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  1. wts your skyline? post it here

    My fren selling 120k with 60k of mods ....u wan ?
  2. Speed Runs + Convoy + TT + Naik Bukit (1st July 2011)

    very good run :) heart almost pop out after seeing too many monsters :) perfect road condition...nice arrangements...thanks to MLOC !! tong shui shop is good !!! n most importantly 0 kacao
  3. Speed Runs + Convoy + TT + Naik Bukit (1st July 2011)

    sorry guys, 8pm a bit too early for me....still stuck in jam somewhere on the way home, if can share where is your destination, maybe i can drive there to meet u guys later :)
  4. [NEW] Yokohama Advan Neova AD08 '09

    ad08, re11 245/40/18 any ideas ?
  5. Mitsubishi Lancer Marketplace Links - Parts & Others

    STOREROOM CLEARANCE evo 7 rear wing - rm 150 evo 7 ori anti-roll bars, front + rear - rm 350 ori TAKATA green harness 5 point belt - rm 1k Okada plasma firing coil (2 coil type pack, helps stablise voltage and INCREASE horsepower too) - rm 1.3k RALLIART floor mats for 789 (brand NEW in plastic...
  6. Mitsubishi Lancer Marketplace Links - Parts & Others

    STOREROOM CLEARANCE evo 8 steering, excellent condition 9/10 -rm 800 evo 8 speedo 260 km/h max -rm 800 evo 7 rear wing - rm 100 evo 7 ori anti-roll bars, front + rear - rm 350 ori TAKATA green harness 5 point belt - rm 1k Okada plasma firing coil (2 coil type pack) - rm 1.3k call 012 2360993...
  7. RON95 on Evo

    I have tested my 1st tank of Petronas Primax 3 ron 95.....1st 20 km were slightly sluggish abit, however later on, it was back to business again :d however pls take note that i run on a stock ECU with reflash; those on pfc or non stock ecu, u may still need to go back for retune; reason being...
  8. RON95 on Evo

    gov already deep in debts....issue bonds dunno how many times already for these past 2 yrs, now even AP kings kena dig, ron 97 n sugar naik ...jz a tip of the iceberg to come...
  9. Convoy + Touge (moutain run) comming

    wah..kk-tt-sb route ah...very tough route; hope i dun get drop off from u guys...old man here (if i can make it dat early la)
  10. Mitsubishi Lancer Marketplace Links - Parts & Others

    STOREROOM CLEARANCE evo 8 steering, excellent condition 9/10 -rm 800 evo 8 speedo 260 km/h max -rm 800 evo 7 rear wing - rm 100 evo 7 ori anti-roll bars, front + rear - rm 350 ori TAKATA green harness 5 point belt - rm 1k call 012 2360993 Jacob
  11. Convoy + Touge (moutain run) comming

    i am interested :D
  12. RON95 on Evo

    wow...really a gd old tread; like to change my perception on ron 95, i think its becoming stable in terms of performance. unless using non ori ecu, otherwise with ori ecu i believe there is a advance / retard timing function, this will help to adjust the lesser or ron difference, of course it...
  13. Track prepping my EVO!

    wow...u guys running "HOT" !!!! anymore open track days ....miss SIC bigtime....
  14. Subaru imprezza sti V9 S204 for sale (Limited edition) VERY RARE

    Firstly, universal rule for typical cars when it comes to reselling, they DEPRECIATE as time goes by. Secondly the mods are usually not very much considered to be HIGH in value in our country market; if you were to scout around n ask any dealer they would in fact prefer u to have your car stock...
  15. Japan's Recond Car For Sale 30% Less Than Market Value-Come And View

    i think this is not exactly helpful, who would want to commit 15k as deposit without seeing the actual car ? bring in the cars pls, if its good condition, ppl would commit :)
  16. Owning an Evo for a students dream in the next 5 years ...

    Ahh, driver with such passion is always nice, but in a way to find a good condition evo 7 after that many years maybe elusive; not saying its impossible, but usually a lot of maintenance would be required for wear and tear parts, depending on the previous owners habits too, some may really have...
  17. SIC Track Day

    bernard.....join me....sell car la :D
  18. Al-Fatihah & Condolence to KJ or Chocolatestarfish or Khairil Jauhari Johar

    although never met him b4, but its sad to hear another evo forumer past deepest condolences
  19. SIC Track Day

    eversince the price hike from rm150 to rm200...its quite a pain already taken into consideration with the uncontrollable crowd and on track traffic, its does not justify the rm50 hike....den followed by a rm200 -> rm250 which I already stayed away from .....n now....rm300 ??!!! welll maybe...
  20. Nov 15 sepang Open track day

    wow.....blow engine so white smoke all over...that's way too dangerous to others....
  21. BCNR33 GT-R for SALE :(

    menjalara kepong....hmm roads over there r poorly maintained and with a lot of blind spots n trees everywhere !!!
  22. water temp problem during idling

    r u having STOCK radiator ? no bubble tank ? stock water thermostat ? i suggest u change to 3 layers alu. radiator like koyo, change water thermostat as well, if got budget add on a bubble tank....last n foremost.....ON your fan FULL TIME :D with dat kind of setup....u r set at 73 degrees...
  23. Replacement of clutch

    anybody using HKS LA TWIN plate ??? any feedback pls :d
  24. After Duta Toll's big curve road.

