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  1. A33 engine jerk problem

    Hi there. Through my experience for this particular engine, if one coil is faulty , we need to change all of the 6 coils. Otherwise the jerk problem will reoccur . So far nobody can give me a good reason for that. Even asked a few Nissan techie last time.

    Hi everyone, it’s been years since I’ve meddle with my A32 . I’m planning to get one scan tool soon as it’s fairly cheap nowadays and it’s easily available from online purchase. Anyone out there knows how many pins our ECM diagnostic socket has and whether it’s OBD 1 or OBD 2? By the way my...
  3. Need help! Nissan A32 very Hard Start the Engine..

    Fuel pump weak? Check the fuel pressure.
  4. OK This is how our Manual Transmission look like (in and out)

    Bro, can you take some vid on the car running on manual gears thks.
  5. Nissan Cefiro Marketplace Links - Parts & Others

    Why do you need that? Very seldom spoil . What's wrong with your car?
  6. OK This is how our Manual Transmission look like (in and out)

    What about other components to get the gearbox working like clutch paddle, clutch pump, flywheel, gearshift ,clutch plate, etc? What are the compatible item which we can get from other cars? Sorry for asking as mt Cefiro is super rare in Malaysia. Thks. ---------- Post added at 06:35 AM...
  7. .: Exhaust Modification Corner :.

    Bal Hp & Torque = original exhaust , lol!
  8. My ceFIRO

    My advice is never undo any wiring harness for diagnostic purpose , otherwise you will tear out your hair just to look for the idling problem, lol.
  9. .: Exhaust Modification Corner :.

    Bro kweng84, proton Wira 1.5(A) 4-2-1 or 4-1 extractor best . I like torque power fr 3 - 5k rpm. By the way exhaust already de-cat using ori muffler.
  10. Radiator repair

    Yeah aluminum rad is suppose to withstand the high boost ( equals high heat) turbo engines. I guess it's peanuts to cool our VQ engines, hehehe..
  11. My ceFIRO

    I thought the air filter already stop any large debris (or small) from reaching the afm? The air filter is supposed to do the filtering job rite? Hmm, maybe you might be right on the turbulent or the laminar flow theory ... I will find out this weekend.
  12. Radiator repair

    I've changed my top radiator cover almost every 2 years ( usually cracked top) until I've replaced the whole radiator with a aluminum rad. I am not sure whether it's cap ayam or cap itik but all I know is it's been 5 years already it is still gives sufficient cooling to my V6 engine. Yes, I...
  13. My ceFIRO

    Did you try to clean the throttle body and aacv idle valve? I've actually wasted rm200-00 bucks to replace the afm. I've cleaned the 'spoilt afm' and installed it to my a32 , walau eh, it runs like new !! Now I have 2 spare afms! Since I have the spare afm , I have delete the mash in the...
  14. Radiator repair

    Top plastic cover rad rm200++. Aluminum radiator rad rm550-00 , very durable unless accident . Now which is more worth it?
  15. PLan to buy A32 but cannot decide 2.0 or 2.5

    2.5 road tax ok as compared to 3.0l. 2.0 really underpowered . Pick up even lose to a vios or myvi!
  16. My ceFIRO

    My problem solved! Weikee was right ! It was the Airflow meter , after changing it the engine ran smoothly again. By the way the afm cost about rm200-00 Halfcut condition.
  17. My ceFIRO

    Weikee , did you chg the AAC and afm too?
  18. My ceFIRO

    Seizei, have you solve your idle problem? My turn of having the stupid idle problem , goes below 500rpm even when coasting ! Let me know pls as I don't want my mech to start changing all the car parts to identify my car idle problem. I suspect the following defects:- 1) cam sensor 2) afm 3)...
  19. rear bottoming going over speed bumps

  20. Honda Civic Sb3

    ###s o l d###### thank you...
  21. Honda Civic Sb3

    Photos Title Honda Civic SB3 Details Make:Honda Model:Civic Year:1984 Transmission:Auto Location:Selangor Mileage:350,000 km Description New paint, sport rims, new windscreen ,running condition , etc. Engine & Performance : Year make : 1984/89 Stock standard engine Automatic...
  22. Honda Sb3

    Cuba hang login FB - join Malaysian SB3 Club. Sana ada ramai kawan- kawan SB3 di seluruh Tanahair. Sekian Terima kasih.. :proud:
  23. A33 Front Parking Sensor

