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  1. Borneo MLOC Thread~ :)

    Fuhhh lama gila tak masuk forum ZTH hehehehe. Paging for marzuki, james, bobo, azizi, razali & leslie !!!!!
  2. Kancil aircond service in kuching area?

    As long you not sending your ride to Kuching Car Centre at Jalan Padungan, ini workshop banyak tipu dan sembelih. I personally recommend you sending your car for aircond service located at Jalan Astana area, next to kedai tayar, kedai makan malay and hardware shop alongside of that kedai...
  3. Borneo MLOC Thread~ :)

    Hello all. Sorry lama gila menyepi. So many things happen to me for the past few years back. I had been jumping quite a lot of places due to my job nature. I just get married last year on 25th December 2014. Rasa macam tak percaya aku dah jadi family man. I still keeping my old Lancer. And to be...
  4. 1977 colt lancer gsr

    A well restored Lancer you got there mate!
  5. reliable EVO workshop in bintulu/miri

    Better to look at Miri.
  6. A Tale of Recovering a Honda Civic FD2R

    Good job Katsana team
  7. WTS: 2005 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 9

    Nice :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  8. MINIONS Talk

    +1 :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  9. I'm coming back to Semenanjung :D

    Will shipped my car from Bintulu to KL (again) next month :love: I MISS YOU GUYS! :bawling:
  10. Alternative washing method for K&N drop in

    Thanks for your feedback bro vr2turbo. I guess Sunlight dishwasher can do the job just fine :burnout:
  11. Alternative washing method for K&N drop in

    Guys. Is there any alternative ways to wash K&N drop in air filter without using the standard washing kits by K&N?
  12. The 2012 MLOC AGM "Drive The Passion"

    Hewhewhew hai Leslie :love: Am very busy with work liao:bawling: When is the tentative date for this programme? Miss you guys a lot :proud:
  13. MLOC OPS November KL-PD-Melaka Convoy

    Niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :love:
  14. looking for evo 7

    Sarawak which part? Last week I saw one white Evo8 unregistered at Kuching grey importer (Abadi Motors)
  15. Honda Euro R F20B Tiptronic

  16. Rarest BMW 850CI AC Schnitzer Edition

    Awesome detailing jobs!!! :love::adore:
  17. The 2012 MLOC AGM "Drive The Passion"

    Hnghhhhh hopefully I can make it :bawling:
  18. Lancer 2012 GT ECU flashing Question...

    Bro u need to go to Brunei if you wanna reflash your ECU. SHH Proshop Brunei. Lotsa GT/EX Brunei Lancer doing their mods at that place
  19. VW Rocco

  20. Lamborghini AVENTADOR LP 700 -11

    Niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :love::adore:
  21. My Tribunal Cases.

    Me like this thread. Subscribed
  22. TELCO CHEATS... Have you been cheated before?

    Maxis postpaid is the worst ever... Their coverage is good but they simply raise bill limit without notify customer first... Maxis billing sucks! Prepare for bill shock every month :bawling:
  23. Awas! Sindiket tabur skru di jalanraya

    Taken from Lowyat forum Biaqpila™: AWAS!!! SINDIKET TABUR SKRU DI JALANRAYA
  24. Scirocco PART II: Going for the exterior

    Very nice:love:
  25. Nissan 350z Road Legal Champion Car for Sale

    Mods list made me cry:bawling:
  26. JC Auto Performance Special Opening Promotion

    Rindu sama brader Joe :love::love:
  27. Happy Fasting MLOC

    Selamat berpuasa :love:
  28. WTS: Ducati Monster 696 & MV Agusta Brutale

    Nice bikes bro
  29. The Nurburgring Days are Numbered!

    Sad news :bawling:
  30. WTS- Honda Integra Type-R DC5

    Nice color:love:
  31. WTS: Honda Integra DA7 . BINTULU, SARAWAK

    Rarely seen this car at Bintulu, except white DA6 by Tom @ Z-Motorsport. Hardly driven on the road?
  32. WTS : Subaru Legacy B4 GT 2.0

    Very rare. Uprade to Legacy STi bodykit hehe :love:
  33. 17" Advan RG (Gold) Original

    Your location bro?
  34. Veedubs attack Sepang Go-Kart Circuit!

    I drool~~~~ I haz sad :(
  35. Programmable camshafts?

    how does programmable camshafts work? any source/link?
  36. Russian Airtrekers!

    very nice :love:
  37. Esso/Mobil now Petron....does this mean no more Mobil lubricants in Malaysia?

    Upstream is where good money is. Downstream refining margin is too tight, sukar untuk bernafas
  38. Looking for EvoX Parts Urgent!

    pengyu bro tak try tanya kat Bintang Autoparts?
  39. My cedia convert evo7

    can't wait for the next update~
  40. ROTA Wheels/Rims

    aiyah Rota Malaysia is not an official Rota distributor?
  41. My cedia convert evo7

    sweet! :love:
  42. A Crushing Ending For "Big Bird" Skyline

    waaaaaaaaaaa what a waste :banghead:
  43. The TOYOTA 86 is finally here in Malaysia! - Specs and Prices

    very nice :love::love::love:
  44. Mitsubishi Storm Green WLH 1711 Stolen near Gombak

    sorry to hear the news. does your dad make the police report already? Regards, @mohd_yakup
  45. Best affordable alarm system

    nice write-up from mr. viper :adore:
  46. Borneo MLOC Thread~ :)

    plan nak pegi KK next month. kalo jadi wa roger :love:
  47. Inner beauty of the Gunmetal Samurai

    alamakkk very familiar lahhh with the owner. pernah tumpang this Evo8MR masa kat Sipitang dulu hihihihihi:rofl::love::adore::driver::listen:
  48. Japan GT 2012

    nak ikut... :bawling::bawling::bawling: