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  1. I'm JAPANESE!! from JAPAN

    Nice to have u. Can u advise on cefiro too?
  2. looking for door / bumper trimming, black with chrome strip for a32.

    I'm looking for door bumper trimming
  3. Cylinder Block and Oil Pan - Diagram

    What type or brand of "external sealant" paste to use?
  4. A32 - 3.0v6 engine jerking

    Hi to all, I have similar problem on my a32 30. Asked a few friends. One of them open hood, star engine, engage D. He notice slight movement of engine, he said maybe engine mounting koyak. Maybe true as he had same problem on 2 old cars before.
  5. Enquire on A32 Suspension/ Springs.

    Hello all, What is reasonable aftermarket absorbers, for 30gv cerf. I'm looking for comfort and handling? Thanks bros.
  6. Cefiro A32 Gearbox Problem - Slow Engage

    Hi ctk22, The bump symptoms may be due to failed engine or gear box mounting.
  7. Welcome to Cefiro Club Malaysia

    Thanks for accepting me, I m newbie here. Recently bought 30GV. Made/ register 2000.