    Is it accurate?
  24. Honda Sb3

    2013 2 16 very interesting! ---------- Post added at 04:22 PM ---------- 6 hour anti-bump limit - Previous post was at 04:19 PM ---------- Osaka JDM Civic AH - Dented And Scratched - Honda Tuning Magazine Info on the Civic Wonder!
  25. A32 and A33 comparison

    Buy my car lah , A32 maintenance/secondhand parts (cheaper than proton/mitsubishi or honda) very cheap lah! car very reliable! Minyak ok lah. Better than driving a Wira or perdana! Very comfortable. **A33 parts harder to get and more expensive**
  26. Cefiro A33 VQ20 Engine Dead / KO - Need advise

    Bro, if u haven't bought the half cut, pls check the colour of ur radiator fluid , if burnt gasket the fluid would become like teh tarik! Back to basics: I would check the fuel system first ie; fuel pump , fuel filter. ( whether there is fuel) and spark fr each coil before buying the whole half...
  27. A32 3.0L Water Heater

    Bro u got that right! I hv been using the u pipe for many years no problem!
  28. A32 2.0 2011 Fatty and issues

    External cooler is always good for g/box, engine oil , axle oil, power steering , etc. But i don't see any reason why u need to install it in the ceffie as they do not have overheating issues like PV6 AT...
  29. Nissan cefiro v6 2.0 (a)

    Engine & Performance : Year make : 1997 Stock standard Nissan VQ20 Automatic Transmission Ground cable New Fuel Filter Chassis and Exterior : WHITE CRYSTAL JDM body kit (front & side skirts) Rear VIP Spoiler 17" Limited Edition sport rims Front Dunlop D1 Sport tyre Rear...
  30. 2002 a33 with vq25dd issue - black smoke and sputtering on acceleration

    I 'll put my ringgit on the air flow meter.
  31. A32 oil absorber?

    Hwl not adjustables coilover meh?
  32. A32 oil absorber?

    Ming_Fei , I think you can get Apm fr Malaysia or tokico fr Jpn fr any renown Spare part shop.yes, I know tokico feels stiffer than the oil filled abs but it really helps during highspeed driving. Anyways it is alot softer than my civic.
  33. A32 oil absorber?

    Why do you need oil filled abs? It's like going back in time. Recently I've changed my rear tokico shocks fr Jpn, my A32 drives like a new car! The car handles better during highway corner.
  34. Carburetor Section

    Nobody play with carbs anymore? Helloooo????
  35. Honda Sb3

    tokico or convert to ef:proud:9
  36. A32 EGR Tube cleaning

    12savefuel, did you hacksaw of one of the screw to get the egr off? Do we need to remove the IM in order to get to the EGR tube or just remove the the air intake rubber hose plus AFM and IACV? Just wanted to clean up some gunk in the EGR too. BTW , do you have any pics on the the removal and...
  37. OK This is how our Manual Transmission look like (in and out)

    Converting final drive to smaller ratio ? Does this compromise the pick up coz it will have longer legs on every gear change..
  38. Welcome to Cefiro Club Malaysia

    If you want comfort just stick to ori. But if you like winding roads go for adjustables. Thanks SB3.
  39. Cefiro Club

    High AlexKRD, First and foremost , can i ask why do you mix and match VQ25 and VQ30 wiring and engine and 2.0 G/Box ? I wouldn't want put this frankenstein in my car unless your mech have done it b4 . It will create a whole load drivability problems. Second question , if the A/F is the problem...
  40. Head gasket issue - A33 cefiro

    You can see water in your overflow tank boiling and oil traces in the radiator.
  41. Honda Sb3

    Eg disc caliper swap to front sb3 brakes?
  42. upgrade or buy another one ..? FD2/FD2R

    Just for your info, someone from the 8th gen just swap the cams and piston to type r (including reflash ecu) for just under 10k. Dynoed run yield ard 180whp! Of course if u want the type r suspension, brakes, interior, exterior , mt, stiffer body, get the ori JDM TYPE R..
  43. Potential buyer of A32 Anyone?
  44. Nissan Cefiro V6 2.0 (A)

    price nego
  45. Planning to buy a nissan cefiro a31/a32

    Having a A32 2.0 if u are interested. PM me.
  46. Potential buyer of A32

    Bro Xtec , Hi ! long time no hear from you ! Reason to sell my ride is becoz of limited parking lots available. Seen my car recently? It wears a crystal white paint now with hids 4300k. What about you ? Still in S'pore of Penang ? Still having the A32?:smokin:
  47. Nissan Cefiro V6 2.0 (A)

    Rm22,500.00 nego
  48. Nissan Cefiro V6 2.0 (A)

    Rm22,500.00 nego