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  1. Need help! Nissan A32 very Hard Start the Engine..

    Many things can be wrong: Engine: Poor compression. Do an engine leak test. Cold start thermo valve. Fuel: Fuel pump, fuel pressure regulator, fuel filter. Spark: Spark plugs, ignition coils.
  2. Cefiro excimo yr 2000 (2.0) ABS light-up

    Can be connection problem, can be sensor problem, can be ABS module problem. But before all this check to see that all 4 abs sensor are clean ans free from dirt and oil/grease. Also check and clean the abs sensor ring. Make sure all are clean and free from dirt/oil/grease. Check the ring...
  3. asuki shock absorber This is what i currently use.
  4. Teanna Brakes on A32?

    Not sure. I got A33 2.0L and A32 3.0L. The brakes on the A33 sucks compared to the 2pot A32 3.0L. Tried to find A32 2 pot in potong kereta but cannot find they all have A32 single pot. Confirm its the caliper as i checked master pump n booster is the same on my A32.
  5. My ceFIRO

    Yes the air filter suppose to stop the debris, but you know some people very smart what, never use air filter wan. You can also easily get a laminar air flow but also using a pack of straight straws and have the air flow through them like what mythbusters did when they needed laminar air flow.
  6. My ceFIRO

    Actually guys you shouldn't remove the wire mesh, apart from the obvious reason of stopping some rare large debris, its actually there for a more important reason. The reason is to have a laminar air flow through the hot wire sensor, this will allow a more precise and consistent air flowing...
  7. Radiator repair

    Wah triple core how much and where did you get it from?
  8. Cefiro A32 VQ20DE - RPM move up and down during overdrive

    well you dont know for sure if they actually tried another ecu. if the gear won't up shift between 2-3rd with out od, there has to be a signal problem, its very hard to help when there is so little info for us to work on, remember in order for the trans to aork properly, the trans has to be in...
  9. Turbo slow to build pressusre

    If you still have the problem, you might want to check the turbo actuator diaphragm for leak or boost control solenoid for leak and your vacuum hoses and tees for leaks also. You said boost is slow to spool up. did it still reach 1 bar? But slow? Or never reach 1 bar.
  10. Radiator repair

    If you can get good quality alu, get it. If not OE is fine. There is no design flaw in the OE, all cars need top casing and gasket replaced every few yrs. I'm still using my OE rad, just with top casing changed when signs of leak appear. Must always change coolant every 60,000km. I use toyota...
  11. cefiro a33 2.0 gearbox issue

    Yah the lose wire also a problem highlighted in nissan service bulletin as well.
  12. cefiro a33 2.0 gearbox issue

    Line pressure test ports are on the outside of the transmission on the right hand side if you are facing the front. Its currently blocked off with a nut and washer. You need specific gauges and test procedure to follow in order to test for line pressure. So if the line pressure is low there...
  13. cefiro a33 2.0 gearbox issue

    The flare is only a temporary fix. In a good working gearbox it doesn't happen and I have the same car and it doesn't happen. What you did is the first basic step which is change atf, filter and add a oil cooler. If it still happens go back to my earlier post and check the line pressure and...
  14. cefiro a33 2.0 gearbox issue

    Looks like either the clutch is going or its not getting the correct pressure. Go and check in the SC if the pressure is with in spec. It might be pressure control solenoid which is causing the problem.
  15. Giving my Makita RB a new lease of life...

    pics must have been deleted as his quota must be full.
  16. A33 VQ20DE Oil Cooler Leak

    I had an oil leak on my A33 VQ20DE. So when I need to change my engine oil I checked where the leak was from. So I found that the leak was coming from behind the oil filter and its a very obvious leak where you can actually see the oil dripping out. It drips out when the engine is cold and...
  17. DIY relocate emblem

    No lah I like things original and I already have a 3.0 V6 A32, so no need. Moreover malu lah also, for those who are into cefiros they will know its a 2.0L.
  18. DIY relocate emblem

    Yah its actually not so bad in real life, but in any case I redid it again and its now slightly higher and straight.
  19. DIY relocate emblem

    My Cefiro and 20G emblem was in the wrong position as the previous owner repainted the car and the painter didn't stick it back the right way. Also the adhesive also was coming off as they used poor quality double side foam tape. So since the emblem was coming off might as well do it...
  20. Water spots

    Sounds like acid based remover?
  21. Water spots

    It can discolour the glass making it blurr or opaque white. It cannot be removed. Even with glass polishing. Seems to happen only with some glass. There was an owner which had a similar problem with with tomcat watermark remover which is also acid based. So generally use the same care with...
  22. Installed AT cooler for A33

    Yah 40,000km to max 60,000km. 40,000km if mineral based and hydrocracked max 60,000km. I use SK DIII hydrocracked (synthetic characteristics but comes from mineral base oil) and change about 50,000km
  23. Installed AT cooler for A33

    Yes its universal. The fittings are from air cond shop as you can buy straight, bent 90 deg or 45 deg. China made, i got no idea, but most probably judging by the price and no brand. But works well so no complaints.:biggrin:
  24. Cefiro recommended tyre size

    Rpm and speedo will be about 5% more.
  25. Installed AT cooler for A33

    All a/t cars has an a/t cooler but its a liquid to liquid cooler. Meaning a/t fluid (liquid) being cooled by radiator fluid (liquid) thus liquid to liquid cooler. In Malaysia its more of an a/t heater as radiator fluid is usually 90c. You will need this if Malaysia has winter which goes below...
  26. Cefiro recommended tyre size

    Very slight on vq30 as gearing is tall but might be more obvious on vq20de as gearing is shorter. But very little diff only more obvious is speedometer reading.
  27. Getting a 2nd hand Mazda RX-7 1996

