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  1. A32 engine auto shut down

    I used to have similar problem, due to a leakage at the air-filter box, where the vacuum hose connects to the air-box. In my case, the vacuum hose connector (PVC one) cracked, probably due to the mechanic accidentally pressed on it when servicing my air-cond. Can try check vacuum hose leakage...
  2. Engine shut off while driving

    had the same engine died off while slowing down problem, later found out it was a small vacuum pipe connecting to air filter box leaking. Glued it back and patched with bitumen patch, lasted til i changed to VQ25
  3. Is this gearbox prob? pls help.

    Hi DC! I'm having a gearbox sitting idle in store with the 3.0 engine after i swapped to 2.5. But it's final drive is quite high, i think around 3000rpm at 120km/h. So on highway fc is not good, but hill climbing u can smile all the way up :proud: No sure whether it's a 2.0 gearbox. Feel free...
  4. Shitbrix fuel consumption cefiro a33

    could it be some leaking manifold or exhaust? just suggesting... :biggrin: anyway, I consider 9~10km/l quite ok for such vehicle weight.
  5. Shitbrix fuel consumption cefiro a33

    Just to share how good/bad the fc can be. last time my A32 VQ30 full tank can get 750km on 100% highway (110km/h), then i changed to VQ25 with full tank getting 700km 100% highway. So it's slightly better than 11km/l. Both on light foot and smooth acceleration. On traffic, quite similar to...
  6. Cefiro A33 Overdrive gear not function

    My pajero had this problem last time, apparently due to a blown fuse that controls the overdrive gear. If u r handy, the fuse box should be at the right hand side below steering. No harm giving it a try before going to mech right? :wink: Anyway, i'm driving a A32
  7. Looking for A32 Local Spec Meter

    haha.. actually my DIY plan is very very simple one, replace the current 180km/h Japan spec face plate (numbering) with the local spec (260km/h) one, cos i found out that the my speedometer needle still pointing at the same speed as in local spec meter after i changed the whole...
  8. Looking for A32 Local Spec Meter

    Hi everone! :itsme: I'm looking for meter (specifically speedometer) of A32 local spec (260km/h). Anyone wanna let go please contact me. Have some DIY plans to carry out...:biggrin: Thanx a lot! :adore:
  9. Changed VQ30 to VQ25

    VQ25DET.... How much u got it?
  10. HID for A32

    Have been using Osram Night Breaker for almost a year on JDM smoked-type headlamp. Visibility on B-roads are really good, and penetration thru rain drops and fog is also good. Some said Philips Xtreme is better, gonna try next time.
  11. Y-Pipe

    sb3, where did u do u y-pipe?
  12. Y-Pipe

    Slightly higher FC? :hmmmm:... have to reconsider whether to do it or not sb3, where did u do the y-pipe? I've read that best to go Sunway for JFA, but since the owner passed away some time ago, r they still good?
  13. 3.0L to 2.5L advice and comment needed

    service? how and where?
  14. Y-Pipe

    what r the potential improvements to performance? better low-end torque?
  15. 3.0L to 2.5L advice and comment needed

    Dream.tent, does manifold leakage produces sound? Like hissing sound? I suspect mine might have some problem
  16. 3.0L to 2.5L advice and comment needed

    My VQ25 drinks more fuel than my previous VQ30 in city drive
  17. 3.0L to 2.5L advice and comment needed

    i think it's the torque, cos final gear ratio is quite similar to VQ30. But to my surprise initially after engine change, the pickup response on 1st gear is better than my old VQ30
  18. 3.0L to 2.5L advice and comment needed

    opps.. weikee, i thought u r on VQ25... for me, my VQ25 highway FC is similar to VQ30, but come to city drive VQ25 FC if worse than VQ30. maybe bcos of the weight the smaller engine has to carry.
  19. 3.0L to 2.5L advice and comment needed

    :hmmmm:... how come my VQ25 behaves just the opposite of urs? Mine highway drive similar to VQ30, but city drive FC about 10% to 20% higher
  20. 3.0L to 2.5L advice and comment needed

    i checked for costs rebuilding the engine, it's way too higher than a half cut. Maybe mine was too terrible to rebuild, cos my radiator pipes corroded, engine leaking like hell, brake pump problems, drive shaft and steering rack problems, etc. So, it depends on how terrible is your existing...
  21. Changed VQ30 to VQ25

    mine with quite a bit of carbon built up visible from oil cap, but i went for short oil change and it's improving after a few changes
  22. 3.0L to 2.5L advice and comment needed

    How2drive, the meter looks exactly the same as my existing one other than the darkened plastic. Can u elaborate more on how it'll "lights up when insert key"? Is it immediately after key insert the whole meter lights up? Or is it just the odo lights up?
  23. 3.0L to 2.5L advice and comment needed

    how2drive, can take a pic of ur existing blackened meter?
  24. Changed VQ30 to VQ25

    Did it in Tmn Sg Besi. 1st thing, inspect for a clean engine internal, ie opening up the oil cap and check for carbon deposits inside. This will tell u how previous owner maintain the car. Also, transfer all electrical parts and wiring to save u headache later.
  25. 3.0L to 2.5L advice and comment needed

    interested in ur black meter, but not sure whether it'll fit the harness of VQ25 meter. I've converted the whole dashboard to VQ25 one and now having problem of inaccurate speedo reading on VQ25 meter
  26. VQ25 Feeling "Breathless" on High RPM

    This is Air Flow Meter (AFM) taken on my VQ25
  27. VQ25 Feeling "Breathless" on High RPM

    thanx weikee, will try ur suggestions
  28. VQ25 Feeling "Breathless" on High RPM

    I discovered that my VQ25 feeling some pullback / not smooth whenever the engine in between 3800rpm to 4200rpm. It felt like as if there's a torque dip in that range, and the engine is as if trying to catch some breath. What could the problem be? 1. Is it due to electrical? I suspect maybe...
  29. A32 gearbox takes forever to engage D

    i had the same problem with my previous gearbox in VQ30 too. On cold start, i just engage the gear in 2nd, once running then push back to D. After my investigation, it was the previous owner (my boss) that had a jammed gearbox due to ATF leaking last time (run until no ATF inside), and after...
  30. 3.0L to 2.5L advice and comment needed

    u know what, i really miss the surge of torque produced by gear downshift in VQ30. I travel a lot on B-roads too. The torque in VQ30 really handy, and I can even overtake confidently even when i see cars coming from the opposite direction. As for VQ25, it's just adequate, nothing exciting...
  31. 3.0L to 2.5L advice and comment needed

    all these problems sounded very familiar to me cos these were all in my previous VQ30, except that mine was already 400k km yet the fuel consumption still very good at 10.5km/l to 11km/l pure highway. I suppose these are very common symptoms to VQ. Now on VQ25 for about three months, still...
  32. A riders death wish: Yamaha R1 at full throttle through heavy traffic

    if i were sitting on the back, i'll be shxtting my pant all over already...
  33. Changed VQ30 to VQ25

    oic... will have to work on it again... thanx!!
  34. Pioneer speaker set complete package

    :hmmmm: 140 for whole set? So cheap?!!
  35. Changed VQ30 to VQ25

    Hi Weikee, need ur help to identify which is the dip switch, attached photo of back of meter panel. :adore::adore: I dint see any switch that can be adjusted cos all are soldered onto the circuit sheet.
  36. [WTS] OEM Advanti Rims for Caldina, Wish or Subaru

    u selling together with the tyre just rim only?
  37. A32 2.0A Gear Shift Problem

    Used Castrol before, as claimed by workshop "Tan Chong also using this, so it's ori". But unfortunately it's not. Try the Nissan D-Matic then u'll have noticeably smoother shifts. I used it on my previous troubled gearbox and it improved the shifting a lot. It's just that the leaking and slow...
  38. My ceFIRO

    yes seizai, normally 30GV will have 2.5rpm at 120km/h, but mine previous one have this high-revv "problem" after gearbox change. It's the final gear ratio. But straight away u'll feel that it drives really like a 3000cc car shud. Really good pickup and re-acceleration, as if the car is...
  39. My ceFIRO

    I believe it'll be worse than normal 3.0AT. It's similar to my previous replaced gearbox on my 30GV, rpm at 3000 on 120km/h. But come to power... it's a wow! really good! Guess it's bcos the engine already in the peak torque curve
  40. My ceFIRO

    Looks kinda high rpm to me, seizai... How's the fuel consumption like?
  41. Changed VQ30 to VQ25

    By the way, recently my 'battery' light on meter cluster lights up. Initially thought it's alternator problem, but i took risk to drive on. After ONE WEEK, the light is still on and checked the battery, apparently the alternator is charging the battery very well. The foremen said it's the faulty...
  42. Changed VQ30 to VQ25

    VT-Ten, I counter checked GPS, it's the Japan meter not working correctly. It's reading 90 when I'm doing 110. Weikee, can u just snap a pic of the dip switch? Need to solder ka? sounds quite difficult...
  43. Changed VQ30 to VQ25

    well, V-Power now same price with all other RON97 la... ie RM 2.10. So, if it's really giving performance increase, it'll be a better option at the moment compared to other RON97
  44. Changed VQ30 to VQ25

    Posting to update on fuel consumption... Been travelled for three full tanks of petrol on this VQ25. Surprisingly, the FC is very good! it's 11.5km/litre !! Or converts to around RM 0.18/km, on RON97, V-Power and Esso. This is achieve with relaxed highway drive around 110 ~ 130km/h, and it's...
  45. A32 - 3.0v6 engine jerking

    no idea what's actually the problem. Maybe due to heat that's causing the decay of sensors' ability? U know, this V engine produce a lot of heat.
  46. Changed VQ30 to VQ25

    oic! Will have to dismantle something this weekend... :tongue:
  47. Changed VQ30 to VQ25

    Planning to do all the registration in two weeks time only, now busy with works. If not mistaken, road tax for VQ25 shud be 8xx only, compared to 21xx of VQ30 I dint notice any sensor on the right hand side of dashboard. Is it also under the windscreen? The auto light switch is not fully...
  48. Changed VQ30 to VQ25

    That's why I opted for the complete change. I estimated the repair costs of my previous problems with the engine, and it'll cost around rm3k already.
  49. VQ20 to VQ25

    VQ25 power is definitely not as good as VQ30, especially the torque which u will notice during overtaking. In gear downshift, VQ30 gives kind of surge in power, whereas VQ25 the power comes slower and not such "surge" feeling. But I would say VQ25 is still suffice for normal use. FC shud be...
  50. Changed VQ30 to VQ25

    All in halfcut plus engine swapping labour charge costs ard rm6k, yet to settle JPJ/Puspakom cos wanna test the car kaw kaw first