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  1. a widebody coupe

    cow:235/45/17 on a coupe?wow..hahaha..maybe should use 40 series tyres
  2. a widebody coupe

    aiyo...susah la like this..hehehe you mean wide body but have to cut the fenders rite?
  3. a widebody coupe

    guys, just wanna ask,can a 17inch x 8jj rim fitted to the front wheel?hehehe
  4. HCC Road Trip to Melaka / PD

    hehehe..maybe they all are busy :D i would like to go, but im in sarawak with my car already..hahahaha
  5. Check out this Coupe 3 monster hyundai owner above me too..hehehe :D how's ur car mr.ken and mr.cow?hehehe oh ya,this coupe is using 3s-gte engine
  6. My New Heart - 4G63T

    hehe..been fine,just nowdays more busier then ever...but surely miss the convoys :D
  7. My New Heart - 4G63T

    great stuff ken...finally there is another monster in HCC.. from now have to call taiko "big brother" ken..hehehe
  8. Gearbox oil

    sorry..been busy as for the redline oil, u can use MTL-90..for me, im currently using MTL. Performance wise both are almost the same...but if u compare with other fight la..hehehe..REDLINE all the way.But for auto,i think their got few other products...u should ask the dealer for...
  9. Gearbox oil

    Dude, You can try using redline or motul..both is almost the same in performance wise.But redline is abit cheaper then motul la..hehehe..smooth shifting :D Bump: Dude, You can try using redline or motul..both is almost the same in performance wise.But redline is abit cheaper then motul...
  10. Where to get Motul Oil in Kuching,Swk?

    ok bro..thanx
  11. Where to get Motul Oil in Kuching,Swk?

    Hi there...been wondering where i can get Motul Oil in Kuching?Any dealer from Kch?
  12. TT tonight

    min, bukan slut bar..tu da lain maksud...yang betul is strut bar :D
  13. TT tonight

    Wah..great outing la...when want to do it at Sarawak?hahahahahaha...rugi la me :D p/s: min,kenapa muka macam org bangun tido je?wahahahahahah
  14. Invitation card to join HCC

    Alang..u got pm :D
  15. Invitation card to join HCC

    alo guys...wats up?hehehe alangbudi, wanna ask u a favour,would u mind if i ask for the HCC sticker design softcopy?cause im thinking of get the sticker made :D
  16. NEW MEMBER : pop in for a quick intro

    hi calven, welcome to the club n nice ride ..and i notice ur car plate no is registered in kuching :D
  17. Kluang meet-up

    Sim, U see wenjings interior picture..u notice there a black selotape holding together the 2 piece?the holder that holding together the 2 pieces is broken in my i think i have to try send it to fiber shop to get it repaired,if not..have to think some other ways to hold the 2...
  18. Kluang meet-up

    Hey sim,..congrats for organizing an outing... :D i myself here still looking for coupe owners but it seems very hard to spot even one :( btw,alberts car looks awesome..and i notice that wenjing's rim is the same as dyue's rim :D it also seems that wenjings dashboard has then same problem...
  19. ZTH KuChiNG zone

    Hi guys, just wanna ask u guys,where in kuching can i repair or customize my dashboard?cos maybe i want to add few things on it,but i want it to be like one new this means fiber works on it..then got place can wrap it in leather or something like that?hehehe..thanx guys
  20. Dissapointment!

    D, for the time being i'll be in kch maybe for a few years before i get promoted to kl again..hehehe..but dont worry,if im in kl i'll give u guys a buzz,but i'll be not coming in a coupe but in a cab or tumpang one of u guys..hahahahahaha Sim, wat big target?i think im bigger than u...
  21. Dissapointment!

    D, yo man, yala..i dont even have the time to surf the net often nowdays,always on the move..really tiredsome..luckily got tongkat ali..hehehe Geez..i think the term "interesting & exciting" is based on each person perception on certain things..but really like what sandra said,it wouldnt...
  22. Dissapointment!

    Sim.. its just a figure of speech..hehehe..but about the big thingy part have to wait some confirmation from lenglui's first before i can say anything..hahahahahaha
  23. Dissapointment!

    hi again everyone.. :) long time didnt log many things happened ah?hehe dyeu, wah!extending ur stay over there ah?where the photo of the mamachitas over there?hahaha..i also been bored over here,cant really find any coupe frens here..hehehe,so just went convoy with other car clubs...
  24. TT Session & Meet Up Once A Month

    Hahaha..ill be around in kl often but my car dont have wings to fly around lar..hehehe..maybe i'll ask my gf to buy the new tiburon..then i can tumpang her lor..mauahahahahaha :P but if u guys come for vacation here do inform me :D.. ps..saw i maroon rd1 in kuching but didnt able to stop...
  25. TT Session & Meet Up Once A Month

    Dyeu, here hard to find rd1.But my fren did saw a orange color rd1 here in kuching..still seaching oo....hahahaha Daniel, transfered back just 2 weeks rd1 also just reached kch last thursday..hehe..if you guys do come here for holidays or whatsoever,just give me a buzz :)
  26. TT Session & Meet Up Once A Month

