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  1. Show us your lancer/evo pics!

    I looked into the TD04 turbo, but I could not find a place that sold them same as the intercooler. What I want is to find a shop that sells complete kits with everything included. I live in a small city in the Philippines so I can only buy from the internet.
  2. Show us your lancer/evo pics!

    I contacted Speedworks and they told me they only do custom tuning. That's what I want is a total kit, been doing lots of searching with no luck.
  3. Show us your lancer/evo pics!

    Not very worried about cost just would like a moderate power gain, it's one of my daily cars. The engine I overhauled which included new pistons, rings, crank, bearings, seals, valves, valve springs and cam. They were all OEM from Japan. I've already bought a new 609 MAF for a turbo not...
  4. Show us your lancer/evo pics!

    Something is missing from this picture a turbo!!! Where can I buy a complete turbo kit for my 1995 Lancer Glxi 4g92 sohc?
  5. Show us your lancer/evo pics!

    Told my wife what you requested. She said wow lots of writting LOL
  6. Show us your lancer/evo pics!

    No it’s a Philippine car I bought for 30,000 Pesos / 574.00 USD had been setting for 4 years. Total costs including the car, parts and paint cost 278,000 Pesos / 5,320.00 USD. It runs and drives like a new car no rattles at all, also the inside looks new. Everything works including the power...
  7. Show us your lancer/evo pics!

    :blush: Thank you
  8. Show us your lancer/evo pics!

    I just finished restoring my 1995 Lancer Glxi. I personaly did all the painting and body work plus engine overhaul. It has a new front and rear suspension. It took me 2 years to complete. It looks better in person than the pictures.