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  1. Project cars and all

    Upah = Workmanship For front parts (in engine bay, cockpit) all pnp & straightforward. However the 4wd conversion requires cutting of the car's rear floor pan, making it illegal in JPJ's books. Be really really sure before u decide. Once u do it, there's no turning back.
  2. 1996/97 Lexus LS400 UCF20

    is this the same gobiz that owned a 600hp BNR32?
  3. Project cars and all

    I have built one wira 4wd trackday car. It is very very fun, good power, precise handling, easy to push but u need to spend extra on cooling n reliability mods. Otherwise its only gonna bring u frustration. 1 thing for sure, the initial build cost is not cheap though. Below is what I did (some...
  4. Evo 5 for sale...urgent sale

    maybe evo 5 RS
  5. BMW Jatco 5-Speed GB coupled with 1JZ-VVTi

    It is always possible to mate another gearbox to JZ engines. Many people has done it with RB26, RB25, various 4x4 transmissions. U just need to get the right mechanic to do it properly. If ur only concern is long distance cruising, maybe u can use the R154 (oem 1jz 5spd transmission) with low...
  6. Best grip vs Price

    are u seeking performance advice from ur aunt?
  7. good manual gearbox oil

    toyota gear oil is good enough. but if u want something even better, torco RGO & redline MT90 are my favourites. price RM60 per liter. depends on how u drive ur car
  8. Best grip vs Price

    really bang for buck, achilles 123 & nankang ns2r. for 15inch, please be aware of 2 models of achilles 123 in the market. there's 123 & 123S. 123S is the control tyre for SNF race. grips like shit, tyre wears really fast. look for 123 instead of 123S. hankook rs3 is very very good but not...
  9. TOYO tyres prices?

    i bought few months back, 245/35/19 ~rm830/pc 275/30/19 ~rm1050/pc at teck meng sunway. cheapest among all the shops i surveyed
  10. Civic fd 2.0 vs caldina zt 2.0/gt4

    i dont remember what's the code but OEM toyota plugs for ZT (denso iridium if not mistaken in toyota packaging) is RM2++ per set. supposed to last long so in the long run so still acceptable...
  11. Civic fd 2.0 vs caldina zt 2.0/gt4

    i have never driven/sat inside any civic FD so i wouldn't know. however i do have a caldina ZT which i bought for my wife. sometime i use the car too especially during outstation trips. main purpose is to have a family car that looks good. FD looks good too but i think the ZT looks a little bit...
  12. Toyota Supra A70 2JZ-GTE

    latest figures: 525whp, 71kg wtq
  13. Toyota Supra A70 2JZ-GTE

    Update: new horsepower & torque figures! SUPER BUMP!
  14. Toyota Supra A70 2JZ-GTE

    Update: OS Giken twin plate clutch has already been installed. Walbro 400lph fuel pump to be installed this week. New output figures to be updated here. Price remains. Super Bump!
  15. Brake rotors & caliper

    I have the following set: Can fit your car with modifications
  16. Adaptronic ecu e420c

    Rahmat from RNR Autosport R.N.R AUTOSPORT - VEHICLE WIRING AND ENGINE MANAGEMENT TUNING Tel: 012-3598616 Alan of Under5 Tel: 012-3739222 Ah Soon of D'Tuning Tel: dunno Teh Zai from Ah Teh Babihutan (BBH) Racing - Borneo Tel: 016-8261613 All of these tuners have tuned my friends' cars running...
  17. Toyota Supra A70 2JZ-GTE

    This car is still available. Price reduced and PM me for best price!
  18. Toyota Supra A70 2JZ-GTE

    Thanks for all your nice words... Car is still available. Open for reasonable offers. For those who are interested, drive it to fall in love with it hehehe
  19. Toyota Supra A70 2JZ-GTE

    Hi, I'm selling this car on behalf of owner (my friend). Toyota Supra MkIII Original chassis GA70 now running 2JZ-GTE 1988/1991 Engine: 2JZGTE non vvti Fully Rebuilt by Setiawangsa Racing Wiseco Pistons ARP Head Studs Full OEM Toyota Gasket set - every single seal in the engine is new...
  20. NISSAN GTR R35 tyre problem :'(

    I offer OEM BNR34 Skyline GT-R Brembos & staggered 18inch wheels + new decent brand 18inch tyres. All inclusive of installation and related modification works (brackets, new hoses for brake hoses etc). Pass your car to me, give me 2-3 weeks for brake installation, I'll return your car with...
  21. NISSAN GTR R35 tyre problem :'(

    The cheaper tyre option is the OEM Bridgestone RE070R which retails at slightly above 8k per set (4pcs new). Try not to downgrade the wheels size. Otherwise you can get used OEM R35 tyres from tyre shops (I've seen a few shops selling used R35 tyres, and a few of them thrown across the street...
  22. Proton Satria GTI 1.8L Track car for sale

    can i know the location thx
  23. Nissan Skyline R34 GT-T 4door

    SOLD! Thanks buyer!
  24. Nissan Skyline R34 GT-T 4door

    Thanks guys! Sale is temporarily closed because a potential buyer is viewing the car tonight. If he backs out, I will update here.
  25. Nissan Skyline R34 GT-T 4door

