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  1. Honda ek4 -original not convert

    thank you.. thank you... cheers' bump... bump....
  2. Honda ek4 -original not convert

    Guys. Selling my HONDA EK4 (Original) NOT converted. Year 1996. B16A Engine. AUTO Transmisson. Its USED, BUT never abused before. LOW Driving. Spare car, mostly weekends or nyte drive. Not use for work or daily driven. Lots of goddies in engine. Original EK4 suspension obviously. JASMA...
  3. Endless 6pot Caliper

    aku senantiasa ada. hahaa... aku nak pasang kat 4wd aku laa.. hahaa
  4. Honda ek4 - original 1996

    what makes you say that?
  5. Endless 6pot Caliper

    mahal la. bole pasang kat ford ranger ke brake ni? hmmm...
  6. Honda ek4 - original 1996

  7. Panjang previously Ah Heng Exhaust

    ok. any of u guys knows this fella by the name of Panjang, he previously worked with JFA many moons ago, then Ah Heng Exhaust. Now i heard he opened up his own somewhere near USJ1, industrial area behind the chinese school. any of u know where his shop, please drop it here, he's good good...
  8. Neo Campro - Pro & Cons

    Guys. Planning to get a Neo Campro Auto Trans, but still deciding. Im not pretty much sure about the car, i believe many members here owns one. So, please share with me the Pros & Cons of the mentioned car. Anyways, u may PM me as well, if you doesnt wanna offend any members here. Thanks...
  9. Nissan A31 - Drift Car

    aherm.. bump..
  10. Nissan A31 - Drift Car

    bringin it up.
  11. Nissan A31 - Drift Car

    endorsed years ago. and location is in sunway and thanks for the compliments. Bump: road legal? i have no idea of the laws these days. Bump: road legal? i have no idea of the laws these days. Bump: road legal? i have no idea of the laws these days.
  12. Nissan A31 - Drift Car

    Hei guys. Im seeling off my precious A31 here after several years of owning it and still loving it. Got it back in 04' till now. I did the conversion and all upgrade for drifting purpose. Anyways, here's some info's on the car. Nissan Cefiro A31 year 92' RB20DET with many upgrades Fully body...
  13. First Runner Up for Malaysian Skyline Club Member in Digi Hot Street Car Competition

    Hye.. REMUS - congrats bro. well done. JOVIN...??? hmm... the name sound very familiar ler.. arr........ yes........ the one from JB rite.. KEN's true love. a dad's wish list and a mum's err..... nevermind... hehehehe... cheers'
  14. TT Gathering This Friday - 30 March 2007

    hye all. how hv u all been. didnt see u all for a while now. gosh i miss u all.. haha.. hmm.. sounds interesting.. Ulu Yam waterfall..??.. midnight..??.. all the way down till the end..?? then some one will ask.. ' got pontianak arr here..??''.. i wonder who.. hehehe.. jk bro.. my. my...
  15. Any Help University Students Here??

    Yup. One HELP graduate here. Lat year was 2000 end. How can i assit in matter.. cheers'
  16. Mini Nature Drive - 271006 - Picture Uploaded

    hei guys.. the drive was marvellous. especially when we went down to the waterfall. no one cant see anything except the water splashing. the next trip, we make sure we go down to the bottom of the waterfall. with proper flashlight of course. hei skagee. lets proceed with the game u had...
  17. O r T On Tour In D1 Malaysia Round 5 Shah Alam Selangor

