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  1. neo R3 absorber brand

    if i'm not mistaken,it uses the standard neo absorbers,but with r3 springs. :smokin:
  2. now available in a magazine!

    Re: now available in a magazine! long live zth!can subscribe ar?wouldn't want to miss the action when i'm out working. :smokin:
  3. Zth singles club...

    i'm still here.=) :smokin:
  4. Ultra Racing Strut Bar Review

    i just got my fender braces installed yesterday.i love it! :smokin:
  5. My Ford Fiesta MK7

  6. Gearbox Specialist

    hey. i have an auto satria neo,and i want to convert it to a manual.can you quote how much the whole thing would cost me,and how long will the conversion process take?thanks! :smokin:
  7. absorber longgar?

    dear sifu's and citizens of zth. about a month ago,i started hearing a funny noise coming from what i suspect is my left front makes a "glock glock glock" sound when the car moves on uneven roads,and also when i go over speed's almost as if the absorber is "longgar",as if...
  8. Rarest BMW 850CI AC Schnitzer Edition

    it's beautiful...:adore: :smokin:
  9. Zth singles club...

    wah.i want join foreveralone tt! :smokin:
  10. Tribute Thread - The Most ****** ZTH Member

    kah kah kah! :smokin:
  11. Note to all.

    my condolences,bro. :smokin:
  12. Pj TT Anyone?

    come come have tt.=D :smokin:
  13. Used / New CPS

    if you really like a particular car,you wouldn't really care about the resale value.because afterall,you're buying a car to drive it.not to sell it off.=) my 2 cents,please don't flame me. :smokin:
  14. If Zombies Attack What Weapon Will You Choose?

    chainsaws are awesome! :smokin:
  15. DelSol: Its all bout the SOUL.

    :adore: :smokin:
  16. Nissan GTR R35 car robbed (rewards for car found)

    will be on the lookout. :smokin:
  17. custom headlamps and tail lamps.

    bro hari1th7,already contacted them.thanks! bro neohardri,forgive me,for i'm still at that stage where i think these things look cool.but i didn't know that the ballast will always rosak.=/ bro VIPaltis,thanks for the tip!i'll check them out soon.=) bro ken yeang,i seriously didn't know that...
  18. 1991 NSX EDM for sale

    it's beautiful.. :adore: :smokin:
  19. custom headlamps and tail lamps.

    dear sifu's and citizens of zth. i was just wondering,does anyone know a good place where i can get my head and tail lamps customized?i was thinking of putting led's on the tail lamps,and those fancy "demon eyes" for the head lamps.i've tried looking around,and aftermarket sets are just not...
  20. How Addicted Are You To ZTH ?

    everytime i'm around.=) :smokin:
  21. spark plug?

    noted.appreciate for the info guys.been thinking of changing my sprak plugs my farah very 'berat' already.fuel consumption also gila one.jb-melaka half tank! :smokin:
  22. spark plug?

    good afternoon sifu's and fellow citizens of zth. quick question.a friend of mine told me that changing my spark plugs will make my engine more responsive or 'ringan',as he described to this true?and if it is,how so?please do enlighten me.=) :smokin:
  23. Anyone Interested to Buy/Swap for my Exhaust??

    i'll look at my finances,and i will.=) :smokin:
  24. Anyone Interested to Buy/Swap for my Exhaust??

    i how much you want to sell,bro? :smokin:
  25. Anyone Interested to Buy/Swap for my Exhaust?? want to sell your full set ah? :smokin:
  26. Anyone Interested to Buy/Swap for my Exhaust??

    bro holysniper,you want my exhaust?still untouched leh.6k km plus only.=) :smokin:
  27. Anyone Interested to Buy/Swap for my Exhaust??

    correct me if i'm wrong,but doesn't the works set come with a cat con? :smokin:
  28. {wts}Sparco SPRINT seat

    bro,item still available?can quote best price please? :smokin:
  29. [WTS] R3 spring for Satria Neo/Waja/Gen2

    item still available? :smokin:
  30. Anyone Interested to Buy/Swap for my Exhaust??

    bro escksu,you want to swap with mine?my exhaust still untouched leh.only 5k km old.=) :smokin:
  31. Headlamp customizers services!!!!!

    bro,i would like to install ccfl rings on my neo's headlamps,and i also want to smoke the tail lamps a little bit.can quote for me please? :smokin:
  32. >>any Seremban People<< N9

    nice!when next tt ar?do keep me informed.=) :smokin:
  33. >>any Seremban People<< N9

    i'm from nilai.can join one ar?nilai no scene lah. :smokin:
  34. it's been a while.

    appreciate the info,bro crazykatak.oh,and can i have my "toyol" now?=) :smokin:
  35. [After12] Proton Satria Neo / CPS / R3 Lotus Bodykit station

    bro,can quote cf front hood and cf r3 style rear spoiler please? :smokin:
  36. it's been a while.

    dear sifu's and all citizens of zth. first of all,selamat hari raya to all you guys!hope you guys had fun during the holidays.=) now,back to business. i'm thinking of changing my springs.i've heard that the r3 springs are quite good.any suggestions? i'm also thinking of swapping my...
  37. Satria Neo Performance Hideout.

    :adore: :smokin:
  38. Flashing ECU

    after i got my car,i immediately traded in my rim besi and standard conti rubbers for a new took them for rm100 per piece.=) :smokin:
  39. Satria Neo Performance Hideout.

    yay!but im flying out tomorrow night.=( maybe once i come back in august.=) :smokin:
  40. Planning to put a turbo in my neocps

    you can also check motorsports too.they claim to have a hybrid turbo kit,designed for campro.persona can go 300bhp!:adore: :smokin:
  41. Proton Satria Neo R3 Lotus Racing

    thats a hot car right there.=D :smokin:
  42. The meaning of your nickname?

    thats my name, yeah.true story.=) :smokin:
  43. Mint Condition Nissan Skyline Turbo R32 Yr1990

    its beautiful..:love: :smokin:
  44. RM 8000 Head lamp - Damaged by Mother Nature but Restore by MD Guru KC

    sifu kc2,i will attend your workshops in the future.the one you have lined up in march,im afraid i cannot attend lah.have to work.but i will be back in august.if then got no clinic,then maybe can have small tt lah.can introduce me to this fancy detailing world.=) :smokin:
  45. My Satin Red GTR by PW Pro (UK)

    :adore: :smokin:
  46. Only Nice Plate Numbers Part 2. Plz, No 'ROJAK' Numbers In Here.. Tq..

    just a few i found while roaming in kl the other day.=) DS 11 loc:jalan duta roundabout. BBQ 9 loc:jusco kepong. KBG 7 loc:federal highway. AEE 47 loc:jusco kepong. KP 33 loc:shops near taman sri segambut.(dont know the name of the place.=/) :smokin: