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  1. Proton on the right track

    No doubt bro, he is a chinese from mainland China.
  2. Can Myvi 1.5 fit 205/50/16 Michelin PS4? without much compromise

    Itchy then scratch la bro, don't waste your money on something might cause you another problem.
  3. Saga FL 1.3 (M) | Need Standard Modding Advice

    How was your PS3? Do you feel car under-power after changing it especially pickup?
  4. Polo 1.2 TSI worth modding?

    Actually Ixeo is telling us the truth (he is really in nature call rush) and he previously edi mentioned this (see below screenshot from his another post). So I believe he is really rushing home to poop after he squeezed the throttle.
  5. 1jz E36 BMW frankensteining

    Wakakakaka. Probably punishment below: 1. Stand still and pull ears. 2. Got canned. 3. Sleep at sofa. 4. nagging level went up to 1000x. Anymore xD?
  6. DIY: Changing Myvi absorbers.... solves the kluk kluk sound.

    I feel the car height is higher than before as easier for me to come out from the car. Hmm, maybe we use firm better than stiff as I did not feel it's stiff but more firm and stable.
  7. DIY: Changing Myvi absorbers.... solves the kluk kluk sound.

    I've no idea and the ori rubber mounting just get loosen feeling after like half year of driving or 10-15k kms clocked.
  8. DIY: Changing Myvi absorbers.... solves the kluk kluk sound.

    Yes, you need to compress the spring to detach the absorber mounting. Btw, you can opt for alza's mounting (bearing mounting) instead of rubber type mounting. Benefit: 1. Durable than rubber type (myvi ori is suck). 2. Improve handling. 3. it's plug & play (cucuk dan main). cons: 1. Higher...
  9. Service Centre Not Using Their Own Product?

    Can't believe Toyota SC so nasty. They try to lower their cost by using other brand's oil filter and imagine one day how many cars went to service center. Somemore car owner seldom go down car underneath to see their oil filter. Bro Renesis, maybe you can check on your air filter too, hopefully...
  10. Service Centre Not Using Their Own Product?

    They should not using other brands or parts eventhough out of stock or they try to lower their cost. This is consumer cheating edi. We as a consumer pay for that amount of money quoted by team and end up getting something that is not in our expectation although the parts might or might not harm...
  11. Service Centre Not Using Their Own Product?

    If I not remember wrongly (please correct me if I'm wrong). Advanza 1.3 or 1.5 in Malaysia is using Daihatsu's engine which is 1.3L K3-VE (same as myvi 1.3) and 1.5L 3SZ-VE (which same as myvi 1.5). So no worry with Daihatsu's oil filter (somemore from denso), fuii.. Lucky they never put in...
  12. Myvi Spring Crack

    Yes. The ride somehow higher after installed. Yes, it's bearing type absorber top mounting. The rubber type is going to loosen after 3months installed. You can take it out and you will notice it's loosen 1, longgar here and there (no firm at all) and causes the ride floating during corner or...
  13. Myvi Spring Crack

    I've changed mine to Alza's bearing absorber mounting for almost a year, so far so good. It costs me around RM140 (pair) with installation. I won't go back to original or other OEM myvi rubber mounting, it's suck! PS: After you've change to Alza's bearing mounting, the car height is slightly...
  14. Myvi Spring Crack

    The workshop is reliable and quite cheap. The workmanship including taking off and putting back the absorber + wheel alignment . Just don't worry, your oem spring is still good.
  15. Myvi Spring Crack

    I 99% confirm it's the rubber cushion cover cracked. My friend previously notice this and very worry. He bring me along to workshop to have a check on the "cracked" spring. After taking out the absorber and found out it's the damn rubber cover. I checked on few myvi with original absorber...
  16. Myvi Spring Crack

    Nope, it's not crack on the spring itself. The cracked one is the rubber covering the spring, so no worry.
  17. Gear problem

    Have you change your ATF fluid recently? Check your auto-gear oil level and top up if it's not enough and use the correct ATF fluid recommended by Nissan.
  18. The Girl Drives Stick

    All girls should know how to drive "Stick" :rofl:
  19. Damper tuning on coilovers

    wakakakak I feel you bro when I was on my adjustable with spring rate 5KG front and 4KG back and 26 clicks front and 11 clicks on the back. The front passenger is still manage to accept the response from the road but for the rear passenger, they will complain after 10min ride. This make me...
  20. What are you driving now?

    Ntg to shout about, just a ordinary myvi.
  21. What are you driving now?

    Congratulation on the promotion!! So bila treat makan?
  22. Suggestion of getting car

    Thank for the advise. I do drive my wife honda city and my mother CRV during weekend or enter the city area. Should be no problem on cutting corner and parking.
  23. Suggestion of getting car

    Yes, you're right. Major accident is the thing we need to find out. Yes, scratches are not the thing bugging me.
  24. Suggestion of getting car

    Sifu, thank you for your detail reply. To answer your question, I'm driving a 8 years old manual myvi that has been clocked 241k mileage. To be honest, my car is somehow rattling sound in the dashboard. Why my heart telling me I wanted to get the camry because I got a relative who having a...
  25. Mazda 3 2.0L Skyactiv

    If you do some research on new BMW, their fc is very low (might even lower than manual myvi) and the throttle response is fantastic pair with the 8 speeders. Nowadays, conventional auto is not like the old day where having higher fc and slower response.
  26. Suggestion of getting car