    Good day. I have send u a Personal Message on some required items. Tks. cheers'
  18. to all dog lovers...please respect la~

    dude.. this go to all of u who's thinking is so narrow.. timid.. firstly, i apologise about leaving the animals in the car. i do not know that. I admit ok.. cruelty against animals, i with it as well.. then.. hello.. u all dumb or stupid..?? Mamak is what type of restaurant..?? Its a Muslim...
  19. to all dog lovers...please respect la~

    hey guys. I just read this thread and totally agrees with what was mentioned. To tell you all, i'm a Muslim. let me gv a few point of my own. Honestly speaking, i love dogs, very much, can say i'm a pet lover, those close frens knows it. Well, to the point, bringing pets, no matter what...
  20. Nissan SILFERO for SALE

    kei - office - thanks man.. Guys. Any of u would like make an offer on the car, kindly PM me, and state ur best offer yea. cheers'
  21. Nissan SILFERO for SALE

    Ok guys. I can see there alot of people viewed this page, but there's no respond. Ok then, tell me what is the best price u can offer? cheers'
  22. What do you think of todays drifters?

    Are u saying our drifters here in M'sia is sexy...?? cheers'
  23. Nissan SILFERO for SALE

    Hey guys. This car here belongs to my cousin back in Ipoh. He has been using it for about 5 years now, and since then he has been taking real good care of the car. Its the first SILFERO conversion here in Malaysia. It was done back in 2001. Right, this car here is ideal for someone who's...
  24. What do you think of todays drifters?

    ari.. hehehe.. jangan lah marah bro, i kan pengusik.. haha.. no worries bro, i'm just glad that we into this sport, as we can from the same previously, only me not so powerfull ler.. eventually, i would like to thank you as well. with us as my partner and my 'garang' trainer (we know who)...
  25. What do you think of todays drifters?

    Ari.. Oh like that ar..?? How to maju drift utk negara, when the appointed 'negara-nians' are always ''thinking'' about themselves only..??
  26. What do you think of todays drifters?

    kelvio who's ur fren..?
  27. What do you think of todays drifters?

    hie guys.. kelvio - yup, indeed its my car.. damn proud of it too.. the rest. well, i can say what faisal commented its right too. well, in some case, i agree as well, like fundings and time. me in that category. then drifting in publics, its a no.. no.. cheers'
  28. What do you think of todays drifters?

    Hi guys.. How's everyone? Doing good? Well guys, straight to my point, it's been a couple of years since the fast growing sport of drifting being widely introduce here in Malaysia. What do you guys think of our local drifters. U think they are good, not so good, attitude problem, gila...
  29. KUANTAN Drift & Time Attack Challenge 2006

    So.. How many drifters sign up for this?
  30. What If Karamjit joins D1?

    Hmm.. If Karamjit Singh were to join D1.. then u'll see a 'SWS'.. ''SideWaysSingh''..!! and he'll be codename Dorifto Singh.. cheers'
  31. D1 Grand Prix Merchandise

    What items are sold there.. please state the choices please.. And the D1GP Merch, are they genuine items from Japan or are they not. seems like there's alot nowadays out there are not genuine.
  32. OFF THE STREETS 11 @ SHAPADU HIGHWAY - 23 July - Photos Uploaded

    Hey... Hey... Hey.... Alamak... got me in there ler... Hey Hilal, thank you so much for the pictures, thanks for the effort of coming all the way from MMU man. Really appreciate it bro.. Hilal - that day got one phone call kan.. kan... all line clear or not..??? dapat cover tak...
  33. OFF THE STREETS 11 @ SHAPADU HIGHWAY - 23 July - Photos Uploaded

    Yeeeehaaaa......!!!!! OFF THE STREETS ROCKSSS....!!!!!! And it still sting babe....!!!!!
  34. Eiki - Should he be BANNED..??

    Hi guys. Thank you for dropping ur opinions and suggestions here, wheter its positive or negative. Keep em coming, and we see what we can do with it. Btw, fyi if anyone's lost. Eiki recently has been whacked / wallap by people for drifting in public roads where people are sitting by and...
  35. Eiki - Should he be BANNED..??

    Hi guys. As you all know of this Eiki, a forummer here that has been causing problem from day one till now to all the drifters and non drifters till other related parties and forummer. In this, I would like to know from you guys SHOULD he be BANNED from In such, he is a...
  36. Some one KENA..!!!

