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  1. My ceFIRO

    Usually is the Battery problem, not enough juice to turn the starter.
  2. My ceFIRO

    Mine happen after engine fully warm up, and drove for minimal 20mins. Think the engine bay heat may have heat up the AFM making it go crazy. The car feel sluggish, and RPM may drop when you try to accelerate from standstill. ---------- Post added at 01:05 AM ---------- 6 hour anti-bump limit...
  3. My ceFIRO

    Chopshop. Same as skyline r34 gtt (rb25) very common. Think rb20det also used the same afm.
  4. My ceFIRO

    Maybe is the afm. Had this problem twice. I clean the AFM with CRC contact cleaner (non oil based). I have a spare AFM, just clean the AFM with CRC and let it dry for few hours, then swap out my car AFM. Keep the dirty AFM in the store.
  5. neo

    When Malaysia introduce Ron-95, motortrader and other auto magazine already publish what car can use. Cefiro A32 and A33 is advice able to use 97. Go search the old news. And Japan mostly use high octane fuels. You can try 95 for few tank, you know the difference. Even my wife can tell the...
  6. neo

    Highest as possible. 97
  7. A32 3.0L Water Heater

    My heater hose burst, now temporary bypass. Sim Gee do sell the local made hose, but no stock. Yes, with water heater, temperature is much better. When we set to 22c, the temperature is constant at around the temperature. Without it, you feel sudden chill, than not cold and come back chilled...
  8. performance parts for vq30

    Put in a SR20DET
  9. A33 head gasket leaking

    Time to change oil seal from top to bottom. This VQ will start leaking after 100+kkm. Change the valve cover nut too.
  10. Need all Cefiro member to give opinion & info on A32...

    Even converter, you need to spend few thousand for oil seal, suspension and parts. That maybe another 4 to 5k.
  11. Need all Cefiro member to give opinion & info on A32...

    01) 1/2 cut Range from 3.5k to 5k 02) Not sure, maybe around 3k for taiwan parts. The original bumber is around 900 for front, the headlight is RM 550 each, and the spotlight is RM 300 each (you need 4). you do the math. 03) If you need, will have to special order maybe 1k (not sure), wiring...
  12. Transplant to VQ25DD from A33

    You still are doing timing retard, anyway is still lost of power. How effective, i am not sure. I only can tell you when i pump 95 into my fatty 3L, my wife can tell the difference when she drive.
  13. Transplant to VQ25DD from A33

    VQ is best to use 97. Even 2.5
  14. Cefiro water hose

    Nope, but i am not sure what other cause.
  15. Cefiro water hose

    Sure have to change la, else walk to work meh? Now all change but i find the water pressure build up are high. Water hose very very tight.
  16. Cefiro water hose

    Anyone got experience on Fatty water hose? My A32 water hose are cracking and leaking one after another. First is the heater hose, now is the L hose in front of the engine. What next... dam.
  17. Nissan cefiro air cond control panel

    Life is about helping other. Enjoy.
  18. Nissan cefiro air cond control panel

    Is not the A/C panel problem. Is the power transistor in the cooling coil. 01) If you did a/c service recently maybe the copper pipe touch the transistor heat sink and that also trigger it to auto start at 3rd speed. 02) You have a faulty power transistor. Get from chop shop is about RM...
  19. Unable to Shift gears

    That is because the level are not correctly adjust. Your mechanic need to readjust. It happen when you dismantle out the for service. The apply brake to move out from P is a safety feature. Imagine someone / kid play on the idle car when you park somewhere. Kid go play the auto stick.
  20. Unable to Shift gears

    And need to apply brake to move out from P :) incase you don't know.
  21. A32 3.0L CKD Speed Cut

    Can lah. Last time my 3L sick engine can go 205 no problem.
  22. A32 3.0L CKD Speed Cut

    Looking at my friend extract data from nistune. When it go above certain speed (think is 200), the ecu will retard the timing like crazy making the car powerless. Hence you feel after about 200 you feel it can't go further.
  23. A32 Brake Pump Status !!

    On NA not so easy, cause when full throttle you only got few sec to play around. Usually the brake vacuum reserved can be good for few "stepping"
  24. A32 Brake Pump Status !!

    Not sure what car you driving. Some big cc car have a reserved vacuum tank because when engine on boost it will have no vacuum supply to the brake. So if you have a bigger vacuum reserved just use your left leg slowly apply brake and do it few round and you notice your brake getting harder and...
  25. A32 Brake Pump Status !!

    Last time when i drove a turbo car, when the engine is on boost >0, It will have no vacuum. And brake will only function if the reserved vacuum is available. Lucky enough i don't need so much braking when it go on boost. Thos still driving turbo car give it a try, when on boost try step on...
  26. A32 Brake Pump Status !!

    When engine off, it sure have problem la, cause no more vacuum mah.
  27. A32 Brake Pump Status !!

    Many years back yes, not the last year or this year. No more. The same A33 and A32 is for A32 2L, 3L is difference.
  28. A32 Brake Pump Status !!

    Malaysia TC don't bring in Japan Original brake pad for A32 anymore. If not mistaken the one selling is local / key-value. Original usually cost RM 4xx to 6xx. If anyone got to know where they selling let me know.
  29. A32 Brake Pump Status !!

    Don't know. It come with the 1/2 cut when i swap my engine.
  30. A32 Brake Pump Status !!

    Don't know. Do vacuum test maybe? Funny, the JDM 3L with higher HP come only with single pot. And I find after putting the JDM master pump + my current 2 pot brake. Is much better. Now with the metallic pad it feel so much like a brake :) Feel like: Apply brake today, stop today. But I want...
  31. A32 Brake Pump Status !!

    If you go downhill rely on brake only is very dangerous. Unless you have very big disc and good racing pad. Use 2nd gear, and 1st if required. I go up and down many times no problem. Hardly apply more than 30 sec brake. Use engine braking. Try flush your brake fluid. If you want better braking...
  32. Engine shut off while driving

    Can be AFM problem too. Try change it or clean it with CRC-contact cleaner. For 1/2 cut shopping try Deluxe @ Puchong. My friend got an a32 2.5L 1/2 cut from them.
  33. Transplant to VQ25DD from A33

    I find even tho is better, original still the best for recommend mileage. Try so much difference brand and type when i drove the SR16VE. End up importing the original plug from Japan. Furthermore i don't stress the VQ plug > 80kkm, so better stick with the original.
  34. Transplant to VQ25DD from A33

    About the same as Original Platinum. Thought is cheaper.
  35. Transplant to VQ25DD from A33

    How much did you get the Denso Iridium VK ?
  36. Transplant to VQ25DD from A33

    Use back the original lah. But not cheap also.
  37. Transplant to VQ25DD from A33

    Depend the chop shop. some bring back all. My A32 3L 1/2 cut, not a single wires are cut. From front to the rear all in tag. Except the Air bag.
  38. Transplant to VQ25DD from A33

    Mount should be the same. Doing so you loose power cause the ratio of 3L is for 3L engine. but you are using 3L box for 2.5L engine.
  39. Transplant to VQ25DD from A33

    VQ30DE who say takada. I am driving one using JDM VQ30DE. The Chopshop fellow you talk to don't know anything about Nissan cefiro. Can't recall land here is DD or DE for A33, maybe you are right. But still you won't get any better FC.
  40. Transplant to VQ25DD from A33

    Your 3L is already DD, so downgrade to 2.5, do you think will be same? The is final drive is difference. You can achieve similar HP, but not torque. There is a reason why they made 2.5L and 3L engine. If both similar why want to make 3L?
  41. Transplant to VQ25DD from A33

    Fuse wise you don't save much cause the car is heavy. If you travel more on highway you may loose fuel consumption vs 3L
  42. better gearbox for a33 cefiro?

    RPM? i reach red line for 1st 2nd until engine cut. so if you want 3rd gear also no problem.
  43. My A33 air cond blower stop working suddently

    I never really try measure it. So can't tell. What is the Fuse for the blower? if its 15amp, think 10amp maybe ok. Not sure if the blower got any watt indicator, If it have how many watt. So can calculate how many Amp it take.
  44. My A33 air cond blower stop working suddently

    The power transistor do generate lots of heat, that is why is place in the cooling coil. Faulty blower can drain large current from Power transistor too. So you need to do the guessing.
  45. My A33 air cond blower stop working suddently

    The valve inside the cooling coil have copper, and is ground. Could be during the service of my a/c, the guy bend the copper and nearly touch the heat sink of the power transistor. So after so many months of bump and hump the copper move and short the heat sink loh. The Power transistor is -ve...
  46. better gearbox for a33 cefiro?

    Drivetrain Model RE4F04V 1st Gear Ratio 2.785 2nd Gear Ratio 1.545 3rd Gear Ratio 1.000 4th Gear Ratio 0.694 Reverse Gear Ratio 2.272 Final Drive Ratio 3.619 At 3K rpm, is about 132Km/h, 140km/h on meter because the meter are off by 5 -6% [3000 rpm on 123km AT(last batch), highway...
  47. help E-manage A32 VQ20

    What petrol are you using? try Ron 97 if it help
  48. better gearbox for a33 cefiro?

    [3000 rpm on 123km AT(last batch), highway 13.5+-km, normal road 11+-km] is for 3L, you won't get this on 2L unless you swap it with 3L car.
  49. My A33 air cond blower stop working suddently

    I got mine for RM 50 at chop shop. New one at Sim Gee around 160+-. Not original. Best is i did not even use it after i brought it. Cause the problem was a copper cable in the cooling coil short my power transistor, that make my power transistor go to high fan speed.
  50. A32 3.0L CKD Speed Cut

    CBU will have speed cut. The Meter are of by 5 - 6%, so your speed cut will be around 192 +-