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  1. wers all d old zth kakis? all fart tart d...or dont like forums d? lol

    Hi, long time no see! Edit: Can we old farts have a special ZTH bomberman sticker? :D
  2. FD2 Headlamp

    wow still not sold? PnP for FD1? how much?
  3. a widebody coupe

    hmm... i'm using 17x7.5jj 38mm offset with 235/45/17 tires and not rubbing the fenders.. BUT.. my car is raised quite alot look damn ugly :(
  4. TT Session

    see you guys tonight! :)
  5. Hey guys

    thanks you guys :)
  6. Hey guys

    There's a coupe here in some sort of autosalon, show your support by voting for it :D
  7. ZTH Decade Bash - Alternative Events : ZTH AutoSalon

    blackie, you have mine rite?
  8. ZTH Decade Bash - Alternative Events : ZTH AutoSalon

    Blackie: haha nothing ler, i'm surprised that it's so quiet in here...
  9. ZTH Decade Bash - Alternative Events : ZTH AutoSalon

    Hmmm... no updates?
  10. Hcc future meetings

    hey guys, I will definitely try to make it. I won't be so early though, probably about 10pm. Let's make this happen :)
  11. Looking for - Mazda 323 Sedan headlights

    thanks drill for the link! :) the Hyundai I'm still driving, hehe
  12. Looking for - Mazda 323 Sedan headlights

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a set of Mazda 323 Sedan headlights, either year 97 or 99 also can. Preferably glass if got. Can PM me or SMS me at zero-one-seven-3000223 thanks!
  13. where to find rare size tyres

    are 225/40/17 tires hard to find?
  14. Quiet comfortable tires

    Hi guys, I'm looking for 14" quiet and comfortable tires. any recommendations?:driver:
  15. TT for the 'new' and old...... Old folks, please rise from your graves and respond!

    Re: TT for the 'new' and old...... Old folks, please rise from your graves and respon Blackie was one of the earliest to leave... =.="
  16. TT for the 'new' and old...... Old folks, please rise from your graves and respond!

    Re: TT for the 'new' and old...... Old folks, please rise from your graves and respon Got back not too long ago! Was nice meeting everyone again, Blackhowling , BlackSamurai, Darkchild, Yee, DaWggggggg, Julian, PocRoc, mokomoko, Akura, Tom, Keshy, and some others that I might have missed...
  17. TT for the 'new' and old...... Old folks, please rise from your graves and respond!

    Re: TT for the 'new' and old...... Old folks, please rise from your graves and respon see you guys tonight!!
  18. Check out this Coupe that a coupe sunroof I see there on the floor? wut engine is that btw?
  19. Hyundai Coupe - not enuff grunt

    Wow I just noticed this topic. My 2cents worth; it is unfortunate that there are very little to none aftermarket performance parts for the hyundai coupe. Even if there is, you'd have to purchase online. Buying online could be expensive and sometimes the parts that you get aren't always perfect...
  20. Hyundai Genesis Coupe in Msia

    ooooo, must go see
  21. SIC 'marshalls' during Super GT

    I still remember last year's SuperGT, they way they "halau" us out of the pit once the walkabout time is over.... they used a rope which covered the entire width of the pitlane and walk walk walk towards the "exit" herding sheep or something...
  22. timing belt tension got looseness while engine hot

    bro, where did you get the tensioner? and how much was it? I think mine are on the way out also. the moment my engine shuts off, can hear a slight "squeak"
  23. One Utama Carpark

    Maybe it is because now EVERYBODY has got a OneCard. I remember back in the day when they first started having the "Preferred Parking" system, it was like parking-on-a-weekend nirvana. I can go there on a weekend and CHOOSE which bay I wanted to park in. Was Awesome.
  24. TVs for sale

    both TVs sold already to nice buyer. Thank you:driver:
  25. TVs for sale

    maxiro: already reserved bro. buyer will pick it up this Wednesday. If not, I will let you know:wavey:
  26. TVs for sale

    Hi guys, I'm moving out and I have 2 CRT televisions for sale. 1. 21" LG Flatron TV Condition: Good, color all still very nice. Bought to put in my room for the PS2 only Price: SOLD 2. 29" Philips sorry but I don't remember what model or spec, I just know it's a 29" Condition: Good...
  27. Urgent:3+2+1 full bonded leather sofa for sale!!

