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  1. WTS Hytech replica header for honda b series

    clear full radiator?
  2. integra Headcounts!!

    stock Bump: stock
  3. integra Headcounts!!

    tks guys, thinking of selling my itr. ori 96 spec but exterior all converted to 98 spec, hid, rear bumper, 5 lugs. Bump: tks guys, thinking of selling my itr. ori 96 spec but exterior all converted to 98 spec, hid, rear bumper, 5 lugs.
  4. integra Headcounts!!

    guys, wat is the price for a ori 96 spec dc2r tks Bump: guys, wat is the price for a ori 96 spec dc2r tks
  5. Battery

    4wd Equipment in KL sell optima batteries, though i m not sure whether they hv ur size in stock or not =)
  6. Titanium wheel nut

    i dunnno where can u get teh same brand but how bout 20pcs of other brand :D Project Kics Racing Gear Lug Nuts
  7. wta: brake rotor...

    my housemate own a 350z b4 evo ix, evo ix with jus a boost controller running 20psi is defitneily faster than 350z a bit straight line. Evo (ebc and front pipe + decat) with stock tyres in track also faster than 350z wtih semi slick.
  8. Review/Howto: S2 Camber kits

    Thank you very much for the review, btw how much is roughly cost for each in kl? In street it is quite difficult to get semi up to working temperature, i used to run re55s n now i m using a048. but if u wan semis tat grip ok when it is cold then dunlop d02g (on my frens car, n when grip way...
  9. Review/Howto: S2 Camber kits

    now when u say u do 4-5k in 2 weeks or so time, then definitely camber will play an important factors, sorry for that hehe. how do u find the re001? comparing it to lets say ad07 or re01r?
  10. Review/Howto: S2 Camber kits

    how is the adjustment like? is it difficult to adjust bcoz i think u need need to take off the wheels to do the adjustments. i hv seen some prob in the earlier design of s2 Acura Integra Type-R: skunk camber kit balljoint tracks collapsed where the track the ball joint sitting in...
  11. Need your opinion....

    :burnout: 700-800 hp then make sure u buy 1 modded if not will cry jus 2 buy parts
  12. dyno metre.

    same brand different dyno might also give different value due to factors such as the condition the dyno is in ( the ability to load the car up ), how the car is strap down, wat gear the dyno was ran in, ambient temperature all those (dyno dynamics has shootout mode so tat the temp value etc...
  13. Yokohama Vs Bridgestone....

    in terms of performance or? bcoz tyres which only hv performance in mind tends to b directional - ad07, re01r, but all the directional tyres i used r also a bit noisier esepcially when they wear down a bit n also their large thread block. i think bridgestone design re001 as a cross between...
  14. Yokohama Vs Bridgestone....

    can but u will hv to go to the tyre shop to strip the tyre n mount it the other way if u wan to rotate it left to rigth n vise versa
  15. Yokohama Vs Bridgestone....

    ahha yeah when i 1st saw it launching i was also thinking r there goin to release a left n right tyre in order to make the thread facing forward but turn out i guess it gonna b too troublesome for the dealer to keep right n left stocks. from all the ppl who used this tyre no one complaint about...
  16. Yokohama Vs Bridgestone....

    for ad07 it is directional = the thread is design for u to run in 1 direction so when u rotate tyres u can only do it in front = back direction re001 unidirectional is the tyre design only need u to mount it with the outside face n u can rotate all round. although it look a bit funny with...
  17. Tyre Sharing Experience tread

    my experience on t1R - not on evo but s15 18 inch. sidewall is softer compared to bridgestone gIII so it results in a more comfortable ride. st line grip is good but the softer sidewall made the turn in sloppy n it will let out funny screams when push into corner. so u will hv to play ard with...
  18. B16B using B18Cr Block!

    honda aus claimed it to be Engine: K20A 2.0L DOHC i-VTEC, 147kW@7400RPM, 192Nm@6000RPM Specific: CR 11:1, Cutout@7900RPM
  19. S15 maintenance

    full tank ard 55-60l i think, with tuning freeway driving ard 600+. ard 400 city driving. not very heavy footer though
  20. S15 maintenance

    01. Motul o Mobil1 - every 3-5k oil change 02. Redline lightweight gear oil. - some ppl say it is too slippery for the synchro but s15 6 speed gb feels very notchy so forced to use ligther oil 03. redline 75w90 04. 05. depends on how hard u drive ur car motul 5.1 or RBF 600 06. endless or...
  21. B16B using B18Cr Block!

    hi guys, jugbugz maybe bcoz u r in perth but JDMYARD in sydney can b said as few of the 1st who had egk20a w/itbs ran 12.3@109mph 2-3 yrs ago. JDMyardEGK20A Returns! - Ozhonda Forums JDMyard EGK24A progress (over 30 pics ) - Ozhonda Forums n few guys in sydney and brisbane both running...
  22. Review: Introducing the Hon-takdak. Err.. I mean the hondata.

