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  1. Used VW Golf Mk5 - is it worth buying?

    schedule maintenance is important..after that all car is giving problem when neglect the maintenance
  2. Toyo T1R vs Goodyear Eagle F1 Directional 5

    Good Year F1 D5 is a good tyre..Mine with 225/45/17 for my Gti...No regret at all..Last time I bought rm 398/pcs..later on rm 440/pcs..
  3. Golf GTi check engine light

    with 92k mileage maybe charcoal canister? I guess only...
  4. VAG Owner's Count

    Zaihan GTi MkV Black 2007
  5. First Impression: VW Golf R - 2012 TSI Turbo 4WD

    Even though the 270 hp is Evo & Subaru territory, the feels on DSG is much different and can easily tapau both of them on stock standard at highway. As far as I am concern, the 'hp' from germany is not like Japan.(Correct me If Iam wrong) Example; Toyota Caldina with 240hp is easily kena tapau...
  6. confused to choose vw golf gti or audi a4

    Go for the Golf GTi Mark wont regret..same like me..
  7. Mofaz

    bro pls pm me VW golf GTI,,the details and prices after nego...serious buyer
  8. Civic Fd2 type R

    Pls PM me the details . Unregistered with 30k milleage (recond?)...Im looking for replacement car either Golf GTI, suby v9.
  9. Honda Civic EK B18C Manual 2 Door V-TEC Type R

    Why tag price below the market price? Pls maintain the ek2 drs market. Anyway your car,your choice. If I dont have one, sure grab from you with that price.
  10. ek3 2 door

    good luck for your sale...:driver:
  11. Nissan silvia s15 spec-r 2001

    Let say the price : 100k D/payment : 50k Loan MAX up to 6 yrs: 72 months Interest rate: 4% Monthly : 782.13 Just my simple calculation...
  12. WTS Original Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VII (CT9A)

    With SABAH plate...?
  13. Nissan skyline r33-rb25det(m)

    I think the loan from credit still boleh...but anyway the higher interest rates will be charged...
  14. WTS - Subaru WRX STI 00/01

    this car still available..??
  15. EK9 Tein TYPE FLEX

    good item.........bump for good item...........minat tp ada brg lain yg perlu dibeli dahulu...
  16. for those who want paint body inner or outer

    many people doesnt border to register into grant card for changing color...
  17. good tuner for b series highly mods. engine?

    why dont you guys going to Avantech seri kembangan...
  18. Opinion over 15 year car need to send to inspection

    The facility need to upgrade before implement the new system.Ensure every town (district) have their inspection facility.Mind you if this law is implement without enough pack at the puspakom..then the inspection become "cincai" due to long que...
  19. [WTB] - Civic EK (2 door)

    Willing buyer with no seller...
  20. Honda Civic 97 for SELL..

    WOW...!!! whats the modi,,,!!!:nurse:
  21. Honda peformance parts

    any stock for civic ek adjustable n price...?
  22. Diff Evo8 & Evo9 Spoiler?

    I would like to paint my car exactly like evo 9 yellow color.. anybody know what is the yellow name and paint code..? thank you very much
  23. Question abt HKS Hyper-D Suspension.

    From waht I know, the HKS Hyper D Gymkhana is monoblock..cant repair/service. TKI at Jawi also cant repair it. Alternatively they will modified the denis for more info
  24. Honda ek9 1.8vtec*b18c*(m)2 door

    dont worry la...bumbung sambung bukan body sambung..pakai jer
  25. immitation bride low max for sale....

    pm me your address in penang
  26. White honda civic '99 ADX 1986 stolen!

    Sad to say Im also lost my EK same like you in Jln Klang Lama...Kuala Lumpur..Dont drive the EK to KL..Mine also 99
  27. CRIMEWAVE ALERT | Bandar Utama; Subang Jaya/USJ/Bandar Sunway

    I dont blame POLICE 100%..there also BZzzz Nowaday steal/robbery is easiest way to making money.. Desperate to LUXURY Living...
  28. ies car alarm

    so JS suck ppl money?i'll keep that in mindThis is not my 1 time heard about the JC bad story I will avoid to buy anything from them...
  29. Which car is a thief magnet?

    Every week honda civic EK is reported stolen everywhere in peninsula...because of what..? nowadays cukup2 makan people also can afford buying the honda with personal loan..they can buy the car, but they cant afford to mody the car..alternatively trying to source the cheap part (curi) My EK also...
  30. Anyone lost their civic?

    where is the POLICE action...?
  31. 2009 Perak Drift Showoff

    its time to show off your car and your talent....
  32. Evo 6 stolen and recovered on the same night

    My Civic EK convert engine type R also gone at Sri Jati II kondo Jln Klang Lama, park outside. Untill now after 1 and half month still dont recover.. Bump: My Civic EK convert engine type R also gone at Sri Jati II kondo, park outside. Untill now after 1 and half month still dont recover..
  33. [WTS] Honda Civic Type-R 2.0 i-Vtec 2nd Gen

    this car still available..or not...? Bump: this car still available..or not...?
  34. Ek4 (Ori) 2 door

    just + some info...for the 96 model the public bank valued at rm 35k..the loan covered at 75% = rm 24500 loan...the rest you should spare huge amount of $$ ..with 6.5 % interset and 4 yrs loan... just my 2 cents...
  35. EK 2 doors 97/2003

    if i got the money
  36. My member's eg lost at Flet sri johor..

    same as per mhcc
  37. Need advice of what car to purchase.

    from your heart...........i loved sooo much on aged skyline..but you cant forget the scooby.. chosse scooby....even if im to upgrade from my current tep R, i will choose scooby v7/v8
  38. Loose Parts For Sale...chop shop item...

    oly...pls find for me b16 extractor (japan made) with the reasonable price i u have i will self collect...kkangsar sitiawan dekat maa,,019 5124884
  39. EK9 FGK RM01 Muffler (2.3") RM380

    this is the best price I can see... Bump: so far this is the good offer with the right price Bump: so far this is the good offer with the right price
  40. Looking for EK9 steering n EK center nav console

    rm 200.00 steering kedai abang pun tak dapat harga nie....
  41. Reputable Honda Workshop

    C3 OTO (Jln Lahat-w/syop DBI)...Zam 05-2820150 Noriz Motorsport (Kuala Kangsar) Nazir 012 5866077 Bump: C3 OTO (Jln Lahat-w/syop DBI)...Zam 05-2820150 Noriz Motorsport (Kuala Kangsar) Nazir 012 5866077 Bump: C3 OTO (Jln Lahat-w/syop DBI)...Zam 05-2820150 Noriz Motorsport (Kuala Kangsar)...