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  1. ST 150 & AT 151 Corona

    wow 2o2r, never realized that haven't logged in to this page for a long time... hope all our friends here are not lost...
  2. ST 150 & AT 151 Corona

    wow what a mighty project u took on! and to make it 4wd drive it think? well i can get all the parts that u need for ur car, but the cost of shipping is gonna be the biggest headache with all the customs clearance and all the other chargers including packaging...
  3. Nissan Sentra N16 on cold start car not moving when engage to "D"

    bro cuppy...wht did u do to settle ur gearbox problem?mine has the same issue now.......
  4. ST 150 & AT 151 Corona

    Re: AT 151 Headlights --- any other options? only 2 choices bro, the jdm spec or the local spec...
  5. ST 150 & AT 151 Corona

    bro honestly, ur denying the inevitable, u will go full circle b4 going finally to a 4age silvertop or blacktop...don't waste anymore cash...just think back how much u've spent on the current engine and the 4afe that ur planning on converting, than compare with the 4age's....:smokin:
  6. ST 150 & AT 151 Corona

    hey guys, for those who can't find the page, leave ur email in my pm or rage or 2o2r or vince or anyone who is already on the tco page...we can add u... ---------- Post added at 04:11 PM ---------- 6 hour anti-bump limit - Previous post was at 04:10 PM ---------- wow! finally a wagon owner...
  7. ST 150 & AT 151 Corona

    hey guys! anyone new on board who just got them self a corona??? all those looking for parts already find??
  8. ST 150 & AT 151 Corona

    hey there! well ali_trd83, u looking for stuff?? i can help u get them like i got for vince... belanja teh tarik la when u pick them up ok?
  9. ST 150 & AT 151 Corona

    vince! ok mah 5 ppl came for tt...others all missing in action lor... now with our ragerunner got license done for sure got more cars after this!
  10. ST 150 & AT 151 Corona

    no problem bout the time rage, can be adjusted to india timing... other not coming ah??? phileos, xmika , levin, genting sifu???
  11. Toyota vs FD2R

    well honestly if we look at what went on none of these need to happen??? y u want to protect the brand u love so much??? they pay u ah??? or u work as salesman at the showroom??but let me share my experience with my toyota at banting old road.... at the traffic lights i took off first on first...
  12. ST 150 & AT 151 Corona

    bumper depan jepang bro... ---------- Post added at 01:15 AM ---------- 6 hour anti-bump limit - Previous post was at 01:13 AM ---------- others how??? can make it or not??? i was thinkin maybe meet up in pj this time or puchong...
  13. ST 150 & AT 151 Corona

    28th we tt! how everybody??? place up for discussion time 7pm 1)corona_ice
  14. ST 150 & AT 151 Corona

    good to hear that! clearing the roads already for u.... ahhhhh...the subang airport road also cleared ady but can't get the tire marks near the roundabout to wash off la.... i think very good tires made that mark la...
  15. ST 150 & AT 151 Corona

    welcome bong jun xiong... getting all of those parts easy only... it all depends on how rajin u are only... correct or not vincelee, black910 and ragerunner? give me a call we meet up... guys got one more user to add to our group ady!
  16. ST 150 & AT 151 Corona

    vince if i'm not mistaken, it'll cost around 280 for the 4point, and another 30 or 40 for the installation...
  17. ST 150 & AT 151 Corona

    i'm currently diggin my piggy bank to get my 4 point as well...just that i keep finding small issues to settle after changing the absorbers... alot of tiny things to get settled... well if everything goes right should be done by october...
  18. ST 150 & AT 151 Corona

    sky, post sum pictures easier to sell what we can see... otherwise buta buta sell than buyer will be pissed at us... crazee: wow bro the full set that u want to sell is a bit pricey... but good luck buddy!
  19. ST 150 & AT 151 Corona

    yalor vince not fast rite??? seaissky, which type u want??? i have the malaysian market type or i can get for u the japan market type also...
  20. ST 150 & AT 151 Corona

    not really la... slow slow only...haven't reach 202km/h yet!:biggrin:
  21. 3S-FE,GE,GTE Discussion/Gathering

    hey guys...y didn't see any of u all during the omg in pd??? it was good!
  22. ST 150 & AT 151 Corona

    omg was good! it was hellova fun driving with vince to pd anyway! and on the way back with prem was good also! 3 speedsters amigos!
  23. ST 150 & AT 151 Corona

    hey guys anyone else coming down to pd for the ol skool gathering??? ---------- Post added at 10:01 PM ---------- 6 hour anti-bump limit - Previous post was at 08:54 PM ---------- i'll be down on saturday, but the event only start on sunday bro...
  24. ST 150 & AT 151 Corona

    wooooo...pancing lor!!!!!:nurse:
  25. ST 150 & AT 151 Corona

    well just remember the golden rule for toyota, if ur car body came with a 4a engine change to any 4a series engine, if it came with 1s series change to any 3s series engine...u would not need to mod any engine mounting so it will pass any inspection...
  26. ST 150 & AT 151 Corona

