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  1. Open Track Day 14/3

    Thanks. Will give it a try on Sat.
  2. Open Track Day 14/3

    Sorry do not mean to hijack, but will there be johor sprint series on the 28th night? Does anyone know where I can check? what time does it start? what events? Checked the johor circuit website, no info on what time and what car class to expect. Anyone can help?
  3. Driver's attitudes in KL

    I agree with eujin. ehhhh small note on Singaporean driving. They really really dont like you cutting into their lane, especially when you signal. They actually speed up.
  4. Petrol Prices Reach US$100/Barrel Mark

    Speaking of the US.... guess who are the ones with holding clean coal technology from the rest of the world..... face it la guys. Humans are pretty much such, "Screw thy neighbour, when you look deep enough"
  5. Petrol Prices Reach US$100/Barrel Mark

    I confirm, Malaysia is a nett exporter of crude. Eh..... I encourage all petrolhead brothers to read this..... Which will essentiall tell you; "Exploration and Production Malaysia’s proven oil reserves have declined in recent...
  6. WTS: Subaru V7 Sti, Yr 2001

    YO Bro. A bit hard for the discount. Susah nak let go because hati pun sakit. have a look see look see first la, price can be discussed later.
  7. WTS: Subaru V7 Sti, Yr 2001

    Subaru Version 7, STi, 2001 Reg Date: 2003, Milage 82,000km Engine: 2 Lit, 4 Cyclinder Boxer, Code EJ20 Turbo Transmission: 6 Speed Manual, Symetrical AWD Tires: Bridgestone RE070 Semi Slicks (60% Remaining) Additional Items a. Front Rotors Brembo Slotted b. WRC Turbo Intake Hose c. Trust...
  8. Jpj Engine Registration Service (runner)

    Bro - hello. Hows things? Just to let you know I renewed my road tax again this month. No problem. Check JPJ, macam tak pernah dengar I punya no plate. Thanks a lot. Bros out there, I confirm this guy, no bull sh*t.
  9. Remote start with Aircond ON

    But when you turn the key to START, the starter motor engages and everything else seems to go off. Starter Motor only on when its in the START position. Am i wrong?
  10. Remote start with Aircond ON

    Dont all cars come with a relay on the starting circuit that essentially disengages the air con motor when the starter motor is engaged?
  11. Kill stories , Ownedddd!!!!

    Sorry ah, a bit blur, what owned the road? Whats a kill story? Pls dun kutuk me.
  12. SuperChargers feedback

    Tumpang sikit. Does anyone know of anyone who owns a supercharged Savvy? Turbo pun boleh la. If anyone has seen/knows, please share your info. Am thinking of doing up a SC/Tubro Savvy. Thanks
  13. Strangest xxxxx found in car (yuck)

    Wha look at the brand of the blower motor la.... TOYOTA man.... imagine the thing can have such a heavy imbalance on the blowr blades and can still turn until the poor mice thing became dry. kekekekke talk about toyota quality. Personally, dont know how the owner can even tahan the smell...
  14. adj cam pulleys function as?

    Bro - Google? Wikipedia? Yahoo Search? Search Topic - Adjusting Cam Timing ??
  15. adj cam pulleys function as?

    Bro, Have you checked out "How Stuff Works" ? There is a specific write up that gives great pictures and stuff. That said, Laymans terms, adjusting cam timing is equal to adjusting the rate at which you breath in and out. If your body is at rest, the breathing rate (Cam Timing) will be...
  16. want to share my exp with umw after sales service

    Bro, I hope to suggest the following; a. Have you checked your tire pressures? I know it sounds silly, but I have worked in a largish car distributor with SC facilities, and I was amazed at the amount of cars brought in with these sort of issues only to find that it was a tire pressure...
  17. 14 - 18 more horsepower

    eh IMHO. Maybe its using a curmmy auto box torqu converter, hence there is a limit as to how much power you can put out without the towque converter overheating and dying out before you get to the next traffic light? Maybe maybe?
  18. can someone teach me about shipping tax?

    Dont think there is something known as shipping tax. Shipping costs got. Freight sharges, storage, haulage etc etc yes. I think in your cas you should contact a local export company in japan which will be abl to give you a quote. On that is familiar with shipping cars in this case. They will...
  19. 2008 Impreza WRX Sedan

    Sighs Is this what they call the EURO styling? These new wave of smooth curves and gradual waves. Sighs. What is the world coming to. We all going to be driving bubble cars in about 10 years time I think. If I had the money I would go collect the the cars of the 90s, supras, skylines...
  20. Subaru Impreza VS Mitsubishi EVO

    Bro, This is one of those things that maybe you need to own both to get an idea of which you like more. kekekeke.
  21. Tokyo Drift: Did you know?

    sighs...... days like these, I fell so old aged. cannot keep up with the times......
  22. Tokyo Drift: Did you know?

    Ha... ok I must be stoopid then. honestly I would not even know who he was even if he sat right next to me on the bus. :)
  23. Tokyo Drift: Did you know?

    Hey bros, Pulled this out of Wikipedia. Remember Fast & Furious 3, Tokyo Drift? Well it says here, The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Real life "Drift King" and drift pioneer Keiichi Tsuchiya also makes an appearance during the scenes where Lucas...
  24. Battery life - status?

    Ha.... you can find info on it here. Browser Warning And if you have time, suggest you browse through the website. Lots of very interesting things for everyone to read.
  25. Advanced Cam Enquiries.

    Yo Bro. Ummm just flt that I should point you in the right direction. If you can, go get the book by Haynes, Alexander G Bell, Modern Engine Tuning. Hes got 2 others books as well. But I think the first, Modern Engine Tuning will be a good bet. There is a whole chapter dedicate to why...
  26. Advanced Cam Enquiries.

