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  1. erlo.. i'm new here

    raiden say it is a secret lor.. cant tell n nothing to tell so is nothing happen liao lor....
  2. halo everyone, mostly for Fiona !!!

    F4E own the 36E is not a secret anymore ler...
  3. erlo.. i'm new here

    actually, he got nothing to tell ler... :p
  4. erlo.. i'm new here

    huh.. mean u dun wna tell lor.. :p
  5. me, myself & my car..

    she said vodka lah..
  6. erlo.. i'm new here

    morning... got what secret wor?? PM me lah... i wanna know..
  7. erlo.. i'm new here

    why deleted ur post lor..??
  8. me, myself & my car..

    2 packs consider less?? OMG...
  9. erlo.. i'm new here

    hello andy.. hehhehe welcome..welcome..
  10. erlo.. i'm new here

    hello.. raiden welcome to ZTH.. hope u enjoy staying here....
  11. halo everyone, mostly for Fiona !!!

    wah.. vodka.. u got gal to recommend to him ah??
  12. erlo.. i'm new here

    kekekkkekke... :biggrin:
  13. halo everyone, mostly for Fiona !!!

    :rolleyes: :rolleyes: .. i think i know who lei...
  14. erlo.. i'm new here

    lol.. i better dun say aything.. :p
  15. erlo.. i'm new here

    vodka, u mean who more hamsap then who??
  16. erlo.. i'm new here

    F4E, i tot u r no2.. n nobody dare to b no1.. :p
  17. halo everyone, mostly for Fiona !!!

    kkj is use to lick?? :eek: u sure boh??
  18. erlo.. i'm new here

    what lah.. why suddenly papaya lei..
  19. erlo.. i'm new here

    hey.. recently so so busy.. :p how about u, sudha??
  20. Iam back for action...special dedicate to dewi berpusingan..(twistedangel)

    :eek: :rolleyes: u r back to discturb my darling again...
  21. erlo.. i'm new here

    wah.. jobless n staying in kl?? what a rich man.....
  22. erlo.. i'm new here

    hi sudha.. i m fine here... hope tat u r fine too... i dunno anything about jin boy... may b vodka can give some info about jin boy... lol
  23. erlo.. i'm new here

    hi sudha.. finally u r back...
  24. Perak Section

    u will scare also 1 ah?? later, u become botak ler...
  25. To those who have a hamsap mind

    die.. die... die....
  26. Perak Section

    of cos everyone is welcome...
  27. To those who have a hamsap mind

    wah... got warranty summore ah??
  28. Perak Section

    may b will go shopping gua.. not so sure also.... ckh, 21st... u go meet them ah??
  29. To those who have a hamsap mind

  30. Perak Section

    sat not free.. going to kl..
  31. To those who have a hamsap mind

    :eek: :eek: cannot also..
  32. To those who have a hamsap mind

    yun wong... i'm not sifu...
  33. To those who have a hamsap mind

    hehehe.. i'm here just to kacau kacau u only.. :p but, my frens got told me tat taiwanese call love bite as strawberry wor.. hehe..
  34. Perak Section

    ok..ok.. but, this week i cant make it..
  35. Perak Section

    hello melody.. i'm the gal from ipoh too..
  36. To those who have a hamsap mind

    they mean love bite is it?? oppss... :p
  37. err... hello?? hahaha..

    hahaha... he got to be chubby 1 wor.. :p
  38. erlo.. i'm new here

    yes, i do remember u.. u r the cute cute elaine form sabah mah.. am i rite??? how r u??
  39. err... hello?? hahaha..

    cos of u also lah... :P
  40. err... hello?? hahaha..

    dun have new things happen... got new bf to intro ah?? hahahaa...
  41. erlo.. i'm new here

    i'm driving kancil wor... :p
  42. halo everyone, mostly for Fiona !!!

    OMG... !!! :eek: but, if she can blow by wind, then the hamsap lou only can b hero mah...
  43. halo everyone, mostly for Fiona !!!

    elaine, who is his dear darling friend ???
  44. erlo.. i'm new here

    welcome.. welcome.. hope u enjoy ur stay.. :)
  45. me, myself & my car..

    hmm... elaine met with u b4 meh??
  46. halo everyone, mostly for Fiona !!!

    of cos scare lah... he hamsap until juice also come out liao...
  47. me, myself & my car..

    dunno.. just feel like that lor... this things is hard to explain 1 ler... :p
  48. me, myself & my car..

    invisibleghost.. u r cute n funny... lol
  49. halo everyone, mostly for Fiona !!!

    wah... got 2 nen nen king posting here.. so dangerous.. better hide.. :p
  50. erlo.. i'm new here

    u also think that no one dare to bully our tai kar jie rite?? :p