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  1. Old Audi a4 maintenance

    Thanks for the info bro. yeah i think i might just buy it since a recond gearbox on mudah is around 2.8k which is not too bad... The gearbox is one of my main concerns. ---------- Post added at 11:42 AM ---------- 6 hour anti-bump limit - Previous post was at 10:55 AM ---------- 2k for a rad...
  2. Another example of dangerous driving found at Genting Highlands

    i secretly wished that wira would kick their asses. lol. no offence but i think honda people are like mega bengs... here's proof.
  3. Old Audi a4 maintenance

    Hi guys, i would appreciate some advice on getting a used 1998 audi a4 1.8. The car seems to be in pretty good condition and everything seems to be working just fine. What id like to know is quite general i suppose... 1. How hard is it to get parts? 2. How much more does general parts cost...
  4. i think to buy RX8 .....but im not sure the car is ok on engine and gearbox or not?

    Re: i think to buy RX8 .....but im not sure the car is ok on engine and gearbox or no lol rx8's are as cheap as a myvi these days. as an ex used car dealer, id say a big nono to the 8. my ex boss wanted the 8's out of the dealership asap as they required too much maintenance... they sold...
  5. Anyone Looking for Neo CPS?

    but only if my pocket allows me to. T_T my pocket is quite strict... :P anyways my buyer didnt get his loan so its back to hard sales! :) BUMP BUMP BUMP!
  6. True cost of maintaining a sports car? GTR, Z, Merc SLK

    Dead TS, From what i have experienced before, parts availability is a BIG issue for rare cars in malaysia. :) do take that into consideration. I had to source for my suby parts directly from sg and it took almost 2 weeks for the whole process. A friend of mine who drives a fairly new passat cc...
  7. Gauging interest on plasti dip

    guys. any info on where to get the spray in pj? i need like a million cans. lol. wanna dip the whole car.
  8. Anyone Looking for Neo CPS?

    im sorry, not pretty? :P btw, lancer sportback is not my cup of tea. :) its either the legacy or a bugeye sti or ver8 wrx.
  9. Anyone Looking for Neo CPS?

    Thanks for the comments guys. Planning to get a legacy gt. :) golf gti too overrated la...
  10. Satria Neo CPS (M) 2010. 20,000km

    Thanks bro! Haha yeah that knob is weird but i like it! :P Anyways help spread the word yea!
  11. Anyone Looking for Neo CPS?

    Thanks bro. nah its only 8.5jj. wanted 9 but the tyres wouldnt fit. :) running 205/40. Anyways help spread the word yea. One more step to my dream car!
  12. Anyone Looking for Neo CPS?

    Hi all i've finally decided to sell my beloved car. The car is in absolute tip top condition as it is rarely used and always garaged. Please do not hesitate to pm/sms/call me for further information. :) The price is negotiable of course. The for sale link...
  13. Satria Neo CPS (M) 2010. 20,000km

    Selling my beloved car. Details: Satria Neo CPS (M) Full spec with Dual airbags, ABS, EBD 2010 Fully paid off Full service history Receipts of modifications ALL original parts included (except rims) 20,000km mileage 1 owner -Tiptop condition. Parked under the shade everyday. -Polished...
  14. problem with boost

    Hi all. Ill cut it short. I'm driving a kancil l2s with rhf4 turbo. The turbo was consuming a lot of oil till the point that it got into the intercooler and tb. I changed the turbo to another rhf4 unit but it is not boosting at all. The turbine is spinning but only boosting 0.1 bar on full...
  15. Vacuum lines messed up.

    yeah i think the BOV not functioning... The problem is the 3 hoses from some plastic looking thing that looks like a FICD... i dunno which goes where... ill get a pic later.
  16. Vacuum lines messed up.

    BOV? not sure what brand. came with the car. There is no vacuum hose connected to it though.
  17. Vacuum lines messed up.

    Hi guys, Its been a while since i last posted here. Recently got myself a Kancil L2S to play. I have just overhauled the engine and the timing when the a/c is turned on is very low to the point of cutting off the engine when braking. Much appreciated if someone could help me out to which is...
  18. My 1st tulan thing in 2013

    thats why ppl just use old fashion belasah when you catch a thief. :) more effective imo. whack the fella kau kau then he kena 1 day or 10 years also nvm.
  19. What would you do if you were him?

    since when tai kor teach moral?
  20. What would you do if you were him?

    haha i know. i always tell myself that. but when 'sek l*n dou for' - (eat fire) sure canot tahan 1. lol. i encountered the samseng type many times before la even a big buff aneh. After quarreling and him almost calling his 'gang', he patted me on the back for being brave enough to stand up to...
  21. What would you do if you were him?

    +10 to this. I have personally confronted some assholes who act so tough in the protection of their car. (My last straw is when someone waves a mid fing at me) be it man or woman, cinabeng or aneh. ill go down and teach them pendidikan freaking moral. some pussies will just ignore u and speed...
  22. Adding 2T as petrol additives...

    put in clorox la. :P Btw i did try to mix a few drops of 2t with petrol in my bike after topping it up... result = got alot of smoke behind at first. :P but abit smoother la. ABIT only. conclusion = wont do it again. lol. dont like my bike smoking that much. original amount of smoke also dont...
  23. Low offset rims

    @TS buy wat u like. its your money right? why wanna buy to please others? im using 8.5j offset +28 with 205 tyres. -1.5 degree camber all round. flushed with my neo's fender. slight poke on the rear due to the spacer. been driving like that for quite some time. no probs whatsoever.
  24. ZTH Petaling Jaya TT

    ill drop by aswell but later. :) anw yea?
  25. Friend's car broken into in SS2

    my project car got broken into outside my house. -_- inside got nothing. the fella broke the boot look and dented and scratched the whole boot while trying. my house is in ss2 btw. EVEN with guarded community shit like this still happens. must be the prisoners the G let out for the election. -_-
  26. foam wash by road side car wash in malaysia

    Im sure everyone falls for their scheme and fork out another 100+ for the waxing... in a way they are not wrong on paper as it clearly didnt state that it includes waxing. but its not right to actually have that freaking package with polish but not including wax! This shop is beside the 4x4 shop...
  27. foam wash by road side car wash in malaysia

    yeah. i will. it isnt the best but it still looks acceptable from afar... i admit it does have a fair bit of swirls and dings but you would have to look really closely to notice... plus. its my mums taxi. which means hardcore daily use and torture. :) the point is... roadside washes arent that...
  28. foam wash by road side car wash in malaysia

    Pic taken few months back. will get a close up when its not raining...
  29. foam wash by road side car wash in malaysia

    um has your neighbor's car been resprayed? my mum's crv has been to a million road side washes and it still looks good imo. its turning 9 years old next year and hasnt been resprayed before... Behold~ 8+year crv done 150,000 kms and under the sun daily.
  30. Hungry ghost month - ghost stories & true experience

    Im hungry to meet this ghost...
  31. Krak Krak Krak!

    in ss2 behind the paris restaurant. pmed u my contact.
  32. Note to all.

    i think he deserves to be tied up and have that stick shoved up his ass while getting his hands cut off. id do it myself if i witnessed this. it is because of these motherfuckers that makes me hate my own kind.
  33. Car broken in

    frustrating incidents. sorry for your loss. consider investing in an alarm that vibrates when your car gets shock.
  34. Krak Krak Krak!

    Come find me in PJ. i solved the problem with my mech for less than rm200. It was the absorber link thing. the bearings inside were worn and caused the sound you described when going over rough roads at slow speeds. steering also felt slightly looser than usual. this is due to hard cornering in...
  35. Race Spec Iswara

    I miss my old saga. it was one of the best cars i have owned... with a simple tune and overhaul on the 1.5 carbie + my P plate driving skills, i was eating sentras, vioses, cities, and what not. lol. The fugly bumper was cool back in 2005 i guess... but looks fugly to me now. :) and the rims. damn.
  36. foam wash by road side car wash in malaysia

    I buy cheap car and go for cheap wash wor. :) Im just too lazy to wash it myself... Aneh also need to eat ma right...
  37. Satria neo steering modification

    eh how come my image cropped d?
  38. Satria neo steering modification

    sadly the airbag doesnt fit... had to disable the airbag bulb because it will stay on. called proton for a quote for the preve airbag... Rm620+ for the module only. But what the heck. it looks good. so here it is. :)
  39. Douche Drivers

    lol how did that end? thats the asia jaya exit beside federal right?
  40. ZTH Petaling Jaya TT

    anw? :)
  41. foam wash by road side car wash in malaysia

    I would like to point out... Even though the aneh wash is not good for your car, but what the heck. By the time the clear coat strips and start looking like that matrix it would probably be time to respray the car anyways because of the common malaysian attitude of not giving any f*cks when...
  42. Please help guys - advise needed!! Pls contribute!

    ---------- Post added at 12:22 PM ---------- 6 hour anti-bump limit - Previous post was at 12:18 PM ---------- while i was searching for the above meme... then i was like
  43. ZTH Petaling Jaya TT

    next friday? On mou?
  44. Zth hq tt

  45. Zth hq tt

    which ace hardware did u get yours? i have also been looking. lol.
  46. I have been charged check & fix wiring

    did they change the switch as well?
  47. Note to all.

    ---------- Post added at 10:46 AM ---------- 6 hour anti-bump limit - Previous post was at 10:01 AM ---------- anyway not to blame the drivers la. but at least have a heart to stop (if u can) to carry it to the side of the road la... thats the least you could do right... the driver that hit my...