    Hmmm maybe got fuel improvement ma.... I mean if you advance the intake up to maybe 8 degrees its probably possible to get a reduction in fuel consumption, at maybe....6,000rpm? Only at 6,000rpm. kakakakakaka.:shades_smile: Sorry ah, dont flame me. But its amazing how things are taken...
  27. What will you crazy, hot-blooded racer punks do IF.... (Not a flame thread)

    I listen to you guys stories also quite farnee, so I figured I share mine. My story a bit different, last time when I was probably in the early 20's, dad and mom always have a restraining order on the speedometer. Always reminding me that if I burn up the petrol tank before the week ends, then...
  28. People can get extremely stupid, sometimes.

    Bro bro..... I wanted to share some.... experience? Better not to confront, unless you have hard evidence. Besides, 100+ ... life goes on know? If you got evidence, then no problem la.... call the entire ZTH guys to come down on them. :) :)
  29. Tyre Pressure for Advan Neova AD07

    How bout lowering the pressure by 1/2 psi on the opposite side of the pull?
  30. PPS Auto Paint Protection System, USA

    Same here. Can there be at least an indication of the price for a 4 door sedan? Also just to note, CBT quoted about RM 600 for a brand new Satria Neo last weekend in a review.
  31. Subaru Forester Owner Head Count!

    CAn I ask an out of topic question. Do any of the foresters come with a 5 speed auto? or is it still on the 4 speed auto from the SF series?
  32. Malaysia petrol prices next year

    Just wanted to add, I think the questions we should be asking is; Where is all the money that the govenment is saving? We pay more for petrol, govt has to subsidize less. We pay more for toll, govt pays less. BUT YET, where is all this savings that the govt claims? Do we have better...
  33. Audi RS4 vs BMW M5 on russian highway

    wha have to take my hats off man..... the audi really pulls away.... goes to show aint no point trying to outrun each other on a public road. Traffic always ensures you cannot get away.. :)
  34. Team A1GP Malaysia dominates in Brno!

    Always like A1 more than F1. Somehow F1 seems to be more marketting than actual racing. Anyways, someone please tell me which channel its on? :) :)
  35. Disaster

    simple lor... dont patronize such places lor. Someone once said to me, come back when you have enough money.... in my face.
  36. Friday nite JPJ block at subang tol 22/9

    Glad for the sharing of info.
  37. JPJ -> Tinting rules

    Out of curiosity, what is the going rate for your duit minum?
  38. JPJ -> Tinting rules

    just to add. I dont think it is possible to issue a summon by mail. They will issue an inspection notice, then upon inspection summon you. That said, I really wished the laws are changed. Time to go see my MP? Maybe we all should go see our MPs.... :) :)
  39. New Traffic Summon Issue - Comment?

    Aside from the Polis boleh and Malaysia boleh kind of things. In your opinion, do you guys think that by lowering the summon prices, they will acheive their objective of; a. Reduce Bribery to Traffic cops? And will the malaysian population view this as an opportunity to disrespect the law?
  40. New Traffic Summon Issue - Comment?

    Reduction of traffic fines postponed By SIM LEOI LEOI PUTRAJAYA: The Cabinet has decided to postpone the reduction of traffic fines by the police. In announcing this after the weekly Cabinet meeting, Transport Minister Datuk Seri Chan Kong Choy said that the Cabinet agreed that compounds...
  41. [Q]Unit measurement of power

    my notes says 1 bar - 14.5 psi .......... standard rule of thumb. rounded up.
  42. JPJ and Customs Party

    Nitrospeed. Appreciate details such as time and location and direction of this road block? which enforcement agency. That sort of thing. I thought the JPJ onslaught for cars was already going quiet. Obviously I was wrong?
  43. 4 months to go until new petrol price?

    Haahhhhhh.........In a Pre-election year...?????? .... I'd like to see them try..... unless of course they get rid of APs and tax & Duties. I doubt any politician would try this sort of suicide.
  44. security in housing areas..

    I think the reason why they actually do it is because they know the probability of geting arrested is practically zero. People dont report. Police dont react. Lack of police presence. too trivial for the police..... hence... just go ahead and do la. Why the fark not to break into peoples...
  45. Jpj

    Got warrant and ordered to go to court. Somemore what need to discuss. Once legal courts are involved, you just have to go face the judge, plead your case. IMHO. IMHO
  46. Police Block - D'Sara Perdana

    Yah that junction. Everyday affair. Mostly after people with seatbelts, hand phones and more trivial matters.
  47. Police Block - D'Sara Perdana

    Just to share. Time: 11.30pm Day, Thursday, 20th July Location: Heading into D'sara Perdana, From LDP. Personal Count: 4 - 5 Authority: Blue Uniformed Police Equipment - Torch Light, Automatic Weapons, Traffic Cones, Blinker Lights, Table and Chair. What were they looking for...
  48. Police Block...

    Thanks bro. Friday nights seem to be getting from bad to worse, I have heard of hear-say that even the MRR2 is getting blocked on Friday nights. Causing massive jams.
  49. Police Block...

    Bro, your short hand very changgih la today. Question, NPE where got RM 1.00 toll? RM 1.60 mar? The one after IOI, is it IOI heading towards the LDP RM 1.00 toll or the IOI going towards Bukit Jalil? Regards
  50. Police Block...

    On the Johor F&F Issue. All they had to do was to get 2 patrol cars MAX. Put 4 police guys inside and ask them to drive up and down the road for like 45 mins. I dont think there will be any issue already and all the spectators and racers would have a rather early and quiet night. The...