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  1. Ori Mugen DC5 Type R

  2. Post the pimp cars--Pimp My Ride Malaysia

    hahah freakin name that is..
  3. Show us your lancer/evo pics!

    yeah the poisons come in all sorts of form..beware :biggrin:
  4. Take off your bra at the bar for free drinks

    what about men with c cup size..can get free drinks? comes with hairy chest some more hahahahha..
  5. Show us your lancer/evo pics!

    yep..only god knows :biggrin:
  6. Borneo MLOC Thread~ :)

    ahh no wonder!! hahahahaa :thefinger::thefinger:
  7. Planning to Get a Skyline R34 GT-T, Plz Suggest

    black is the way to go :smokin: nice
  8. Borneo MLOC Thread~ :)

    hahahaha sorry bro..currently in my period :rofl:
  9. Borneo MLOC Thread~ :)

    blast or blow? hahahahha :thefinger:
  10. Borneo MLOC Thread~ :)

    perrghh racunnn :thefinger:
  11. .: Exhaust Modification Corner :.

    hahahahha errmmm oraait..tot ur somewhere in KL..thnx anyway..great sharing
  12. WTS: cefiro a31 RM20k

    perghhh bedarah idung..hahah :biggrin: free bump ghu
  13. .: Exhaust Modification Corner :.

    nice~ where did u get ur exhaust if u mind telling me..planning to get 1
  14. Borneo MLOC Thread~ :)

    can bro why not..for further details u can contact abang dewa :biggrin:
  15. Planning to Get a Skyline R34 GT-T, Plz Suggest

    for show off only..i think u better go for the tiptronic..or else ur gonna hate it when trap in jams.. for fun at anytime..u know which one :biggrin:
  16. Roads for spirited drives

    hahah 180km/h on the penang bridge? u do hv balls.. nvr done that b4..think i'll try next time :biggrin:
  17. Worst car park!

    yeah kinda agree with ur statement..
  18. Honda Civic EG6 Stolen in Bangsar WDU 24

    damn a 1 clean bullet u hd there..sorry for the loss bro
  19. .: Exhaust Modification Corner :.

    hi bro, thanks for sharing ur mods.. i just wanna know when u mentioned urs still with stock piping..u mean downpipe? u only changed ur extractor+muffler right..what's ur stock piping diameter then? and the bassy kinda sound is it from ur new exhaust+extractor mods or u just tuned ur...
  20. Borneo MLOC Thread~ :) did MDD name pop up in here? hehehe..
  21. Borneo MLOC Thread~ :)

    no more money left :thefinger:
  22. MLOC Merchandise Section!

    hahahha next time u'll see him joins us selling MLOC stuff :rofl:
  23. Borneo MLOC Thread~ :)

  24. Post the pimp cars--Pimp My Ride Malaysia

    hahahaha dammit...
  25. Buying a Lancer Evo?

    standard rim aku pn kena komen hahahahha!!!! cisin..
  26. MLOC GYMKHANA 2010 Photo Album

    uish..sorry to hear that..
  27. Clutch pump for Evo 8

    yeah no prob..gdluck with ur clutch prob..
  28. MLOC GYMKHANA 2010 Photo Album

    cisin lu :thefinger:
  29. Post the pimp cars--Pimp My Ride Malaysia

    is that a flywheel? :biggrin:
  30. Buying a Lancer Evo?

    Re: Buying an Lancer Evo? and another RM5k for emergency modifications eg bodykit, rims, meters etc :rofl:
  31. E8 upgrade

    cipet :thefinger:
  32. Borneo MLOC Thread~ :)

    tunggu isnin!!
  33. Clutch pump for Evo 8

    bro..i just changed my stock clutch to orc weeks ago..i called ah kit's workshop in case he still keep my oem & they said need to check first..if it's still there maybe u can skim it for temporary use since it's already worn out..or just take any parts that can still b used..i'll let u know bro..
  34. Borneo MLOC Thread~ :)

    bro ko kt KL lg ke? aku dtg tt mlm nie :thefinger: just arrived on wed
  35. MLOC Tour Langkawi 2010

    uish dont say that bro..
  36. Borneo MLOC Thread~ :)

    haa bro..I'm in :thefinger: ex-Borneo hahha
  37. Post the pimp cars--Pimp My Ride Malaysia

    damn these accidents look horrible..hoping for a more prosperous in 2010..
  38. Need opinion: Trade caldina GT4 for Fd2r @ Golf Gti

    i really do enjoy reading great posts..
  39. Skyline Spotted!

    bro i think that sentence didn't come out right
  40. MLOC Tour Langkawi 2010

    I'm in if not in June..need to view the date 1st...sounds fun..really!
  41. are u a lingerie fetish?

    uish..sure ur ok bro with that? :thefinger:
  42. -maintaining an evo 7.5 in ipoh, perak-

    not sure if this shop is capable or not...but seen the big Motul signboard outside with a white Supra been displayed everyday really caught my attention..corner lot at the big T junction in Lahad..
  43. Clutch pump for Evo 8

    fuh~long list u hv there
  44. Skyline Spotted!

    cool :biggrin:
  45. Clutch pump for Evo 8

    agree..if the prob is when u engage the clutch..big possibility it's from ur clutch plates bro..
  46. MLOC GYMKHANA 2010 Photo Album

    arghh..stress aku broo tgkk!!! :banghead:
  47. R34 GTR and wife photoshoot

    great & wife both love cars..i wont ask for more..