    tried it once at 110 very very scary feel !!!!
  25. National Automotive Policy 2009 Review Results

    our rising imbalance standard of living costs, car prices, housing costs, education costs, health care (is there any at all apart from individual bought) ?? all these things has been around for sometime, we have been enduring not only day in n day out, by generation upon generation, however has...
  26. National Automotive Policy 2009 Review Results

    in dat case, insurance premium will surely rise for ALL CARS easily 5 folds
  27. National Automotive Policy 2009 Review Results

    aiyo...latest updates means they have no plans to revamp the chop parts issue, gosh meaning all 2nd hand cars would be in trouble....
  28. EVO 7 01/05 for sale ACC. FREE

    Hi Guys, My car is now up for sale officially, evo 7, with sunroof, asking for 135k nego Some of you maybe asking why is my price higher that the market price, reason being is, its in Immaculate condition, all hardware are in good working condition; the body kit is infact STOCK, the selling...
  29. National Automotive Policy 2009 Review Results

    guys, sorry but i dun see any relevence in terms of talking abt economics n kuok family to this topic, its out of topic already man......simple facts , come 2011 no more chop parts, who will suffer ? do u think its really abt those who come out with the rulings ? yes infact, since they have...
  30. Need opinion: Trade caldina GT4 for Fd2r @ Golf Gti

    fd2r rocks !!!!!!!!
  31. The Star: Brake parts must meet Sirim standard from next July sirim = no good brakes ? ppl endless project mu r track proven man.....sirim is wat proven ?? tns...
  32. National Automotive Policy 2009 Review Results

    guys....after a wk of frus and complaints...i beginning to stare hard into the possible future, I think jz get ready to ride a bike for wkdays work travelling, no more choices liao....anyways they r the gov, if the gov wans this tough rule to go through, wat can we all do ? vote opposition ? i...
  33. do voltage stabilizer really works???

    beg to differ....pivot is useless in my opinion and its exp. should go for the SUN AUTO hot inazma products, have tested out in my ride, and it really helps, with ICE setup, yet it can help prolonging battery life and performance too !!
  34. Car Above 15 years to go Insepction yearly. Any comment??!

    the ruling r being decided by ppl from the top, who own a whole wide list of good nice cars easily, infact ppl in their position change cars so often dat its a shame to even have a 3 yr old or outdated model in their stable or sitting in compared to us, who really value our rides...
  35. Becareful All Highway User

    Re: Becareful Al Highway User tail gate padam muka !!
  36. National Automotive Policy 2009 Review Results

    anybody from chopshops who can feedback on the policy with ground zero perspective ? like to see how u guys are planning....coz we the car owners are feeling really helpless in parts to come, be it new or recon or 2nd used cars :( i have a feeling come 2011, more rempits will be on the road...
  37. RACECRAFT Product Enquiries.

    do you have the VOLTEX bonnet style for evo CT9a (evo 7-9) type ? how much ? normal cf or cf kevlar ?
  38. National Automotive Policy 2009 Review Results

    those cars that need lots of maintenance special care....or easily break down.....resale value will suffer even more with this announcement ---------- Post added 10-30-2009 at 12:00 AM ---------- Previous post was 10-29-2009 at 11:58 PM ---------- 1 solution to all this crap, 2 wheelers will...
  39. National Automotive Policy 2009 Review Results

    all the current performance cars prices will drop like mad becoz of this ruling......thanks a lot BN :D u have surely incur the wrath from all ppl around 1malaysia = 1anger
  40. National Automotive Policy 2009 Review Results

    Guyz, this NAP news is really bad for all car owners, irregardless if you are a motorsports doer; imagine that when your aircon compressor konks out (which happens to all cars eventually) going to the workshop, at least prior to this, we have the choice of ...brand new la, recon la, chop used...
  41. National Automotive Policy 2009 Review Results

    becoz of this new NAP ruling, chop shop parts will become even more expensive since by 2011 no more chop parts !!! i guessed ?
  42. Cam Test for 4G63 2nd Gen , EVO IV,V,VI,VII etc

    nice sharing info.....1 question, how abt for HKS 280 and jun 272 ?
  43. Anyone experience with N1racing?

    hmm....u got to pop into their shop for further questions, msia especially sunway motorsports shops dun give dat well kind of fast response :)
  44. Anyone experience with N1racing?

    very nice ppl n pricing can further discussed a bit :nurse:
  45. Evo masters , pls advice

    Hey Pablo, I got a question since this thread is for evo sifu like u :D How can I improve my current car performance in terms of torque, currently having stock turbo + stock engine, current torque level is 39 , wat can I do to UP it into 43 ? cheers.....
  46. WTA: Evo8 or Evo8 MR?

    come silver e7 with sunroof is for SALE :D
  47. On Sale GTR R34 V SPEC II Nur

    i only know BennyLIM sideways almost 45 degree in a speed of near 160 km/h flying into 60% of SIC corners !!!!! his ER34 rocks de ne !!!!
  48. 30Th Of August Open Track day

    yeah that is the good old SIC spirit.....hopefully to see more faster scoobies :D