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  1. ::Used AUDI/VW Wheels with Tyres::

    bumped to the top yeahhh!
  2. ::Used AUDI/VW Wheels with Tyres::

    Used 18 x 8.0j stock A3 8P wheels along with 85% new tyres up for sale. Recently resprayed to gloss Phantom Black. Wheels are in superb condition. Reason for sale is because it does not fit my Audi B7. Details below. Item : Audi A3 8P wheels with tyres (original wheel cap included) Size ...
  3. ::Looking for more Audi gang::

    hello everyone, we are looking for more AUDI owners/drivers/fans etc. just for knowledge sharing, activities, events, drives, TT Session, etc. drop a line here, and see how it goes.
  4. Good Audi Workshop?

    jthnlee, for JB, you can go to AutoPro and look for Jack. in case you need his number, please add me at 016.9466.917 and i will add you into Club Audi Malaysia's Southern Whatsapp Group so you can have more details.
  5. alfa romeo

    hey bro, which year is this V6? and where do you send for maintenance? thanks.
  6. ::Souped Up AUDI Q5 For Sale::

  7. ::Souped Up AUDI Q5 For Sale::

    RM235k is cash and loan, but cash buyer preferred. got a potential cash buyer looking at it tomorrow early morning, fingers crossed!
  8. ::Souped Up AUDI Q5 For Sale::

    need the cash fast bro hehe.
  9. ::Souped Up AUDI Q5 For Sale::

  10. ::Souped Up AUDI Q5 For Sale::

    Bumped and reduced.
  11. ::Souped Up AUDI Q5 For Sale::

    bumping this car up!
  12. ::Souped Up AUDI Q5 For Sale::

    bumped! super special price for cash buyer!
  13. ::Souped Up AUDI Q5 For Sale::

    hehe yeahhh been off the scene and under the radar for quite some time bro. was focusing more on business though, but can never get away from the car scene for too long haha. my FIAT Bravo GT was sold long time ago bro. the only Italian i have with me now is the 156 V6.
  14. ::Souped Up AUDI Q5 For Sale::

    haha no la. i am from Melaka. living in KL and Melaka. business in Melaka and KL. but the Q5 is in Muar at my friend's shop haha.
  15. ::Souped Up AUDI Q5 For Sale::

    ::SOLD! Souped Up AUDI Q5:: AUDI Q5 2.0ltr TFSI S-Line (sunroof & panoramic) Actual year of make 2010/Year of registration 2011/Declared 2009 - REVO stage 2 remapping (240whp++ and 380Nm++ torque) - STaSIS Engineering exhaust system - Neuspeed RSe14 19 inch satin black wheels - H&R 40mm...
  16. Trade in Price.

    bro, i just wanna sell my Q5, check it out and see how much you can evaluate. thanks. Performance Audi Q5 S-Line - Cars for sale Malacca -
  17. GG Taurus

    fuhhh! outstanding!
  18. Dd drag n drift adjustable damper bmw e46

    bro, PM me for BMW E46 330i please. thanks.
  19. BMW E46 M3 325ci coupe UK spec Direct Owner

    oh damn! i just got me an E46 330i! nice Coupe bro, if only i read this earlier...
  20. [wts] Bride Cuga Semi Bucket Seat

    bro, PM me how much for 2 to 4 pcs? thanks.
  21. Bbs rim 18 bmw

    direct fit to the E39 or not bro? and one other thing, is this BBS original or replica? sorry this question offended you sir.
  22. 18" BBS RX Polish

    For which BMW series bro?
  23. ssr type f original 18inch for BMW 5x120

    For which BMW bro?
  24. Bmw e36 (a)

    Bestest price for cash buyer please?
  25. Bbs rim 18 bmw

    Still available? Direct fit to E39? Bestest price please.
  26. Super Sprint back box for BMW E39

    for which E39 bro?
  27. Used VW Golf Mk5 - is it worth buying?

