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  1. Gong Xi Fa Cai

    this year of the rooster is a bad start, or rather the end of monkey year is bad because my town is flooded just 3 days before cny. i think the bugger monkey is like Obama, leaving behind mess for its successor. Sent from my vivo Xshot using Tapatalk
  2. Perdana V6 Community Forum *

    v6 top overhead cost depends on what parts you are replacing. Spark plugs, head gasket, timing belt set, water jackets, water pump, auxillary belts, skim head, fuel filter, oil filter and labour (exclude eo, valve seals) cost me RM2000 in 2015. Sent from my vivo Xshot using Tapatalk
  3. What is this and what's its function?

    Just one hose is broken and disconnected.
  4. What is this and what's its function?

    Izso, due to very cramped space, this is the best photos I can get. It's Perdana V6. I drove my car to workshop today, the foreman told me there was a strong fuel smell from my car, but I couldn't smell it. So I asked him was this can behind the bumper a charcoal canister, he said he didn't...
  5. What is this and what's its function?

    Dear all sifu, what is this cylinder which hanging behind the front bumper? Mine has a broken hose. I wonder what's its function.
  6. Hungry ghost month - ghost stories & true experience

    I don't know it was good news or bad news, i actually hit it right on and ran over it under my wheels, causing front bumper dislodged. it was a pitch-dark and remote road, bentong-gombak C68.
  7. Hungry ghost month - ghost stories & true experience

    Seeing white cat at night is good luck or bad luck during the hungry ghost month?
  8. ZTH sifu related to car industries, anyway?

    Interesting. Now I'm related to nothing, just an unemployed.:biggrin:
  9. It's time to let it go......

    Such an admirable trek... the grand daddy of modern suv.
  10. Standard absorber

    How is your suspension setup now? Just sharing my still painful experience. I was on TEIN HR, rear passengers were pooping at the back seat because the suspension was so hard that they would hit the roof when road condition is bad. So I got a set of Mitsu KYB with lowered spring from halfcut...
  11. Engine Oil from Tesco

    Brought Repsol FS last month @rm159 following tip off from cvkit, nice oil. I want to buy some more.
  12. NewBie to Perdana V6

    RM200 including cables? That's cheap. Mind tell where you did that? I'm interested.
  13. ZTH Cheras KL

    Fazid, parakey, where you go for tt this Friday?
  14. NewBie to Perdana V6

    Spawn_net, Superb engine bay there! Relocation of battery, how much it cost to do that?
  15. semi slick or normal tyres

    If change 17" to 15" is huge difference man if you ask me, and need to take into account what car it is. Buy a UHP, when groove comes down to 50% it becomes semi-slick, whack till botak it becomes slick tyre. best solution. Hahaha just kidding.
  16. Woman owned car better condition??

    I don't know la, in my experience, most my girl friends' cars are like this.
  17. Gearbox judder: throttle position sensor (TPS) problem?

    Those local made cheap mounting which cost tens of bucks cannot pakai one, mine already koyak after 6 months, all foilicious chicken. I heard ori Proton mounting can last 5-6 years.
  18. Engine Oil from Tesco

    Guys, now couldn't find promo RM139 Mobil1 from Tesco Cheras, their 'Jimat' price now is RM225! Any idea where to get cheaper?
  19. Gearbox judder: throttle position sensor (TPS) problem?

    I have changed GB twice since that post, last was in Jan15. In spite of the new gb the shudder problem remains though not as frequent as previously. It occurs only during gear shift, randomly once in every 100-200 shifts like that. So I live with that and hope to change car next year. I did...
  20. Driving a detuned EVO 3 engined Proton Perdana

    What's the possibility of that 2L turbo diesel goes into Perdana then.?
  21. Driving a detuned EVO 3 engined Proton Perdana

    Powerful and cheap fuel consumption... Hybrid turbo lo
  22. Hungry ghost month - ghost stories & true experience

    Hydroplane la.. Hahaha
  23. Driving a detuned EVO 3 engined Proton Perdana

    Then Perdana with RVR turbo is about 200hp, a factory detuned Evo 3, suits your requirement best.
  24. Perdana V6 Community Forum *

    Warped head mah skim la, if skimmed head increases CR, use thicker gasket. I had blown gasket and so skimmed head too, but no problem using stock gasket . RM7k to fix not worth lo, a new V6 engine only RM4k, it's better change to 4G63 DOHC, less maintenance less problems. If want power get the...
  25. Perdana V6 Community Forum *

    There are many possible causes. Leaks in radiator, water jackets, hoses, gasket, failing water pump. Ask workshop to conduct a pressure test. Overhaul is cheaper than a transplant bro, and you can't be sure a halfcut engine won't overheat too.
  26. Voltage Regulator Bad???

