one of the guys at toyota thats the car is back on sale now. havent read any official news on it yet tho the incident with the engine was apparently a once off .. rumoured to be a bit of a silly abuse by one of the ppl who drove it.
  18. What Toyota RWD turbo to get??

    thnx kanazai.. u got pic of the mkII? Someone ^ said a Crown MKII.. I only know of a Toyota MKII.. pic below. I dont mind the looks of the Cressida.. dont think i really want the VIP style..but something that can look a bit aggressive :) So which model is more common in Msia ie for parts...
  19. FYI - Oz Toyota TRD Aurion

    err..the link I posted had the sequence of events ..up to the current status.. which they say has the sales been indefinitely suspended .. but they will resell the cars again after further investigations. they have invested too much in it to not continue. as we know the camry/ aurion is a...
  20. FYI - Oz Toyota TRD Aurion

    Just thought you Toyota guys might be interested to know this. In Oz, the Aurion is basically an upspec Camry with a 3.5L V6. But TRD Aust has gone one up by putting an Eaton twin vortices supercharger... and accompanying body, interior and suspension mods. I have included link for those...
  21. What Toyota RWD turbo to get??

    MKII you mean Crown right? not sure how the Crown Mk2 looks like.. did a bit of a search.. is it like the Sg taxis?? lol dont think thats my style leh hehe the MX Cressida would b ok ..but dont think i ve seen one in KL. Cefiro far..cant go past that..but see what happens...
  22. What Toyota RWD turbo to get??

    Thanks for the replies all :) .. Crown MkII huh? havent thought bout that.. not sure how it looks like.. but is it easy to get parts/ panels for it? JZs would be nice but wont the road tax be a killer? not sure how it works in Msia. I thought max 2000cc engine with a turbo (ie 1GGTE) . but...
  23. What Toyota RWD turbo to get??

    For around RM 50K?? Has to be reliable and quite modern ie early 90s Only engine I can think of is the 1GGTE? Common here? Parts? body? maybe a Cressida? or any other makes more popular in Msia? Dont really want to go Nissan.. but a Cefiro with RB20 is a pretty good value. And more nissan...
  24. Jom!!

    sorry dude..taken link out..will repaste when done
  25. Looking for SW20 parts

    Boeing in Seattle??
  26. Jom!!

    Happy New Year guys..and gals!! All the best for the year ahead :) Sorry for the absence..but as from the day. Was without internet access for a while..but now back in Melb. Hope you'll like the photos :) R, T.
  27. Jom!!

    ya lor! :/ my nick also forgot already?? haha TheFalcon, sorry which one r you? I dont know the nicks :/ :mouth_closed: pics will have to wait till i get a stable broadband connection... travelling atm so difficult to download yer, the chick in the Kelisa did very well. Hats off to...
  28. Jom!!

    Well done guys. Was great to watch so many MR2s in action ..and the KP61 & S15..the RB25 ZX..and the little kancil ? driven to it's max by this chick! :) Awesome! Nice to catch up with you again Alan, Mickey, Ricky, Raymond..and to meet some new guys. Have taken quite a lot of pics..and will...
  29. MR2 Jom Drive! your MR2 club event.

    Just wondering if other makes of cars is allowed? Possibly an Evo?
  30. MR2 Jom Drive! your MR2 club event.

    Where can I get a hire car to take part? :)
  31. MR2 Jom Drive! your MR2 club event.

    Any of you guys want anything from Oz? ... apart from blondes with big u know what ;) Still waiting for Mic to reply - cos he wanted the MR2 club magazines last time :)
  32. KKK K3T Turbo for MR2

    Hey Mic, this is not a ball bearing unit is it?
  33. MR2 Jom Drive! your MR2 club event.

    Yup Al :) U still on the same number? If you have changed, just PM me ur new no. Thnx.
  34. MR2 Jom Drive! your MR2 club event.

    I should be there!! Arriving from Melb the day before. Need to find some way of getting there. No MR2 in KL :( otherwise I'm definitely in. Those whom I've met b4, look forward to seeing you there :)
  35. Extreme Nights - Coverage

    Quite a few serious looking cars!! Some $$$ there. Good work! :)
  36. Asian Auto Salon + Big Boyz Toyz 2005

    Yer prob doesnt matter on the internetz ;) so for all our sakes, why dont you post up some nice pics u find in Korea! nudge wink ;) cos this thread is worthless without PICS!! :) \
  37. AE86 really that good of a drift car??

    This guy knows what he's talking about :) hehe I have had mine for 13 years ..and just bought another one for fun ;) but I've got 2 other high hp cars for different reasons :) For your reading pleasure.. D1 GP US
  38. Street Shootout 3 Coverage. Pics And Videos

    sorry to bring this one up again...but anyone still has the vid links? need them for some compilation. thanks.
  39. Mr-2 Sw20

    Nice pic of the Modena MR2 :) Whose is that?? This is our TRD WBK MR2 in Melb. DeBlue: Thnx. will do :)
  40. Mr-2 Sw20

    De Blue: Was from KL. My good friend here is from Sin. He has a red TRD WBK MR2 with all the works. Some of u guys might know him. Keep in touch...I will be back in KL/Sin in a few months time.
  41. Mr-2 Sw20

    Nice!! :) PM sent re. better ties with MR2 clubs in Sin & Msia. here is one from our last club gathering. check the rest at: (
  42. Mr-2 Sw20

    we are MR2 owners of all 3 generations, to know us best you come along and meet us personally tomorrow [/b] Doh! cant meet up. by the time I drive mine over from Melb, will be shagged. This is mine ... still an ongoing project :/