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  1. NA to Evo 4 turbo

    Here's my reply on RED font. Hope it helps and correct me if im wrong.
  2. coilovers

    u gonna need the evo front driveshaft and steering rack in order to install evo knuckle. everything else can use back airtrek parts. for the rear brembo, need to mod abit at hole to install at airtrek knuckle. hope this helps.
  3. Satria neo campro modification done, 117 hp only

    normally efi with fuel return line no need to change fuel rail, but aftermarket fuel rail increase the flow capacity for future mods or higher HP mods later. It all depends on your target.
  4. Newbee with airtrek T, can run on RON95 ? really need to remap to use ron 95?

    i agree with izso. try check spark plug first, then start from there. if the jerking hard+sharp, normally its ignition issue. try check also worn out or loose socket. mitsu have alot of reput socket.
  5. Newbee with airtrek T, can run on RON95 ? really need to remap to use ron 95?

    im no sifu la.. just a guy used to own airtrek for 7 years.. sharing is caring..
  6. Newbee with airtrek T, can run on RON95 ? really need to remap to use ron 95?

    airtrek turbo needs 4.5L (approx.) for engine oil and recommend to use 40 series viscosity or higher as per mileage increase. and yes airtrek turbo are also 4G63 turbo which the engine taken from Evo 5 and gearbox from evo 7.5 gta while turbo is a TD04HL shares with RVR 2nd gen. running on 450cc...
  7. Newbee with airtrek T, can run on RON95 ? really need to remap to use ron 95?

    Airtrek turbo can use ron95 from factory as it was tuned to run on ron95. stock map are running on much rich side to protect fuel starvation or overboost. so a lot of my airtrek friends do reflash tune to run more efficient FC and more power (on demand). there are few names of reflash tuner for...
  8. B20 full race engine keeps blowing out

    1. Engine not tuned properly. knocking badly or too lean. 2. Poor engine blueprint (clearance) 3. Engine oil seized or too hot 4. driver over revving and poor shifting 5. any other unknown reason
  9. Airtrek Parts Enquiry

    kat actual sepang xde la.. kalau on the road tuner ade sideq slalu tune kat area bangi. kalau nak dyno tuning pon ade. nak kene cari contact.
  10. Airtrek Parts Enquiry

    bro stay area mana? ade beberapa tuner kalau perlu.
  11. Airtrek Parts Enquiry

    i dont know the maintenance cost of a citra, but airtrek cant promise u better result. it all depends on how the previous owner took car of the airtrek. u need to track down all the maintenance parts so u can minimize un expected breakdown. on all of it, airtrek its pretty old tiger. so u need...
  12. Airtrek Parts Enquiry

    Like bro stutz said earlier, stock airtrek is not a fast car. but the potential is very high. we have so many tuned up fast airtrek on the street even got a manual trans swap. with so many evo performance parts to choose, its only a matter of budget and time. Or u can always let it mild tuned...
  13. Airtrek Parts Enquiry

    easy bro.. get 1 new reliable super fuel efficient car for your wife. reward yourself with the fire breathing turbo car like airtrek.:beer:
  14. Airtrek Parts Enquiry

    Parts are still reachable and can also source new from an authorized supplier such as Bintang auto parts (the best airtrek evo supplier i could recommend). some parts can use from halfcut shop, some are better buy new.. so u have to be smart. or if u have unlimited budget, just get all new parts..
  15. Airtrek Parts Enquiry

    hard to say recurring, but there is some common issues.. such as crack stock turbo manifold (normally occur after 10+ years), stepper motor (Idling motor) kong, MAF sensor kong, stock radiator fan kong, EGR dirty need to be clean, crank sensor faulty (after very long years), gearbox wave spring...
  16. Golf mk6 gti

    try get a mechanic to check your High pressure fuel pump. looks like a fuel starving from a leaky HPFP.
  17. Airtrek Parts Enquiry

    dude, just get airtrek instead of suprima.. why? because it shares an evo parts more than u know. it shares "C" chasis as airtrek are Cu2w/Cu4w while evo are also Ce9a or CT9a bla bla bla.. Engine internal were taken from evo 5 (include piston, conrod, crank, balance shaft). the Invecs 2...
  18. Perdana v6 : Road to 300whp.... and beyond

    get a good sets of pad bro..
  19. Best of the best engine oils

    i've tried once.. i would say slightly better than original one due to their internal got magnet that traps metal dust. and some of those performance oil filter even have better flow and resulting in better oil pressure or consistent pressure. those 4g63t are really need that consistency to run...
  20. Conversion GSR 1.8 Turbo (4G93T) - Wira/Satria/Putra

    so far it sounds good enuf. adjustable pillowball will give you front camber tuning thus can add extra cornering traction. but so far it good now for street. give your car run first then start mod fro there. dont over mod your car just yet cause u cant feel that minor adjustment after modding.
  21. Conversion GSR 1.8 Turbo (4G93T) - Wira/Satria/Putra

    i dont think the stock+good condition engine can go overboost without a reason.. might be something wrong with vacuum hose..
  22. RPM drop and temperature drop

    the ECU and TCU does relearn after take off battery. but sometimes it doesnt, there's a idle screw at throttle body in case you need to increse idle..
  23. Happy New Year to everyone in MAC!