    Leakage. By the way I'm using Pivot Megaraizin for 7 years still work fine.
  27. CEFIRO A33 2.0 upgrade to 3.0 and BOT

    3.0 isn't powerful enough?
  28. Hungry ghost month - ghost stories & true experience

    So far I have only heard 'ghost rape' in women, but maybe izso can share his experience. :p
  29. Perdana V6 Community Forum *

    180kPa is just nice for the rear. Tyre shops pumped 240kPa all round and that made the ride extremely harsh. I don't know what they have in their brains. BTW, anyone has TEIN wants to swap with me? Mine is TEIN HR hi-lo, with 8k front 6k rear is I'm not mistaken.
  30. Hungry ghost month - ghost stories & true experience

    Maybe a wiser way to do is injecting your 'fertilizer' in a bottle first, let fermenting and then transfer. Fresh one piss off the banana tree dweller.
  31. Perdana V6 Community Forum *

    220/200 doesn't feel comfortable for me on my stock size tyre 205/55/16, I set at 200/180 which is factory recommended pressures. As I'm on hard suspension (now regret), higher pressures hurt back more.
  32. Fast and Furious Cars

    After watching Age of Ultron yesterday, I find F7 is actually not bad after all!
  33. NewBie to Perdana V6

    Carbon sticker adds weight wei.. Kekeke you end up slower by 0.1s and fuel economy worsen by 1%.
  34. NewBie to Perdana V6

    Top speed and acceleration can't match fd2r. 220hp K20A 6speed gb is king of NA.
  35. NewBie to Perdana V6

    If you refer to FD2R, cannot la bro, even stock Mivec v6 is eaten alive.
  36. Fast and Furious Cars

    The last few sequels of FF have moved focus away from cars. FF7 is almost entirely centered on Toretto.
  37. Hungry ghost month - ghost stories & true experience

    Izso, I believe 'he/she' was following you and brought you to a secluded place to rape, gang rape or 'saifulise' you.
  38. My suspension dilemma

    You should first get a proper shock absorber rebound rate, it determine how the fast your spring is compressed and released.
  39. Perdana V6 Community Forum *

    Where you stay? I just changed my gb... This gb specialist is in Bt. 11 cheras, Balakong. I'm happy with them. Recommend to you.
  40. ZTH Cheras KL

    Luke Hobbs in FF6 la bro ---------- Post added at 08:53 AM ---------- 6 hour anti-bump limit - Previous post was at 08:50 AM ---------- Because I saw your post in Wechat "hanya tinggal kenangan.."
  41. ZTH Cheras KL

    I missed the tt because I was back to hometown Fri night. Fazid you sold your VR4 Wira isn't it?
  42. ZTH Cheras KL

    Hehe just notice you guys making tt here... Eh... Got car sifus coming... Besides tt can also help troubleshoot my car's teething problem mou?
  43. Beware of Suspicious Sellers in Mudah!

    If the oil rig guy is true he could have dump the car to any used car dealer and get immediate cash. Don't waste time with him. I have similar encounter last time I sold my car.
  44. Beware of Suspicious Sellers in Mudah!

    egb18c, wow you are such a patient man waiting for the seller for an hour. I would have left if he didn't turned up in 15minutes without good reason.
  45. Food Talk...Eat, Eat & Eat.

    I like chilli paddy+garlic+lime juice dip
  46. Open Talk: Nengun Performance in Malaysia

    It all boils down to consumer awereness. Sellers always have no incentive to provide secured payment channel as long as they can sell. Only when buyers demand it there will be changes to the system. Business that not provide secured transaction will see buyers go away to competitors who have...
  47. Hungry ghost month - ghost stories & true experience

    Ok it's 140am now I still couldn't sleep because it's the ninth day of CNY people was launching their nukes to usher in the God of Fortune just now. So I'm telling one very short story of mine. There are some nights when I was sitting at the table doing my works, my wife told me somebody is...
  48. What you do for your car with RM100?

    Putting into neutral gear while going downhill in fact burns more fuel. I don't know how to explain but here an explanation from a good source : Coasting in Neutral Does Not Save Gas: Claim Check Coasting downhill in neutral consumes less fuel than in gear, right? Wrong. Coasting in neutral is...
  49. What you do for your car with RM100?

    Ehhh..... Your car phsss chwwww phssss chwwww all the way, rm100 is good for one way only I think :p ---------- Post added at 09:20 AM ---------- 6 hour anti-bump limit - Previous post was at 09:16 AM ---------- RM27.60 one way... Or take the alternative old road, can play with twisty...
  50. What you do for your car with RM100?

    It is 10x better than the west coast. Plus, a locally famous mouthwatering cendol in Air Putih to cool your tastebud.