    HondaTech Australia Forums - Powered by vBulletin there r quite a bit of ppl using k-pro in australia. some on them on dc5 n quite a bit on k20a swap. but the amount of ppl in US using hondata is....
  23. Question on front bottom chasis 4 points lower arm bar.

    full set of UR bars will help but i doubt it will b as good as roll cage, as each suspension component r designed to counter different type of twist n stuff. but then if u upgraded all ur bars n stuff, then all the suspension bushes will come into play again.
  24. Recaro - Which one SR2? SR3? or Millenium?

    did u try out those seats b4? i think the best is try to sit ard n find the 1 tat suit u best. sizes matter :P
  25. Random Car Pics Part 2

    ^^ DAMD bodykit on the 350z if i m not wrong
  26. Pozt Pics Of Ur Belove Civic

    ^^ got try b4 with rear mudflap on?
  27. 1997 Toyota Prado GX 2.8 Diesel

    theory is the same, but usually ppl either use a manual boost controller or external wastegate for hardcore 1. not too sure can use EBC or not as i really see any diesel using avcr those. haha bliff me for diesel using manual fuel pump, not like vigo, frontier now, ppl usually judge enuff...
  28. 100RON Compare to 97RON

    get a new programmable ecu then u can run crazy boost :p
  29. 1997 Toyota Prado GX 2.8 Diesel

    3L with BOT with intercooler n turbo fuel pump running 15psi standard internal for 4-5 yrs. No problem at all, same theory as petrol turbo, must hv enuff fuel n make sure it is not running lean n it should serve u well
  30. Pozt Pics Of Ur Belove Civic

  31. Random Car Pics

  32. Road Ta can renew without insurans?

    if the car loan with bank 1, i dun think bank let u buy third party right??
  33. HELP! student bringing car back from aus.

    s15 coz if sell here also lose so might as well juz bring back
  34. HELP! student bringing car back from aus.

    lol... with all the mods n times spent on the car,, if it really ends up same price as in msia it is still worth it to bring back..
  35. HELP! student bringing car back from aus.

    Hi, i search tru the forum n couldn't find any updated information. :) so can anyone who knows or someone who juz brought back a car from AUS, can u plz give me some info on all the procedures and stuffs? Thanks
  36. bulk handphone purchaser.. (idea for handphone business)

    details - :)
  37. crx

    dunno is repost or not but..
  38. Hks Evc

    my fren juz bought the newest hks evc ( with screen n control knobs seperate one) If i m not wrong hks evc is famous for nice boost controlling(eg less boost spike or wat) but few thing i found out not so convenient is when setting the boost it is using 0-100 ratio ( control 0- 250 kpa) setting...
  39. Let Share your kelisa picture!

    frens car
  40. Nice cars from your school/college..

    hehe no lah not uk. Is in australia 1, aftermarket sunroof but available tru subaru dealers.
  41. Nice cars from your school/college..

    gc-8 not in malaysia though :p
  42. Turbo Charging Kenari.

    Xenix, oic, anyone correct me if i m wrong. But if i m not wrong kenari need E6X coz E6k is not suitable for 3 cylinders engine n therefore it will not function properly. Change engine ah... er,, no idea leh y dun wan YRV de 1.3 turbo leh. ehehh
  43. Turbo Charging Kenari.

    ahha y he didn't ah coz tat car he dun drive 1. He only drive supra. Last time when he dyno da time with NOs i think a little bit over 500hp at wheels. ehehhe
  44. Turbo Charging Kenari.

    eheh found 2 more pics but quite blur sorry :p
  45. Turbo Charging Kenari.

    ehhe sorry dun hv pic coz i m not in kk now n the car sold already. Its a limited edition blue de kelisa with 15 inch work wheels, subaru I/c scoop. I only got 1 pic of my fren kelisa quite some time ago one.
  46. Turbo Charging Kenari.

    KK. :D where r u from?
  47. Turbo Charging Kenari.

    tat guy who own the kelisa really spent a lot of $$ on it.( He also got a fully modded supra running NOS. ) But me n my fren not loaded so hv to go for cheaper alternative using Sub-injectors controller n can only get 110 hp. K-kid n Kelisa-R = i m not trying to show off or wat but it is true...
  48. Turbo Charging Kenari.

    ahah ok ok if u r goin haltech way 1 then no worries. Buy haltech E6X. Turbo ah, my fren kelisa is using IHI RHB 5 lah, if high boost then use front mount IC. Heavy duty clutch, lower compression using gasket n grind some part of the top of the piston. n also i think need bigger fuel pump n fuel...
  49. What car would u choose, wif 150k+-20k budget

    malaysia can get Accord euro or not ah? if got does anyone know how much? New accord with bodykit also very classy. :p --->