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  1. 1zz and 2zz mount for 2zzge didn't fit what did you do?

    You have 1zz axels? The 2zz engine is sourced from celica (7th gen) or the Corolla 2zz?
  2. 1zz and 2zz mount for 2zzge didn't fit what did you do?

    Try using the existing engine mount but custom a bride mount across.
  3. New ZZW30 Owner with some questions.

    Feel free to share your photos when it lands in kuching. glad that you found your dream car. I know there are several MR-S in sarawak in the past. some may have moved on, maybe. there was a very pretty lass too last time. :big grin: But dropped off the grid cause she wanted to concentrate on...
  4. change from 1zz-fe to 2zz-ge engine

    I'm pretty sure it will be nice. The pe kit is quite sorted.
  5. New ZZW30 Owner with some questions.

    Personally I think the precat issue is slihtly overblown. Though you should check if the oil consumption of the said car. (Weather it is eating oil) Btw congrats on your purchase, it is a white spyder with kit correct? I'm not sure if you came across my blog, but possibly some general info...
  6. mrs/mr2 from jb

    why race? if race..ahem leave it at pasir gudang. add turbo should do quite ok in drag races, maybe will still lose to those 400-500hp onwards evos etc. The mr-s is pretty communicative driving wise. spirited drives are quite ok. i should say, in a hands of a good drivers should be able to keep...
  7. mrs/mr2 from jb

    Ori parts are ok. not much of a problem. There are chaps here who has used parts/halfcut. Toyota still support. One can order new parts, if they aren't available, just need to ship in from japan. Some engine parts are common parts shared on other toyota cars. While some people say it's...
  8. MRS engine burning engine oil

    low boost for 1zz is fine. don't get too greedy. i'll share with you what couple of car guys who were mightily impressed with how easily a proper set up slightly modded NA mr-s could keep up with the boosted guys. mind you, they are not some wiralution swap but regular touge kakis with cars...
  9. MRS engine burning engine oil

    Chances are several proper shops can do it, you need a full rear cut. Some fabrications on the mount brackets. Wiring harness, ecu, some fabrication on brackets..etc. remember the 3S engine face the other was around as compared to 1zz/2zz. (exhaust port faces firewall). Yes it will oversteer...
  10. mrs/mr2 from jb

    There are few 03 MR-S. rest all all 00/02 models but maybe registered as 03,04 etc All 03 onwards MR-S comes in 6 speed. (Japan & Europe market). The US only gets 5spd even after 03. (Doesn't include the swapped 6speed ones) All I know, there are less than a handful in manual (post 03). It can...
  11. mrs/mr2 from jb

    try to nego check
  12. MRS engine burning engine oil

    in there abouts (cost). but its a whole different engine. if you intend to turbo the mr-s, a low boost bump shd be ok, any more...well make sure there are spare 1zz engines :) 3SGTE is a beast engine, can easily handle more power. though the weight of the engine is a drawback on the mr-s...
  13. initial D stage 5

    5th stage
  14. looking for mr2 sw20 245

    that's daniel's mr2. really fast. driver is super fast too. :P yes, that unit is a converted 245 SW20.
  15. looking for mr2 sw20 245

    you can opt to swap a 245 later, there is only a handful 'original' SW20 245 mr2 in malaysia.
  16. I'm JAPANESE!! from JAPAN

    nice ride Takuwa san do you drift competitively? The drift scene is much smaller but it's not too bad. I think there are many events here that even the japanese drifters have participated before. i, myself don't drift. i'm more into hill drives or mountain pass (峠, tōge) :biggrin:
  17. Saving Private Ryan

    i admire the dedication. good work. too rare, too few people would do this. money aside, the dedication (thumbs up)
  18. Look Out Point, Hulu Langat, Closed? Why?

    agree, i suppose the lure of fast buck has cause the place to be a little overdevelope.
  19. FT86 vs GT86 i think its just about right. FT86 was a concept, & i suppose eventually to conform to larger markets certain aspects needed to be tapered down.
  20. Exhaust pipes

    you mean ceramic coated. never heard of titanium coated; titanium exhaust, titanium pipes yes. (titanium is a material) you can get exhaust shops to do the whole piping system, teh muffler itself well, most guys opt for exhaust meant for mr2s. usually it made to suit the characteristic of mr2...
  21. Everything about Teh Tarik Session - Post Here!

    Having a do in sri hartamas, will see if it ends before the meet. good to hear the 2's RAWRRRR
  22. what kind of bodykit is this..

    zaki, depends on insurance co & (the agent). my agent is quite good & reliable. :smokin:
  23. what kind of bodykit is this..

    ori kits from japan are pretty good in quality. esp fitment wise. There is the MR bella kit, LP MRX & LP super warrento widekits from thailand. enjoy the ride!! :P
  24. what kind of bodykit is this..

    original shorin kit from japan. 100% not local customed kit. i think it/spyder was imported in as is from japan. much like the bandoh widebody spyder, the damd spyder in malaysia. i'm won't be surprised if the current owner may not know the name of kit or maybe he does. still i believe it came...
  25. MR2 Shirt

    its a niche group, hence lies also the problem.
  26. MR2 Shirt

    It's a thankless task. Done it before, sometimes confirmed orders too, some owners pull out. Sigh. (even with better, n clearer photo on what it will look) Good luck.
  27. Most Beautiful Roads In the World

    We do have good hill roads here. Some best kept, some widely known. "The worlds beautiful roads" are there because they are quite scenic. (upon close up some are no better then our touge road conditions).
  28. Worst car park!

    i do hate the sudden high bumps (if they need to install bumps in car park, at least the gradual ones) But it has to do with the mentality of silly malaysian drivers esp those with semi 4x4 or the vitaras/kembaras. (i swear car park designers themselves must be these dudes who drive the above)...
  29. MR2 AW 11 owners discussion thread

    Nice alway lov e aw11
  30. How competitive is the MR-S?

    dont be greedy la (so fast!). :biggrin: dont overlook a lightly modded 1zz. (catless, a 4-1 manifold, good coilovers, one could run with some fast cars on b roads 2zz halfcuts n drop engines/gearbox i've seen have been a little cheaper now then few years ago i guess its safe to say a simple...
  31. How competitive is the MR-S?

    Haha, we certainly hope that was the case, Toyota, being a big manufacturer;like many other car manufacturer makes cars for what the consumer demands. Initially the celica (zzt321) was positioned against the Honda dc5 (which they had hope to cut into that market). The mrs or rather the 3...
  32. Japan GT - sport car gathering

    ooi, awak salah tekan, buat reputasi saya -1 la buta, buta kena salah faham. :biggrin: to clarify, i'm not one of the organiser, just a happy messenger.
  33. Lexus LFA laps Nürburgring in 7:14:64

    Great display, I love the sound, the ease of the way the ride smoothers round the ring. No doubt, few other car will again come back to rewrite their times. It's not about marque vs marque but the lfa having gone back to tweak (the sad sudden passing of naruse may have delayed some sort of...
  34. Japan GT - sport car gathering

    why la soff angry ? (dislike) n deleted your post. did i say anything to upset you?
  35. How competitive is the MR-S?

    some videos for DRFT_240sx (thx for the kind words about e ride, it's all about the passion n some spare change :proud:) ITB 2zz non widebody MR-S, the LMP2 was undergoing some testing before official entry to Le Mans MR2 Spyder vs LMP2 race car - YouTube subscribe to > Saluran MR2ZZ -...
  36. How competitive is the MR-S?

    quite thru, one will be lying if its said the MR-S is track ready. it has the good MR platform but as they say the lotus is a track car made legal on the road. again being lotus performances parts can be a little premium. the C60 2zz 6 speed is a direct swap with the 2zz engine. its just...
  37. How competitive is the MR-S?

    50k wont be enough for a built k20a in a mr-s. (could be done, there are a lot of custom stuffs, & probably need to top up for a excellent more reliable ride) there is 1 K20a MRS in malaysia. good engine though. For starters while MR-S is an excellent MR platform to begin with, you need to...
  38. How competitive is the MR-S?

    Competive? How big is the wallet? I think a better time attack car could very well be a boosted AWD platform & boosted. S15 is also very very capable in such situations. MR layout is good but the hill is steeper given the intention you are looking for. Driving a non boosted car in...
  39. Awesome Threesome: A Couple of Silvia S13s Having Fun

    nice photos temujin
  40. FT-86 chief project engineer himself confirms tuner focus of the car

    I digress, we already are in great anticipation of yotas new effort, which shd be a blast with great tuner support! Yota arm Lexus, which is showing good effort... Nice sound! Nordschleife lap records - - as in sept 2011 1. Radical SR8LM. - 6:48.00 2. Radical SR8...
  41. FT-86 chief project engineer himself confirms tuner focus of the car

    (FT86) it will be scion in US. word is its a go, & come tokyo auto salon, we should we see it in production. btw have you guys seen the latest LFA nurburgring record? crazy 7.14. its 8 sec shaved of its own (Lfa) previous attempt, & 4 sec off the guys from stuggart best (Porsche 997 GT2 RS)
  42. MR-S Problem (Cik Cik Sound when high speed)

    Front... Possible sounds... 1) worn suspension mounts, or not fixed tightly. (sound usually heard low speed) 2) could also be worn anti roll bar bushings, over time the bushings hardens, n because it's the roll bar part flexes, one need to change. ( usually also only low speed you will hear)...
  43. MR-S Problem (Cik Cik Sound when high speed)

    Becool, you didn't clarify where the sound emits from, the front suspension, the rear, the engine, remote diagnosis can only leave more questions then answers. Hope you manage to get it indentified
  44. 2012 MR2/MR-S Hybrid

    3.5L AWD front electric, 3.5L mid engine, combined 400bhp ---------- Post added at 10:17 PM ---------- 6 hour anti-bump limit - Previous post was at 10:16 PM ---------- 3.5L AWD front electric, 3.5L mid engine, combined 400bhp
  45. McLaren trumps Ferrari in Top Gear comparo w/video

    JC is an entertainer sods :biggrin: he makes us laugh, driver?....hahahahaa (see) :smokin:
  46. SuperGT 2011 thread

    nice hafizi! JPM did go out to bring back the lost allure of super gt. I'm sure they felt there were some tingles, & would hope to rectify in future. i was also hoping the many malaysians to come out to enjoy the series. there were lots of pre-events prepared (with ample notice i'm seen) &...
  47. 2012 MR2/MR-S Hybrid

    Toyota to unveil MR2-based GRMN Sports Hybrid Concept II at Nürburgring 24-hour endurance race Toyota Motor Corporation will show the GRMN Sports Hybrid Concept II, a convertible mid-engined petrol-electric hybrid concept, at the 39th Nürburgring 24-hour endurance race taking place this...
  48. Femme Fatale GT Party 2011

    guys, in any concerts in overseas, these are something you need wo work on to go. organisers have done well to bring you such extravaganza after years of complaining by fans of no fun, no activities in past gt's. i can understand not everyone has cars but anyone can car pool, some malay chaps...
  49. Japan GT - sport car gathering

    sw20 guys should have, MR2 had an illustrious career in japan gt (now named supergt), raking in japan gt championship (GT300) class, if i'm not mistaken more then once. even the japanese drivers themselves came out to check out the rides. you'll be surprise that they take photos of your cars...
  50. Femme Fatale GT Party 2011

    malaysians need to learn to chill out more often. great entertainment many missed!