    Yes, my heart telling me Camry 2.5V should be the best 1 for now. I prefer more on sedan where the handling is way better than SUV.
  27. Suggestion of getting car

    Cefiro is too old and Teana exterior is not accepted by my wife. Nissan is out of the list.
  28. Suggestion of getting car

    Definitely a NO! My mother driving a CRV 2.0, the fuel consumption is really bad and the handling is totally cannot. I prefer sedan over SUV.
  29. Myvi 1.5 fuel consumption

    My daily ride to office.
  30. Myvi 1.5 fuel consumption

    Yes. This is the reason I not willing to drive my car in KL. I will drive my wife car instead.
  31. Myvi 1.5 fuel consumption

    Yes. Brand new still need more effort to press it compare to persona and iriz, which is quiet effortless.
  32. Suggestion of getting car

    I will take a look on Mark x. Will the fuel consumption very high for the v6? I don't plan to get a fuel guzzler. :( don't talk about Toyota manage to give me better driving experience compare to Honda accord. The handling of Camry just so so. I choose it because it is really a quiet cabin...
  33. Myvi 1.5 fuel consumption

    Bro, I not potong-ing your steam here. I not sure about myvi 1.5 but for myvi 1.3 manual, i can tell you the clutch unit is quite heavy compare to proton. The reason i can think of might be myvi is using wire type instead of hydraulic clutch. I suggest you do a test drive first before you commit.
  34. Suggestion of getting car

    Sifu, this camry using timing chain la. I do concern on the suspension units if previous owner drive it recklessly. Btw, I do own a 8 years old car now and i did not plan to sell it off. I just wanted to get a bigger + comfy car for family usage. PS: Today i just went to visit honda showroom...
  35. Suggestion of getting car

    I understand the maintenance such as bigger tyre size, roadtax (around rm875 + insurance should be rm3k per annum). I choose 2.5 because I don't want sluggish feeling when I fetch my parents and wife during long journey.
  36. Suggestion of getting car

    I understand but for the mentioned budget, I only manage to get a brand new Jap B-segment car. Only the honda city having a bigger legroom. What is the price of toyota mark X? It's rear wheel drive right?
  37. Suggestion of getting car

    Hi all sifu, I plan to get a car around RM90k-98k. I do not mind second hand car. I've few candidates in my heart where my highest priority is I need a comfort ride for my family. I hope to heard the valuable feedback from your guys in term of reliability, comfort, running cost (maintenance) and...
  38. Comfort and Silent Tyres : MC5 / CC6 / Others

    Tony, the S1 noble2 you had previously is made from where? Thailand or Indonesia? My colleague so far has no problem on his Thai made.
  39. myvi 1.3 first gen cant accelerate above 120 km/h

    This is what I suspecting with his description where the engine RPM is quite high for that speed.
  40. myvi 1.3 first gen cant accelerate above 120 km/h

    OD or overdrive providing high gear (not gear ratio here) which lower the RPM (engine revolution) with same speed cruising.
  41. Comfort and Silent Tyres : MC5 / CC6 / Others

    You can try Hankook ventus S1 noble 2 as mentioned by VR sifu. My colleague installed them and happily with it for his peugeot 3008. Each donut cost him around RM360 inclusive GST for his 17 inches. Maybe you can look for bridgestone turanza series but they're not cheap.
  42. Myvi 1.5 fuel consumption

    TS, no offence. Why still go for myvi 1.5 since you edi have a 1.3. Go for other and better car such as honda city or toyota vios. These cars are quite fuel efficiency.
  43. myvi 1.3 first gen cant accelerate above 120 km/h

    TS, check your overdrive enable or not. Your engine RPM seem very high for 110-120km/h. Myvi auto should be around 3k RPM at 110km/h and 3.5k RPM at 120km/h which is lower than manual myvi.
  44. Review: Bosch Engine Oil - Premium X7 5W40

    We do not know how true is the picture he shown in the forum. I read from page 1 to 4 and found out the photo he shows, the engine oil clocked more than 11k kms mileage is still so clean. Mine after 4k kms mileage is dark in colour. Either the engine oil cleaning detergent is not doing it jobs...
  45. PS4 or UC6 or Fleva V701?

    Of course PS4!! You will not regret to using it.
  46. Review: Bosch Engine Oil - Premium X7 5W40

    Really that bad? I almost went to buy their engine oil last year when they're doing warehouse clearance.
  47. Tesco Engine Oil Sales is on

    I tot I'm the crazy fellow who will bought more than 10 bottles of engine oil in a single bill. Those auntie and uncle tot i'm a lunatic when i queue up in the payment counter at tesco. My highest record is buying 15 bottles shell helix ultra (that time still old packing in 2012 and price at...
  48. Buying advice for Evo and Impreza

    Hehe, bila Perodua ada model call Satria GTI? it catches my eyes and making me confused in a second.
  49. Myvi 1.3 manual driveshaft cover

    Yes I think the gear oil need to be out first else everywhere is gear oil if take out the driveshaft. Previously i do a clutch replacement while taking out the gearbox,mechanic drain out all the gear oil then proceed to dismount the driveshaft to the gearbox.
  50. Why did you join ZTH?

    I joined to see Ixeo's sarcasm posts and it entertain me well.