    Bro, how much space does this set take up? estimate? and best price pls :D
  28. Top 10 Best Car Park in KL Award - Kuala Lumpur

    Re: Top 10 Best Car Park Award - Kuala Lumpur pisces23: opposite KLCC bro...
  29. Mazda/Ford suppliers?

    alright, thanks man. i'll go check it out:driver:
  30. Top 10 Best Car Park in KL Award - Kuala Lumpur

    Re: Top 10 Best Car Park Award - Kuala Lumpur rightfully so, Avenue K currently has ZERO votes. That parking sucks maximum. Dark, dirty and always flood. Plus those bumps at the end of the ramps are for sure to rip your bodykit apart:banghead:
  31. Thank you Cruise Power Garage..

    I agree! Went to Cruise Power today for oil change and chat with EVOKIT for awhile, really nice fella. Nice meeting you bro :itsme:
  32. Mazda/Ford suppliers?

    Hi, anyone got any contacts for Mazda/Ford OEM parts? Thank you
  33. Stuff 4 sale

    Interested in your power FC. is it a d-jetro? come with commander? best price? thanks in advance :driver:
  34. Mazda 323 bh *helppp*

    Guys, I have a mazda lantis 323 year 1997 in dire need of parts. Parts which I need: 1) New stock suspension 2) Belt tensioner Am planning to have the 2 parts above replaced and also have the engine overhauled. What is the rough estimate for cost of overhauling this particular model's engine?
  35. I cried this evening when i was in the jam

    My avatar?? LOL errr.. o k a y
  36. I cried this evening when i was in the jam

    wtf autobot sticker??? nice car..but the sticker..seriously...
  37. BOT on kits for 2002yr coupe

    BS: yeah i think your battery dry liao since you hardly ever drive your coupe rite?
  38. Hyundai Genesis (coupe) VIDEOS

    Saw these on Youtube, so share with you guys. ENJOY :D Super Bowl TV commercial shoot <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess"...
  39. BOT on kits for 2002yr coupe

    yeah no harm :) who knows you might end up going for it..heheee:driver:
  40. BOT on kits for 2002yr coupe

    I believe you need a few more things to go along with this kit right? thicker Metal gasket to lower compression, some sort of piggyback ECU, turbo oil-return line? also probably need to upgrade fuel pump?
  41. Happy CNY 2009

    Happy Chinese New Year everyone!
  42. PAS plans to stop Rihanna Concert

    BIASA LA! expected already..always teh same shit
  43. Toyo Proxes 888 VS R1R . Which 1 should i take?

    Hi all, since we're on this topic of Toyo tires, is it true that Toyo tires are wider than the specified measurement? Check out this thread According to the thread, they compared a 205/50/15 Falken Azenis and 205/50/15 Toyo R1R...
  44. Evo 5 clutch

    Hi peeps, anybody got jalan for brand new evo 5 clutch? stock or exedy or whatever.. thanks :)
  45. Happy new year =)

    abit late i know.. but.. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!:love::love::love::love::love::hmmmm::love::love::love:
  46. Invitation & gathering at my B'day 31dec

    hey bro, thanks for the invitation but I can't make it..already have plans for NYE happy birthday and happy new year to you in advance! cheers! :)
  47. 235/45/17 tire

    sorry ah off-topic abit.. anywhere can get 235/40/17 tires? and around how much?
  48. Looking for Mazda Lantis 323 parts

    Hi Guys, can kindly share with me where I can get external body parts for a year 1997 Lantis 323? Thanks in advance :burnout:
  49. How to fix dashboard cracks?

    Guys, i need to know how to fix dashboard cracks?
  50. What kinds of engine most suitable for my RD2

    unknown1X: Mivec turbo? If i'm not mistaken your friend spent quite alot of money to get that kind of power right?