    happy new year guys... missed my airtrek already...:bawling:
  24. Conversion GSR 1.8 Turbo (4G93T) - Wira/Satria/Putra

    or maybe can get other engine option as well.. such as 4g93 sohc.. or 4g67 block with 4g63t kit.. get RVR cheaper than evo..
  25. Tire Price list Zth

    anyone here use rovelo road racer.. its their so called semi slick or Extreme tyre..
  26. Proton Exora 4 to 6 speed auto swap.

    i know there one specialist workshop for proton "punch" transmission at glenmarie cove/pandamaran opposite BHP. U might get some technical infos and cost info there..
  27. Proton Exora 4 to 6 speed auto swap.

    come on guys.. don't have to be that rude.. maybe selling and buying the cvt exora wasn't even an option for him. this is automotive forum. Anyone can do anything to their own car right.. no judging.. you have to seek advise from proton GBox expert on these compatible issue.. the Gbox might not...
  28. Project Kancil Moderno with EJ1000 TD04L

    tear off chasis is mainly due to corroded body and hard solid mounting.. and aalot of those tear off chasis are those crazy power dragster..
  29. Project Kancil Moderno with EJ1000 TD04L

    alot of those SNF kancil were 150ish whp.. handles like a true FF race car..
  30. Project Kancil Moderno with EJ1000 TD04L

    i would recommend to get a semi slick.. such as Achilles ATR-K or AD08r
  31. Opinion on nissan b13 with sr20ve 20v?

    not sure if its a 20 valve engine, i thought its a neo-vvl engine like those vtec mivec..
  32. Project Kancil Moderno with EJ1000 TD04L

    wow.. quite alot of budget there for a kancil i would never had thought. better discuss with mechanic if there any aftermarket parts that are less important to buy, better focus on parts that are critical and important for the build.. goodluck bro
  33. Mazda & Ford Marketplace Links - Parts & Others

    yea.. new mazda/ford are ctually quite expensive.. but cant blame mazda on the price. their car comes with new tech stuff like skyactiv all that..
  34. Mazda & Ford Marketplace Links - Parts & Others

    wow.. mazda/ford forum really have been slept for ages..
  35. Need Opinion on Fun Hatchback to Drive

    Dude, torque steer is the fun part..:driver:
  36. Need Opinion on Fun Hatchback to Drive

    why not get a mazda 3 mps instead.. more Fun/kg.. easy and cheaper to maintain fwd manual trans..:nurse:
  37. Project Kancil Moderno with EJ1000 TD04L

    mind if i share some thought for the engine built? here's some of my thought. So far its a good built as the mech knows some weak part and change to new parts such as all bolts and nuts.. FYI, Close friend of mine crank up the boost up to 1.8 bar on 72mm kelisa piston and stock L2s conrod and...
  38. Elantra Sport

    Mazda 2 also good choice.. ecu can be reflash..
  39. Elantra Sport

    i vote for 208 gti stick shift.. saw it sells cheap.
  40. Your experience with Airtrek...

    and also that signature idling.. brap brap brap
  41. Your experience with Airtrek...

    eventho one find new love, there's still some sentimental memory with trek..
  42. Your experience with Airtrek...

    u are right uncle.. he kept talking bout his trek since he sold it off.. i missed mine too..:bawling:
  43. Satria evo or vtec???

    u are wrong at the gsr changing to lower compression as evo 123 are higher compression than gsr. mostly evo are the one struggling with high compression piston limitation. they are the one will swap to lower compression piston before gsr. boosting at 1.5 will blow evo first before gsr. just...
  44. Show us your Mitsubishi Airtrek pictures...

    U can seek ah wah (airtrek specialist) behind merc showroom kinrara or pandawerk (can search at fb) at glenmarie. my old trek are using cheap HKS SQV and so far no stalling issue as long as its air tight installation. other BOV i never tried but few are ok to use such as Greedy type S and type...
  45. Satria evo or vtec???

    i have 1 myvi as well. its a 1.5l auto, fat mid torque, going up genting with full passenger and aircond like a boss. no wonder so many myvi chasing other car like hell.
  46. Basic Performance upgrade

    u're a legend bro
  47. Basic Performance upgrade

    i sold mine last year, and been driving it for the past 7 years.. but still excited to talk about it. lot about airtrek i 've learnt, always felt like sharing it.
  48. brembo caliper fitted

    u can try ah wah workshop behind merc showroom kinrara puchong.. he's old timer for airtrek.
  49. Gearbox swap for Airtrek

    that's a true turbo old timer... uncle VR..
  50. Gearbox swap for Airtrek

    thats mean he's already "turbo immune"... :rofl: