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  1. Nicole, the chick modder

    Why you capital ONLY... Anything else happened?
  2. Nicole, the chick modder

    dont wait for the bus to come or run after it.. go for the "out of league's". Take a cab,,,lolz!
  3. Nicole, the chick modder

    Her saham damn high wan ok.... lols im a basic wage earner only
  4. Nicole, the chick modder

    Either both owns a CRZ or both names starts with a 'J'... We'll leave the speculations in suspense
  5. Nicole, the chick modder

    Which one? ahhahahahahahaa cabutz
  6. Nicole, the chick modder

    Since all the otai is here i wanna hijack sikit.... Cheap ATR Sport 2, where? My fronts are due.
  7. Nicole, the chick modder

    Wonder where is she now....lolz!
  8. what on your wrist...???

    Got a simple old school Casio
  9. Celebrity voices on WAZE to tell you where to turn!

    TomTom GPS has star wars voice overs. for a price
  10. CR-Z talk

    Already K20 coming...
  11. CR-Z talk

    omg i'm just a small potato... Plans are coming but time will tell. I reckon 180hp is fun enough of a safe tune.
  12. Gauging interest on plasti dip

    Anything happened lately? Any DIY's? ---------- Post added at 09:20 PM ---------- 6 hour anti-bump limit - Previous post was at 09:16 PM ---------- Btw, Pls do sales in PM ya... This is merely a "show off"/ What you did with Plasti Dip thread
  13. CR-Z talk

    Courtesy of KG & Jceh
  14. The All New - Smart Tag !

    Then the barrier will open for the cars infront of you and you're paying for it...hmm~
  15. The rumours are true

    At least got to see GT300 podium & 2nd are CRZ's :biggrin:
  16. Nicole, the chick modder

    Easy, if i don't mind you shopping, please don't mind me modding
  17. Nicole, the chick modder

    xD :listen:
  18. The All New - Smart Tag !

    12V powered tagger relocation DIY...i like!
  19. Choices of cars to buy?

    ehm, Don't you think the rear of the Super Suprim looks like the Chevy (Daewoo) Optra hatch? So, Izso... what's your take after driving the super suprim? buying or leaving? for under 100k inspira still the best lah
  20. Nicole, the chick modder

    Haa~? yea, shy like a shark...
  21. Nicole, the chick modder

    No buaya laaa...Not me at
  22. Random Exotics Pics 2

    Boss testing Tapatalk ya? :thumbs:
  23. Nicole, the chick modder

  24. Nicole, the chick modder

    SF getting competitive already, exposing the men off the market. ixeo has made his move...nicole hasn't given an answer PM i dunno lar The ball is in your hand nic...what would it be?
  25. What Car ? Why ?

    You can pretend you're in the future driving an "electric" car or trying to get used to it. Find your stereo's power cable and its speaker output cable and align it together. Probably the most realistic experience on a car w/o loud air filter and exhaust muffler. *WeeeEEEeeeeEEEeee*
  26. The All New - Smart Tag !

    Yea, drive thru the gantry and auto charge and can reload the car at any 7-11 store or atms. Availability ties with convenience. Here masuk pocket already
  27. DIY - Lubricating Throttle Cable

    I did this to my bicycle brake and gear cables too...So smooth like hydraulics
  28. The All New - Smart Tag !

    Selling on mudah? i tot only highway offices can sell?
  29. Nicole, the chick modder

    Your avatar no lie JL... Ya bro TR..hehe...bit of a long story there. Anyways, auto no fun other friend's cooper gb failed. AT, mind you
  30. The All New - Smart Tag !

    How much for the new Smart Tag?
  31. ZeroToHundred - on 4 wheels only?

    Wah...Abg Gibod also kuar already..all the otai otai
  32. Nicole, the chick modder

    I drove his car for few days, man i loved it! JCW supercharger! i'd trade off my Z for it any day. Common Jap specs can get around 70k to 80k
  33. Nicole, the chick modder

    OMG the "Lady Owner" Marketing! SHE actually did all those mods? My friend got this cooper S, rear tires wear out before the front, steering hydraulics kinda fail fast and emit a weird squeal when turning, interior plastics tend to rattle but other than than go-kart experience yo! He say...
  34. Nicole, the chick modder

    Thats a JCW? Anyway, Start a new topic, "What car should a single chick drive?"
  35. Nicole, the chick modder

    i saw it otr uncle fetching aunty... Looks funny...its a mini~ but not a mini
  36. Nicole, the chick modder

    Her probably downgrade is a GTR by year..lololol About your friend, maybe he's right, in a visual context. Coz guys will see what you drive and feel like high maintenance (the car) and possibly the next car would be an upgrade of what you already have.. Another "high maintenance" POV visually...
  37. Old car or New Car with the same price???

    don't judge...i like novelty items :biggrin:
  38. the power of ZTH-ians

    Wah lau...self-promoting calls for immediate ban...hahaha Go holiday sendiri meh~ *hint: I've never been to Koh Samui*
  39. My 4G15 SOHC Issues

    Your oil is not over-filled right?
  40. A new Beginning..

    All the old topics being revived
  41. Nicole, the chick modder

    Fuuh...Welcome back!
  42. Old car or New Car with the same price???

    where to find that gear knob? hehe
  43. MINIONS Talk

    Maybe Kelvin is one of the Minion's name...
  44. Old car or New Car with the same price???

    Thats a turn on that they say they like to change
  45. Sport car for fresh grads

    The original Daihatsu Mira L2 turbo is a 2-door
  46. Sport car for fresh grads

    Nah la...its not a sports car... Maybe if it was a KR-Z~
  47. Car Detailing Centre Recommendation

    Now we shift into home detailing..hehe
  48. Sport car for fresh grads

    :thefinger::rofl: Dunno y i bother feeling butthurt..haha!!
  49. Sport car for fresh grads

    You also off topic...Sawi is not a sports car...hahaha
  50. What Car ? Why ?

    Yeah, the i3 is starting production already and later will have a discussion based on how much mileage you can squeeze on a single charge, weight of the car, what you're carrying, and which model is minimum drag resistance.