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  1. Honda Civic EG8 B16A (M)

    Honda Civic EG8 B16A (M) Salam semua, Saya ingin menjual sebuah kereta Honda Civic EG8 tahun 1993. Plate Wilayah 4282 Enjin B16A Manual JPJ Approved GAB Adjustable Hi Lo Spoon Aluminium Radiator Double Din Console Type R steering EG9 Armrest Spoiler EG9 Original Rim Enkei J Speed II...
  2. Latest proton perdana

    this is the most shitty comment i've ever heard. I've used proton persona since 08 and myvi since 09. my myvi give me trouble since 2nd week. gearbox mounting broke they don't want to replace. at 3rd year left passanger pwr window broke. engine difficult to start. fuel consumption higher than...
  3. Works Engineering Lightweight Crank Pulley

    can it fit campro cfe engine?
  4. B16A problem !!!

    yeah that's right, especially when u changed ur TB. Happened to me also. Changed throttle body but not adjusted TPS sensor. Took my mechanic the whole day until call his sifu then adjust back everything going back together again.
  5. Spray Painting Rates

    reasonable i think.. some quote me 2000 not oven. Oven will give you that OEM shiny. Though i know in subang airport quote me 3500 for inside and outside glasurit paint. My friend does at his subaru and i'm really impressed by the work. They even gave guarantee 5 years!!!
  6. M7 K20A 312 deg Hi Cam Kit

    bro wat to ask price and spec? Need vtc killer or not?
  7. Inspira owners?

    go buy honda', vios. More thailand part lol....
  8. Proton Satria Neo R3 Lotus Racing

    If you don't have cash, don't mess with people thread. They want to sell their car or underwear, why bother? Do you really think your opinion needed here? I bet you don't even have stupid ef convert b16a in your garage. Cause you're stupid and no one want to employ stupid people like you...
  9. R3 Satria Neo is as fiery as its colour code

    I never doubt r3 will come out with awesome product.. For rm79k.. it's still worth it considering resale value of r3 doesn't fall too much.. just one example.. and one more think For 80k second hand cars.. rather...
  10. Proton and Nissan to get in bed

    Damn nice this fuga.. Looking forward to it..
  11. ori evo 2 full convert evo 3 for sell

    pm me best price. Serious buyer here.. Try to call but no answer..
  12. Selling AP and imported car ( cash n loan )

    Mind to tell me how much OTR for this car. Pm me.. Just to get general idea. Maybe buy if i think worth it..
  13. Toyota Altezza For SALE

    is this limited Tom's edition?
  14. lancer evo 5

    is it full time 4wd?
  15. Proton Perdana RVR RS auto for sale

    send your car pic to me..
  16. YRV Turbo Halfcut - K3vet

    still avail?
  17. [WTS] Honda Civic EK 2 Door

    Very nice car with reasonable price.. Free bump to seller..
  18. Japan's Recond Car For Sale 30% Less Than Market Value-Come And View

    i'm interested with subaru ver 8 sti.. pm me some detail.. Can loan or not? can trade in or not..
  19. Neo Campro - Pro & Cons

    i said go for cps version. great top speed, well balance chassis. Fun car to drive..
  20. EG6 94 spec interior cheap sale

    come and view. Cheapest in the market
  21. B16b engine complete for sale cheap

    still have.. call me for detail
  22. B16b engine complete for sale cheap

    call for easy explaination.
  23. EG6 94 spec interior cheap sale

    bmp great item for hondarian....
  24. B16b engine complete for sale cheap

    no. Doesn't come with the dash board.
  25. Civic EG Dolphin 2 Door

    20k cash bro..
  26. B16b engine complete for sale cheap

    As pr title above. I have 1 complete set b16b engine for sale. This is complete engine for anyone who want to make enjin swap. Basiccally complete part to complete your swap. here is engine spec. -b16b std -b18c intake -4.4 lsd gbox -ngk plug cable -intake chamber condition is excellent...
  27. EG6 94 spec interior cheap sale

    Eg6 94 spec for sale. Come complete with arm rest, tong ikan. Rare and hard to find. Pic will upload later. rm1500 nego a bit. Anything call me at 017-3117 699
  28. RON 95 vs 97 on B16A (or any DOHC VTEC engine), whats your opinion?

    RON is the standard number in all country. No need to change the fact. I have stay in more than 10 countries. All use RON. ---------- Post added at 12:10 PM ---------- 6 hour anti-bump limit - Previous post was at 12:08 PM ---------- shell station at hartamas still have it. Hardly seen...
  29. eg6/9 vs dc2R

    i have done full conversion of b18cR on my eg. Everything works better. The suspension is better. The beefier anti roll bar from dc2 will increase your cornering. Even try a full tank at sepang until it dry out. Really good even with stock dc2 susp. but of course i give my ride a full slick.
  30. Advan RG(GOLD) 16inch,pcd 100

    macam taiwan je..
  31. Honda civic eg6 dolpin

    ori or convert?
  32. Integra DB8 B18C and B18C Type R give me the picture of db8 type r and best price please.
  33. Nasty port flow

    pm me price for k20a.
  34. intake manifold skunk2 pro series

    mitsubishi enjin apa boleh kasi rojak masuk?
  35. Nissan Cefiro A31 RB26DETT For Sale

    really nice car. make m want to go to bank rakyat. How's ur sale? Still don't meet with prospect buyer?
  36. EK9 fully loaded

    good luck bro..
  37. RB26 silvia 180sx for sell....

    wow nice car. Mind if i ask, how much the hp?
  38. Spoon Original Rim 15in

    6.5 or 7.0 inch wide. Interested here..
  39. Nissan Cefiro A31 RB26DETT For Sale

    nice car. My dream engine..
  40. nice ride with k20a type r

    He's using k24 lor...:listen:
  41. DAIHATSU BOON X4 SEAT RARE(bintik merah)

    PM me the price please..
  42. complete car for sparepart honda civic FD2r type r 43k

    Good deal. Buy 2nd hand fd2 la. 1.8 fd now around 90k - 100k only.
  43. Honda Eg4 2 Door For Sale

  44. (WTS) Honda Civic SR4 2door coupe 94/99

    Pm me best price and your contact no pls.
  45. Haltech E6X

    How much you charge for k20a. Dc5.? pm me.:proud:
  46. Mitsubishi Lancer con EVO6 (For Sale)

    Good price. Lot of extra too. Can trade in or not?
  47. ORI EG6 "Highly Nego For serious buyer" (new updated spec)

    Nice car and nicely modified. Price is good. Price may sound expensive but reasonable with this kind of mod. Me too own eg6 with k20a from dc5. If i'm going to sell it, price will be expensive. So why bother about those negative comment. I give 5 star to this modification level.:adore:
  48. Lancer evo 6 for sale

    How much loan bro. Interested Here. Pm me.
  49. testing market for new product 60mm taiwan gauge

    looks ok. Not bad for that price.