    Car has been sold! Thanks!
  26. OMP Sport OS10 Racing Suit for SNF

    Yes still available and PM sent!
  27. {WTB} Supra parts JZA80, EVO 789 ignition coils

    What JZA80 parts do you need?
  28. PS Powersport tuning products

    I've dealt with [PIMPIN] personally and I've known him for quite some time. I can vouch that he's definitely not that type of person who would not pay. You should always take what you hear with a grain of salt and don't be so naive. He did not even send his car to "a few shops in Sunway" bro...
  29. Brand New AP Racing 6pot Big Brake kit

    PM sent. Tq.
  30. WTB: 18" or 19" Japanese rims (work,ssr,weds,volk,BBS,etc)

    That's a Z31 300ZX.
  31. WTB: 18" or 19" Japanese rims (work,ssr,weds,volk,BBS,etc)

    OK no problem mate! I'm also looking for wider wheels for my ride to cope with the increased power level...
  32. WTB: 18" or 19" Japanese rims (work,ssr,weds,volk,BBS,etc)

    I have a set of Enkei rims of the following dimensions: 18x8 +10 18x9 +10 Should be good enough to sit flush at the fenders. Sits flush on my JZZ30 which is essentially similar to a JZA80. Can still fit 235/265 tyres which is the common tyre sizes for Supras... PM me if you are interested.
  33. OMP Sport OS10 Racing Suit for SNF

    RM500 anyone?
  34. WTB: 18" or 19" Japanese rims (work,ssr,weds,volk,BBS,etc)

    going onto a supra?
  35. Used 18inch Enkei AME Staggered Wheels

    stated in the thread, 5x114.3
  36. Used 18inch Enkei AME Staggered Wheels

    Used Enkei AME wheels with tyres Front: 18x8 +10 Rear 18x9 +10 5x114.3 Front Tyres: 225/45/18 95% Federal 595 Super Steel (almost like new) Rear Tyres: 225/45/18 60-70% Federal 595 Super Steel Pic: Please note that the tyres shown in pic is not the current tyres installed on the...
  37. Project Z Week 4 : Why the Z31?

    Hi Twisted300zx! Welcome to! The problem with VG30ET is that there's absolutely no readily available engine consumable and replacement parts over here. Parts are so scarce that most owners find their VG30 engines not worth it to run in Malaysia. On the contrary, we are lucky...
  38. RCA Dragon Prosperity Trackday

    A Suzuki Swift did overtake the BNR32! I'm the witness hahaha!
  39. OMP Sport OS10 Racing Suit for SNF

    Updated with sizing chart. Posted this in SNF's facebook page.
  40. OMP Sport OS10 Racing Suit for SNF

    Hi, I have 2 pairs of OMP Sport OS10 racing suits available for sale. These are purchased brand new, worn only once for a few minutes, to try for size only. Considered brand new. Purchased 6 pairs for our team planning to participate in this year's racing events (SNF & MegaLap) but 2 were...
  41. FEDERAL Motorsports Tyres

    Can you PM me price for RS-R / FZ201 for 2pcs 235/40/18 & 2pcs 245/40/18. Thanks!
  42. toyota 2jzgte JZS147 halfcut part-out

    bro i sold my waterpump but my friend has 1 used hydraulic version for shah @ 0173777282 for more info. altenator i dont have any available for sale. keeping 1 unit as spare.
  43. Insufficient Braking Power

    i felt the same way when i was using vr4rs 2pot rotors last time... felt ok but somehow just seemed like not enough. i then replaced the rotors with project mu rotors. my god the braking power went from "seemed like not enough" to AWESOME! price a bit "termenung" though...
  44. Apexi AVC-R Blue Screen

  45. Apexi AVC-R Blue Screen

    booked until friday...
  46. Apexi AVC-R Blue Screen

    Hi, I have a set of used Apexi AVC-R boost controller (blue screen model). Removed from my car as I have purchased Turbosmart Dual Stage Boost Controller. Item working well prior to removal. AVCR is among the most advanced electronic boost controller available, with variable boost level...
  47. Skyline Marketplace Links - Parts & Others

    OEM BNR34 front brake kit
  48. Project Z - Week 25 Deleted

    [PIMPIN]: Thanks for your pledge. Really appreciate it. I'll contact you soon. Mizu: Yes I have met Kevin couple of weeks back. We discussed various issues, including drafting up a plan on completing this car. I have also talked to various sponsors and visited the car @ the bodyshop a few...
  49. What you think a GTR35 POWERED BY RB26

    if u actually drove/had a passenger ride in R35, u will have 2nd thoughts about ur plan bro...