    If you do buy the car, keep the single turbo. It much less hassle. The stock twin turbos are a pain in the ass to get it working again and keep it working properly as its a sequential design. Its a real headache to make sure all the vacuum system works properly. Best if you don't go pass...
  28. Cefiro recommended tyre size

    I didn't really push it in the wet with the 195/65 but it did feel slightly more nervous and less reassuring. But its only very slight. I suggest you use 36psi front and 34/35 psi rear.
  29. Help,my cefiro a32 cannot go straight

    Yes. Mine did that even brand new from day 1 and still like that 300,000km and 16yrs later. :biggrin: That's the only real flaw in the A32 personally. Thank goodness they improved it on the A33.
  30. Cefiro recommended tyre size

    Tried both sizes on my a32 vq30de. No real diff in FC. Only 195/65 cheaper, less grip and feels a bit too small for the car. I went back to 205/65. More comfort. My a33 vq20de (yes I have both cefiros) I changed from 215 to 205 as its cheaper and easier to find, 215 also makes the steering...
  31. Help,my cefiro a32 cannot go straight

    My a32 will pull left when you have hands off the steering. Have been like that since new. But if alignment is done properly when you hold the steering straight it must track straight. Yes my car will not track straight and tends to follow road conditions at times. Therefore sometimes the...
  32. Getting a 2nd hand Mazda RX-7 1996

    You can PM him mah, he got post some pics in Autoworld detailing forum, its a silver VR4 but lazy to find. PM and and I'm sure he'll find it for you. :biggrin:
  33. Water spots

    Forma hero rain stain remover. Caution to always use on damp glass and damp cloth. Never put concentrate directly onto glass.
  34. Getting a 2nd hand Mazda RX-7 1996

    Since we're on S15, I like the look of this S15.
  35. Getting a 2nd hand Mazda RX-7 1996

    Seems like most people say S15 and everybody seems to agree that its the car with good all round performance with good parts availability. My 2cents about the S2000 vs S15. "You can always piss faster than can ever suck." a.k.a force induction.
  36. Getting a 2nd hand Mazda RX-7 1996

    Personally try to find a stock s15. Better don't but a moded one if can. Then add ecu, boost controller, full exhaust and air filter to get 320-350hp which is also limit of the stock clutch. Just nice for street and everyday drive and reliable. When you want 400hp and over that is where big...
  37. Getting a 2nd hand Mazda RX-7 1996

    Here is my 2 cents on rotaries. I owned one for many years and moded them and take the advise from me. 1. Most rotaries will last any where from 25,000km to 120,000km. Depending on how its taken care of. At 100,000km the apex seal are quite worn already and it wont take much to break...
  38. Help,my cefiro a32 cannot go straight

    You need to check all the rear suspension bushings on the beam axle, control arm etc in the rear. There are many there, check if they are cracked or broken.
  39. A33 Front Parking Sensor

    Yes quite accurate. But not much diff between 0.3m and 0m. 0 meters is about 0.5 to 1 foot away. I guess done on purpose for safety.
  40. A33 Suspension parts

    Call ski ghee ::::: Syarikat Sim Ghee Auto Supply PJ Sdn Bhd :::::
  41. Cefiro Club

    Can be wire connection problem from sensors to ecu. Can be ignition problem. Can also be crankshaft and/or camshaft sensor connection or sensor faulty. Camshaft sensor can have oil in the coupler as it leaks from inside out. Crankshaft sensor also can be dirty from all the engine oil and...
  42. Need Advise fr the aircond.....

    You need to check if got gas leak and do a full service ac. If the a/c is working well the A/C is very cold and very power! A/C not cold can be so many things lah. Can be gas leak, expansion valve spoil, compressor spoil, volume displacement valve (which is inside compressor, usually the valve...
  43. A33 Cefiro Fuel Consumption Figures

    Fuel consumption figures for my A33 are as follow. Mileage of car 130,000km. Car is fully stock with no mods. 11.89L/100km. Town driving with no jam and short to medium trips like 10-15km one way. 12-14L/100km. Town plus heavy idling and traffic jam. 8.96L/100km. 3 adults + 2 kids in...
  44. A33 Front Parking Sensor

    Went to brother's to get another front parking sensor as the original didn't work properly as it only worked 1 foot away and the display didn't work. The new one uses 4 sensors vs OE 2 sensors. So needed to make 2 extra holes. I used a 20mm hole saw so you get a nice perfect cut. The 2...
  45. A33 Cefiro Brake Hoses & Bendix MKT pads

    Just bought Pro-RS Teflon steel braided brake hoses and Bendix metal king titanium brake pads. Will install it tomorrow. Cannot tahan the OE brake hoses and the Tan Chong brake pads. All work will be DIY so can save money there. Also will be replacing the brake pedal brake light switch rubber...
  46. Fixed - A32 Cefiro RPM intermittent problem

    Re: UPDATED 28 Jul 2013 Fixed - A32 Cefiro RPM intermittent problem Yes confirm the problem fixed and the bad capacitor was the cause. Running well now.
  47. Installed AT cooler for A33

    Did it in seremban for RM250 including parts and labour.
  48. A33 Fuel Filter

    What I did is open the fuel cap to release any built up pressure. Then start the car and while it is running pull the fuel pump fuse and let it stall by itself. Then try to start the car again. If it fires let it run until it stalls. Keep on doing it until the car wont fire up and just...
  49. Installed AT cooler for A33

    I installed an AT cooler for my A33 just like I did for my A32. I bypassed the original cooler in the radiator so there is less heat load on the radiator and so that there is less change of the AT oil going pass 90deg. Most of all why I do this is because there will never be a chance that the...