    Hahahaha... Eiki... Eiki.. So now u are offended by me.. Boy am i happy..!! I'm so happy now man.. after u insulted all the people here, not u hit the shit.. Ei dog, i dont have to waste my time with a rascal like you man, oppss.,. not man..!! dog..!! If u remember, from the bloody 1st...
  37. Some one KENA..!!!

    EIKI...!!! U listen now once and for all...!!! Enough of all this bullshit...!!! We are playing a Japanese game here, but BEAR in mind, we are not in JAPAN..!! We are NO where near them for your information..!!! WE ARE HERE IN MALAYSIA, AND WE HAVE RULES & REGULATIONS HERE IN MALAYSIA...
  38. Some one KENA..!!!

    Hmm... Eiki - I wonder why u so sensitive on this issue...!!!???? Are you the ONE..!!!????? Why are you so protective of the person who's doing this...???? Or u have anything against us drifitng at events...??? or the people who held events like D5, OTS & DCM...???? It must be you...
  39. Ghost fair at sultan alam shah

    hie.. Im not into this dude. Not a ghost catcher, y disturb them when they dont. on the harun din, saw it once, back when i was a kid, during the construction of PLUS. Somewhere in Gua Tempurung, the final strecht of PLUS. cheers'
  40. Some one KENA..!!!

    Hi guys. I'm very sure the person is much aware of this matter. I'm not sure if he's reading this or not, or he's in here in ZTH or not. I dont care. To me, what really matters is our community and the safety of publics. The drifters are prepare on whatever goin to happen to them, but...
  41. Some one KENA..!!!

    Hi guys.. I overheard from a close fren of me that there was this drifter who drifted on the streets last week. Somewhere in PJ. Eventually after few laps on the streets where people sat and relax, he was stopped and was given a 'kaw - kaw' wallap (whacking).. I do not know who that person is...
  42. D1GP - Malaysia Round 3 - Photoshoot

    Nah.... That's me..!!! Padiapaa drifter...hehee
  43. ZTH Mega Gathering

    hie.. this sounds good. u can personally PM Tom on this matter. I'm not sure he will read this here. Try to do it at a large area where im sure there will be many cars coming. anounce it in the car club section and get every club here in ZTH to participate. At least people wont get bored...
  44. Ghost fair at sultan alam shah

    Hie guys n gal. no need to be worry of these. it is supernaturel , as u know its everywhere among us. these group of people are those i say extraodinary ones. they have the ability or power to control such creatures. when they are able to put up an exhibition on these, means these creatures...
  45. 16th July Go-Kart USJ Along PLUS highway heading to KLIA

    so.. the drift event will be in the 'karting' track itself..?? cheers'
  46. Selling My Nissan Cefiro A31

    kekekeke.. hehehehehehe... hihihihihi... hahahaha......
  47. D1GP - Malaysia Round 3 - Photoshoot

    dude.. sitting at the bukit VS competitor..??? There's five clipping point. not only inner, outter as well.. FIVE points dude.. cheers'
  48. D1GP - Malaysia Round 3 - Photoshoot

    hie.. rudsfreeze - y u dont see me drift ??? in the best 16 or u dont know who am i..?? well, if u dont see me in best 16, coz i'm out.. if u dont see me at all, mens u dont know who the drifters are.. by the way, the track is designed in such way, and with that kinda speed ahead of u, u...
  49. D1GP - Malaysia Round 3 - Photoshoot

    Its.. Nasrul - Along Zero Lim - Ah Loong Yup. That was the best of all. Zero is very technical. cheers'
  50. Stock A31 for SALE

    Guys. Any of u looking for a stock a31? In hand i have a stock a31, a CBU unit year 88/92. Twin cam 24V, Auto transmission. Everything is still in stock condition. The only repair u need now is the front windscreen. It has a crack from left to right and its not advisble to be driven...