    Dyeu, dont even start about that little place...hehehe..but nice view..hehehe..sad wont be able to join u guys now.have to start my own recruitment in my hometown..hahaha..
  27. RM2.704/litre petrol effect(s) on your Coupe

    nic..use diesel or ngv powered vehicle then..hehehehe..diesel engine is more jimat then using petrol rite?
  28. ZTH KuChiNG zone

    rex, 21jun?hope my car reach kch be4 that..hehe.. aiyo..tua already ma,thats y typing also cincai cincai.. im from kch but just that i want feedback abt good mechanic and workshop so that i wont kena tiaw by safe ma :hmmmm:
  29. ZTH KuChiNG zone

    it seems alot of modified atos in kch ah??hehe..then hopefully can fine a good mechanic you guys often TT over there?might join u guys if im back already
  30. ZTH KuChiNG zone

    i already have SAFC but just asking becoz thought of upgrading my exhaust system when im back in kch..then after upgrading have to tune back o..unless got money and get unichip version q..hahahahaha..
  31. ZTH KuChiNG zone

    hello everyone.. i'll be transfering back to kch soon so just wanna ask any good workshop in kch to handle hyundai?and got places to tune SAFC 2?abit blur when it comes to workshops in kch :D thanx and cheers
  32. RD1 parts for sale

    Wei dyue,now only online ah..hows the mamachitas there?haha..thats what u call them before rite? :biggrin: oh ya,i wont be able to lepak at mcD equine later with you,gonna be transfered back to my cow,sorry kacau thread..:adore:
  33. RD1 parts for sale

    Wah, sim also going turbo la..hehhehe
  34. 1st HCC Anniversary @ Genting PHOTOS

    Sim, Yep..its a big NO time to check youtube ma.:slug:
  35. TT Session

    Hi guys.. been MIA for few weeks la..loong vacation.TT?Im in.Others?Oh ya,wanna cek out your "project" la ken..hehehe
  36. 1st HCC Anniversary @ Genting PHOTOS

    Hey guys n gals.. Been a long time didnt log on to the forum.wats up? :) Look wat i've found in youtube ...enjoy <object width="425" height="355"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed...
  37. <WTB> CeFiRo 2.0 M

    hi guys.. sorry to "intrude" but im currently looking for an A31 or 32 for my friend. Anyone selling do PM me or can contact my friend at 019 878 4404. Appreriate the help.Thank Cheers
  38. Gong Xi Fa Cai HCC!!

    Gong Xi Fa Cai guys & gals...oh ya,for those whom are married,pay up my angpow!! (follow ken's advice to become taiko)..hehehe..JOKING :P
  39. New shocks and springs

    Any day as long its not fridays :) wont only have McD drivethru but KFC drivethru also..besides a shopping mall and many food stalls n shop :)
  40. New shocks and springs

    Dyue, This wed is ok,let get together..Just tell me the time :) Nic, You're free rite? Anyone else??GX??hehe
  41. New shocks and springs

    Aiyo...3 coupe's in equine oh..hahaha..then can do equine gathering besides me and achdyue..hahaha
  42. LIving Li Vida Loca Coupe (Live it up Coupe Club)

    9 is a nice now i write my name..hehehe Clubz 1)wengfhai 2) Oscar 3) T.C.SIM 4) Sandra 5) Nic 6) ericmivec 7) Ken3182 8) ArchDyeu 9) SpitFire
  43. Coupe Owners.. Need your help..

    Use bomb proof window tints..sps around rm1600..hehehe And put "fireking" to good use,install it near the driver door..can burn unwanted what people in africa doing to thier car for extra protection against thief...hahahahah
  44. New shocks and springs

    Japan??Aiyo..your dream of that sponge bath will become true my fren..hehehe.When will you leave to Japan?
  45. Coupe Owners.. Need your help..

    Ehem..ehem..your forgeting some1 la sim..hahaha.. SAFC-2 is good if your going for NA tuning,but with SMT6 you can do more and can upgrade to turbo later.. :) (if your intended to do that).SAFC2 just takes control of the A/F ratio and it looks good in the cockpit.But it can only gain as much as...
  46. Coupe Owners.. Need your help..

    Fire you like hell?let me think..YUP!!!They dont like people asking the same question again and again.So you have to search for what you're looking 1st.
  47. Coupe Owners.. Need your help..

    Yo mang, I dont think anyone here done that upgrade but maybe in the certain future..hehe.About E-manage i'm not so sure but tuners in US prefers SMT-6 if im not mistaken.You can check it out at becafeful of what you ask them there..hehehehe.Hope this helps
  48. New shocks and springs

    Friday nite?friday nite i'm always booked..hehe..futsal nite la.Other days im quite free la.No need to draw,i'll bring the broucher instead.hehehe.By the way,i think they open everyday..hahaha
  49. New shocks and springs

    Hi Cow.. Long time no see..hehe..most of us not happy with our OEM suspension.So everyone discussing about what brand is best,beside going off topic once a while..heheh
  50. New shocks and springs

    aiyo..u guys have such big needs...ahahahah..if you guys do plan a get together,do inform ghostxray.I think he also would like to "feel" the TITANS..haha. Oh ya,anybody need a hotbits strut bar can get it from Speedworks at PJ.Contact no : 03 7955 5533.They also have adjustables suspensions...