    very true bro!
  28. ::Das Auto Golf GTI MK6 ABT::

    no problem at all bro. well, at least not with mine la.
  29. ZTH BMW Owners Section

    fuhhh! long time no see bro!
  30. VAG Owner's Count

    VAG Owner's Count Lets start a count to ease our TT/gathering in the future. Nickname(Name)-Make-Mode-Color-Year (COPY & PASTE PLEASE) 1. AXeL(Axel)- Volkswagen - Golf GTI MK6 - Carbon Steel Grey - 2011 2. Sarbath(Nazreen) - Volkswagen - Golf GTI Mk6 - Deep Black Pearl - 2010 3. WGR2233(Zaihan)...
  31. VAG Owner's Count

    VAG Owner's Count Lets start a count to ease our TT/gathering in the future. Nickname(Name)-Make-Mode-Color-Year (COPY & PASTE PLEASE) 1. AXeL(Axel)- Volkswagen - Golf GTI MK6 - Carbon Steel Grey - 2011 2. Sarbath(Nazreen) - Volkswagen - Golf GTI Mk6 - Deep Black Pearl - 2010 3. WGR2233(Zaihan)...
  32. Mini Cooper S

    Tom!!! i think i saw your Cooper at Publika today. damn man, i was just thinking about getting a Cooper S a few days ago haha.
  33. BMW / Mini Service Promotion

    those are reconned cars, which are not yet registered.
  34. buying a bmw e30 (318i)

    for E30, first thing to check is rust! go to the trunk and lift the carpet up and see if there are rust. i just got my 318i E30 1991 last 2 month, and i was lucky to get a real good one! everything is real good, no rust, engine, the interior is awesome too (MTech seats etc). no leaking, engine...
  35. ::Audi Q5 Owner/Driver List::

    i have the feeling too, but have a little faith brother, in due time, they will come rolling hehe.
  36. Any Audi TT/TTS/TTRS owners here ?

    they are active, don't get it wrong bro, just that they do not have a good place to gather like the VWs. i know 8 to 10 years ago, they have a large group, but sadly, they broke's time to get back together really.
  37. ::Audi Q5 Owner/Driver List::

    well anyway, i know there are other Q5 owners out there who are lonely. i know at times i feel lonely because i don't have many Q5 friends haha. well anyway, if any of you Q5 owners out there who would love to have a Q5 friend, here i am at your service! we can share things about maintaining a...
  38. Any Audi TT/TTS/TTRS owners here ?

    i meant, pick the TTS for him as he will be outstation. anyway, welcome to all TT owners here.
  39. ZTH VAG Club Official First Launching (Pictures & Videos)

    AXEL!!! LOVELY VIDEO! CONGRATULATIONS BRO!!! love it! wished i was there as well la.
  40. VAG Owner's Count

    hey what happened to other AUDI owners eh??? get them in la please. hey Barbarian, nice to see a Cayman S in the group hehe. welcome to the club.
  41. TimeToAttack Sepang 2012

    damn it!!! i cannot make it, as on the 19th May i will be in Ipoh to handle mobile paintball event la!!! have fun guys, next time perhaps. anyway, i don't mind taking my Q5 into the track hehe.
  42. VAG Paint Ball Event

    let me know in advance bro, so that i can book the slot for you birds! haha, anyway, Flashpoint Paintball Park Melaka package: - RM35 per pax (100 rounds of tournament/premium/high grade pellets which is friendly to skin and less hurtful, paintball rental mask, paintball rental mechanical...
  43. Show us your ride

    335i SE 2007, opening price RM280k, i need to let go asap, lock stock and 4 smoking barrels too! haha.
  44. Show us your ride

    hehe it's up for sale bro :)
  45. TimeToAttack Sepang 2012

    the last time i hit Sepang track was way back in 2007 hahaha.
  46. Show us your ride

    these are the humble rides in the garage;
  47. Any Audi TT/TTS/TTRS owners here ?

    always count me in la bro. i can bring either VAG hehe.
  48. Do you have the same problem in your ride ?

    not fixed, the problem just went away like that. this morning Melvin started the engine, everything was fine, no shaky at all! strange!
  49. ::WTS:VW Golf GTI MK6 Abt 2010::

    haha ya la you been missing haha. yup me selling the GTI and 335ci as well. 2 door V8 coupe la bro hehe. you selling which V8? RS4?
  50. Do you have the same problem in your ride ?

    coil packs just changed a month ago, now using RS5 coil packs hehe.