    what i learned when running my old 1s engine... 1) boss u change thinker oil can kautim one! (what happens is that when running on thinker oil, it is harder for the oil to reach the piston ring and enter the combustion chamber, but there still will be oil leaking in to it and so u will still be...
  27. ST 150 & AT 151 Corona

    good question... but i don't think u need it! :biggrin:
  28. ST 150 & AT 151 Corona

    don't bang ur head so much... after get headache.... just replace only la... go to jalan ipoh...can buy new summore...
  29. ST 150 & AT 151 Corona

    i'm coming!!! aisey bro, i don't know what the mec did with my engine otherwise, carb and electronic distributor also got....
  30. ST 150 & AT 151 Corona

    WOOHOO!!! rage is back! dei bro... car with or without still post la... well once u come back i think u need to install e manage ady la... coz vince car flying like crazy ady... yesterday he said on highway ady potong e7 lor!!! but when i sit in his car i did like the pick up... so u next than...
  31. ST 150 & AT 151 Corona

    no la vince, he already got the blacktop engine, so he only needs the body... well if ur wondering what vince is talking about, refer to this car, Toyota Corona - Cars for sale Kuala Lumpur -
  32. ST 150 & AT 151 Corona

    follow this advise or buy a cheap ae92 and dump in everything...easier to settle the brake issue also...:smokin:
  33. ST 150 & AT 151 Corona

    got sum la...but the car pictures not clear la... too dark...:adore:
  34. ST 150 & AT 151 Corona

    ooopss!!:embarassed: where that fellow ah! damn slow la him...
  35. ST 150 & AT 151 Corona

    i guess u guys guessed the correct guess that i ask to guess to.....:hmmmm: and a very good observation black910!:adore: but personally i don't know how 2o2r gonna rectify what we need as we all carry different loads!
  36. ST 150 & AT 151 Corona

    in order for this not to happen, we need a chaperone...i can only think of one person:idea: 1 guess who!!:biggrin:
  37. ST 150 & AT 151 Corona

    hahaha!!!! by the way nice meey up! had the most coronas turn since sum time.... 6 last nite... still sad rite??? we haven't reached double digits yet... but we're getting there! waitin for any other tt or drives to come!
  38. ST 150 & AT 151 Corona

    yes that's the one!
  39. ST 150 & AT 151 Corona

    aisey...i hope we all don't go around like headless chickens today... ok like this, me, mika and phileos will meet up by 10.30pm.... 10.31 we start moving to sg.besi highway.... than levin92, can we meet u at the petronas heading to kl on the sg.besi highway??? the one with the mc'd?? after that...
  40. ST 150 & AT 151 Corona

    hehehe! The wonderful english language manipulated by the mexicans slang... But should have thought of caltex!
  41. ST 150 & AT 151 Corona

    ok guys so i'll meet u there at esso at 10pm.....
  42. ST 150 & AT 151 Corona

    ok so final meet up time??? phileos?? 10pm?? coz u need to give ur self time to drive and come to esso sunway pyramid... i'm good with that time too...
  43. ST 150 & AT 151 Corona

    ok so this saturday rite... i'll be coming from sunway if i don't have to pick up eddy in cheras... where can i meet any of u coz i really don't know the way to the satay place.... i hope eddy comes so that he can get the pictures coz he's our official unofficial photographer for st150 and at151...
  44. ST 150 & AT 151 Corona

    wow that's a lot of place to go... well phileos...narrow it down set a date and time fast so that i don't double book myself... plus so that i can inform toyota buruk and the others as well... p.s don't la suggest smelly place all!!! and possible parking nearby la... my baby don't like to be...
  45. ST 150 & AT 151 Corona

    hey philioes.... what's the update on the meet the way the coordinates u gave was for the klang one.. thought u wanted sumthing nearer to pj???
  46. ST 150 & AT 151 Corona

    what did the tyre guy say when he change ur tyres??? drive shaft good? rims good? absorbers good??
  47. ST 150 & AT 151 Corona

    that looks better!! my bad for not thinkin of rossi the doctor!!!
  48. ST 150 & AT 151 Corona

    ya lor...imagine the rxz all used for racing now after this ur engine, kasi korek blok, and than take out the fiber from ur exhaust and rempittttt...preng preng!!!!:thefinger: well all i can say is i love 2.0!!! fantastic pick up, and the torque, heavenly:adore:...
  49. ST 150 & AT 151 Corona

    tvis one no point seremban a chopshop wanted to sell to me a floor unit with gearbox and wiring for 1000 only... yes xmika...that's true...only the writing only...
  50. ST 150 & AT 151 Corona

    good info man... but the 2nd gen engine is from the mr2 model....u didn't show mine...from celica...